Science says you need a hammock!

It’s official: there’s a reason that swaying gently in a hammock is so relaxing. Science says that rocking as you fall asleep affects your brain waves, allowing you to gently drift off to sleep, faster!

The results help explain why everyone, from babies to adults, find rocking back and forth so soothing. We know that catching a quick afternoon nap is helpful to refresh the brain. But doing so in a hammock is probably now the best option!

The power of naps

Napping can help:

  • Alleviate sleep deficits;
  • Boost your problem solving, verbal memory, and learning;
  • Improve reaction times and logical reasoning;
  • Improve mood and feelings of sleepiness and fatigue;
  • Regulate blood pressure, stress levels, and surprisingly, even weight management.

The studies

To find out if rocking really does improve sleep and how it might do so, researchers from the University of Geneva recruited 12 male volunteers, who attended the university’s sleep lab for a 45-minute nap on a custom-built bed suspended from the ceiling. The researchers proceeded to test two different sleep conditions on two separate afternoons: one where the bed was stationary, and the other nap whereby it swayed gently. As they slept, the men’s brain activity was monitored.

Interestingly, all of the men fell asleep faster and slept more deeply when the bed was rocking. When the bed was still, sleepers spent about half of their nap in the initial phase of light sleep, and when the bed was rocking, the initial phase only took up about 30 percent of the nap. The deeper phase of sleep increased by about 10% when the bed was swaying, increasing from about 50 percent of the nap to more than 60 percent.

The researchers aren’t yet sure whether rocking out in a comfy hammock is more restful over the course of an entire night of sleep, but they hope future research could aid in treatment for insomnia. In the meantime, you now have permission to laze away summer afternoons on the hammock. Science said so.

The team at Siesta Hammocks are experts at napping: some of our favourites selections include:

The quilted hammock with pillow:

Quilted hammock with pillow

Relax in a quilted hammock with pillow









Double-size Nicaraguan hammock:

Double-size Nicaraguan hammock

Another option is the double-size Nicaraguan hammock









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Chammocks! A comfortable hammock & chair hybrid that can be enjoyed anywhere!

Chammocks! A comfortable hammock & chair hybrid that can be enjoyed anywhere!

You are probably thinking “what on earth is a Chammock?” Well, imagine the very best components of a hammock, made in the way of chair. Chammocks are versatile and space-saving options for relaxing in any outdoor or indoor location. What’s more, they still provide the same comfortable feel as a full-size hammock, but in a more upright, seated design. While both have their advantages, there are certain times when a chammock is the better option to go with.

1. The cost factor

While most are well made, chammocks are typically cheaper compared to regular hammocks. If you’re on a budget, then spend a little less to give yourself or a friend the ability to relax.

2. You prefer to relax and procrastinate, rather than lie down and nap

Chammocks are a great way to just chill, without the need for a kip. Great way to procrastinate the day away, or get that work or uni assignment done in optimum comfort. Or you could just sit and take in some Spring sunshine!

3. You have no space for a full-size hammock

No space? No worries. Chairs are ideal for front porches, small patios, indoor dens, bedrooms, crowded decks and for hanging from that small shade tree in the yard.

The cream, Thick, Cotton Hammock Chair is a very popular item!

The cream, Thick, Cotton Hammock Chair is a very popular item!

4. You’re a parent to young kids

Perfect way to multi-task watching the kids and kicking back! Just don’t drift off from all that comfort…

5. You have a child with special-needs

A popular tool for occupational therapy, both full-size hammocks and chairs are being used effectively as a tool in treating many children with special needs, including autism. The swinging motion, combined with good support, from the hammock chair makes the chairs a safe, helpful way for sensory integration to help children achieve normal developmental milestones, calming them and letting them have fun. They come in a range of colours too!


Kids hammock chair

For kids, the Kids Relax Hammock is a popular option!

 6.You want something easy to install

Very easy! A tree limb, porch joist or chair stand is all you need for outdoor installation; for indoor installation, a ceiling joist or stand will do the job.

Browse the Siesta Hammocks website for the details on these accessories for hanging and enjoying “chammocks.” If you have any questions, we’re here to chat 7 days per week, between normal business hours. Email ( or phone us on (02) 8091 1596 and Aaron, our customer service expert, will be happy to assist!

Gifting Dad a hammock works two ways!

Father and son in hammock

There’s nothing better than quality time together. Use code FATHERS2017 for $15 off our already low prices and free shipping.

With September fast approaching, that means Fathers Day is almost here! So, in lieu of simply heading to Bunnings to purchase Dad a gift voucher, or another 4-pack pair of socks from Myer, give Dad not only the ultimate gift he is pining for, but also the gift he probably doesn’t even know exists. That is, the gift of relaxation!

How do I give Dad a gift of relaxation? Easy. A hammock. Gifting Dad a hammock works two ways. Firstly, by allowing him the chance to take a break from work, and all of those common “Dad” tasks, like dealing with the lawn, tidying up the garage or cleaning the gutters. Providing a comfy and sturdy hammock to nap for a couple of hours, or relax while watching the footy.

Secondly, if your Dad is the ultimate family man, but works his heart out all day for five days a week (sometimes 6!) and would love nothing more than to relax and “hang out” with you and the rest of the family, doing it outdoors with a hammock is comfy, novel, fun, and a perfect gift for Fathers Day!

Here are our top 3 Hammock suggestions for Dad this Fathers Day:

1. The Mexican Jumbo Cotton Hammock

Mexican jumbo hammock

Nice and big for relaxing! 

Made from 100% cotton with nylon end strings for resistance and a weight capacity of over 200kg, it’s perfect suspend an entire small family outside in the backyard. The hammock also comes in a range of colours, to suit any taste!

2. Double Size Hammock with Steel Frame

Double sized hammock and frame

Perfect if you don’t know where you’d hang a hammock!

A great option for a Dad who loves a bit of room to have a solid nap on their own, but also the one who loves relaxing with the kids. This double-size hammock with wide frame can hold up to 190kg (two adults, or one adult and two kids), is extremely comfortable, and easy to assemble and disassemble, rendering it simple to quickly pack it up if you’re looking to take the relaxation elsewhere!

 3. Family-size Brazilian Hammock

Family size hammock

Great for the whole family!

Another excellent option for Dad to hang out with the whole family. Made by expert craftsmanship in Brazil using handwoven cotton of the highest quality, this hammock is very durable, lasting many more Fathers Days to come! Comes in a range of colour combinations also. 

So if you’re stuck for ideas, or want to give dad something he’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of, head over to Siesta Hammocks for these and many more hammock options! We delivery free of charge within Australian and it’ll arrive within a matter of days. Additionally, for the month of August use coupon code FATHERS2017 for a further $15 off our already low prices.

Why indoor hammocks are all the rage this winter

When you think “hammock” it’s common to think outdoor hammocks, sipping drinks and napping in the sunshine. However, hammocks are just as good hung indoors, especially when you don’t have the luxury of an outdoor space! And in our opinion, having a hammock added to your living room, bedroom or “inside space” is sometimes even better than outside.

Interior hammocks are the perfect hybrid between a bed and couch, whether it’s chilling with a good book, procrastinating on a laptop / tablet or sneaking in a quick kip to recharge the batteries.

A colourful, vibrant hammock such as our Single or Double size Zen Hammock, provides a lovely lounging spot and will brighten up the room.

Colourful hammocks can brighten up the room

Some people even opt for hammocks in lieu of a couch. Bright colours are perfect for a kids’ playroom for them to literally “hang out” in their own space, or even for a living room to just kick back with a magazine or good book.

Enjoy some quiet time indoors

So if you prefer a modern, classy look, go for a simple white hammock such as our Coco Deluxe Hammock

Modern day classy look

Or a macramé hammock, such as our Double Nicaraguan Hammock, to bring out the elegance in your room.

Macrame hammock


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Relaxation all year round!

The sun is shining, the sun is hiding! No matter the seasons, we’ve got you covered with the Siesta Hammocks Steel Stand with Mexican Chair combo! Perfect for all the seasons and great for those special spaces like a balcony, alfresco or even in the corner of your office! A place to retreat and read a good book or simply have snooze.

SH Blog

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A Dash of Hammock Colour

Just because we’re in the colder months of the year doesn’t mean that we need to surround ourselves with dark, drab colours.  Cloudy, cool and overcast days can literally be brightened up by adding some whimsical, fun colour décor to our home and backyard.  And there is no item more fun and colourful for the home than a big, colourful Brazilian or Mexican Hammock.  The pop of colour from such bright hammocks is ideal for outdoor decks, but can also be enjoyed indoors, especially with the aid of a hammock stand which means you can put your hammock anywhere you like.


The co-ordinated colour schemes of Siesta Hammocks products lend themselves to a feast for the eyes.  Choose from Oasis, Malibu, Calypso, Colorina, Caribe and many other vivid, lively colour combinations.  It’s just like colour therapy.  You can select from hammocks with or without wooden spreader bars, and there are also our equally bright and colourful hammock chairs to enjoy.

Go to to view a big choice of colourful hammocks and hammock chairs with many different colour options and bright colourburst stripes. You can take advantage of our discounts, best price guarantee, fast and free shipping, and the peace of mind of having 100 days to return your unused goods should you change your mind.  And soon you can enjoy the kaleidoscope of colour for the eyes while relaxing your body on your comfy new hammock.

Winter Hammock Reading Heaven

indoor reading

Hammocks can be enjoyed all year round.  And yes, even during winter.  The Aussie sun is never far away, even if the temperatures drop.  So when you see some sunshine, get out onto the verandah, balcony or backyard in a sunny spot, take a throw rug with you along with a good book and a spill-proof mug of hot chocolate.  Then settle in for a suspended-in-the-air reading heaven experience in your hammock.

Reading is just bliss in such a cosy setting.  You will be able to get through countless chapters of your favourite novel, sustained by a combination of your page-turner book and the comfort of being cocooned in your hammock while being gently warmed by the winter sun.

But even if the weather doesn’t hold up, you can bring the hammock indoors and set it up wherever you have space with the aid of a hammock stand.  Setting up your hammock inside the house is a great way of creating that special ‘me-space’ which is so easily achieved in a hammock.  Why not also check out some of the amazing rug choices here. Your body instantly relaxes and this in turn helps your mind to do the same.  Some people even cleverly use their indoor hammock as spare bed for guests.

You can browse through a huge range of quality hammocks of different sizes, shapes and colour options at Siesta Hammocks.  There are also hammock chairs to choose from if you prefer to relax and read upright.  For more information or if you need assistance with your selection, call our friendly team of customer service representatives on 02 8006 8152.


The Hammock Inspiration

When it comes time to brainstorm a great idea and really tap into your creativity, sometimes you need more than your regular office or classroom in which to do it.  That is why companies all around the world, including many creative agencies and even Google itself, create big colourful pod zones that look very similar to the kindergarten or primary school classroom.  Shapes, colours, innovative ‘fun’ furniture, portable blackboards.  It’s all designed to take the seriousness out of the proverbial writer’s block or big-idea drought and coax you gently into that relaxed space where creating is fun again.

office hammock 1

One way of creating such a space is innovative use of furniture, where the body’s posture doesn’t lend itself to the rigidness of a regular office chair.  Setting up a hammock or hammock chair in your very own creative zone works great on two fronts: big, bold colours of your choice stimulate the visual aspect, and placing your body into a comfortable hammock or hammock chair has a definite instinctual play element you would normally associate with your leisure time.  This could be set up easily indoors, with the use of a light-weight hammock stand or hammock chair stand that can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and hold the hammock securely without the need for beams or trees.  The hammock and stand can also be taken outdoors for fresh air and extra inspiration while you recline on your hammock out in nature.  Then surround yourself with whatever brings you further inspiration such as a favourite book, a souvenir from your travels, an inspiring quote written out. The possibilities are endless.  And as you hang in the air and sway gently, feel that elusive idea pop into your mind as though it was always there to begin with.

See for great ideas for hammocks and hammock chairs in many different styles and even more colour options.  Call our friendly customer service staff if you have any questions on 02 8006 8152

Create a Cozy Valentine’s Day Celebration

valentines image


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the pressure is starting to mount to impress your Valentine with a special night out with something different, something romantic, and something that does not break the bank.  With restaurants and florists hiking up prices, it’s good to know that with a bit of creativity, you can celebrate with an evening out that is not only inexpensive, but with just a little effort will impress more than a night out at a restaurant and a bunch of over-priced roses, not to mention bringing you closer to your sweetheart.

So firstly the setting: pack a special picnic with either your own culinary creations, or alternatively some delicious ‘bits and pieces’ from a gourmet deli and fresh bread from the bakery.  In a picturesque park or beach, lay out a blanket and set out the food, paying attention to the presentation.  For the Valentine gift, set up a big bright, beautiful hammock for two, on an easy-to-assemble, go-anywhere, lightweight hammock stand from Siesta Hammocks.  Then ask your Valentine to meet you at the picnic spot, and have her or him marvel at your initiative.

You can use the Double Hammock as a love seat to sit on sideways, or cozy up lengthways and whisper sweet nothings to each other as you sway gently in the air.  You can find Double Hammocks in a variety of styles and a myriad of colour schemes.  Don’t forget to also order a hammock stand to give yourself the flexibility to set up your hammock anywhere you choose.  There is still time to order a hammock and have it delivered ahead of your special Valentine’s picnic, and for use thereafter for anything from an afternoon snooze in the backyard to a guest bed.  Call our friendly customer service team on 02 8006 8152.  And if you’re celebrating, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Outdoor Furniture with a Difference

We all love a bit of innovation on a known theme, especially when it comes to furnishing our homes, and particularly when entertaining guests.  The element of surprise at your next barbecue or outdoor dinner party can extend out beyond the menu with a twist on the usual outdoor furniture setting.

Picture this.



The beams of your back veranda support the suspension of a myriad colourful hammock chairs hanging down.  Just add a table in the middle.  It’s an instant way of creating a truly novel carnival-like atmosphere.  The suspended seats will no doubt get people talking, and once they’re seated, will have them relaxed and enjoying the setting even before the food comes out.

The chairs themselves are easy to hang and move about wherever you like, and if you like, you can purchase individual hammock chair stands from which to suspend each one, making them even more mobile.  It’s a great styling idea for your outdoor living, and can even be moved indoors, so you can enjoy that hanging-in-the air feeling as you relax while having a chat, or for a quiet moment reading a book or being engrossed in your iPad.

For a big choice of splendid hammock chairs with many different colour schemes and designs, check out Siesta Hammock’s range online, or call our friendly customer service team on 02 8006 8152