Brazilian Hammocks

What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

Some may think that a hammock is simply that; a hammock. But really, the truth is we have over 75 products in our store that are all unique and special in their own way. Yes, there are obvious differences between a standard hammock and a hammock chair, and a bundle versus just a stand or frame, but what about your everyday hammock that is strung between a few trees by two points?

Many of our hammocks come from Rio in Brazil.

We often have customers ask us – what’s the difference between the Single Brazilian Hammock and the Single Siesta Hammock, or the Single Zen Hammock? The answer is always the same and it is “not a whole lot”.

This is because we only stock the highest quality brazilian inspired hammocks. Each of them have exactly a practicality, attention to detail, vibrance, durability and comfort. The real differences in price across these products come down to just a few key elements. I’ve listed these below:

The Size of the Hammock

We typically have three different sizes for our Brazilian hammocks. These are:

  • Single Size
  • Double Size
  • Family Size

The single size hammock is simple; it is suited to be used by one person only. The double size brazilian hammocks are suited to one or more people and a family sized hammock is most appropriate for a couple of adults and one to two children (and maybe a pet too!).

3 Different Sizes of Brazilian Hammocks
The 3 typical sizes of brazilian hammocks that we stock.

The Patterns of the Hammock

Each of our brazilian hammocks have varying pattern types. These could be the tropical inspired bold stripes or they could even be solid colours – for example the Deluxe Double Brazilian Hammock that’s available in 5 different solid colours. Solid colours are typically easier to weave than striped patterns too.

The Versatility of a Brazilian Hammock

Not all of our hammocks work in the way some select people want them to. In example, wooden spreader bar models are not compatible with our hammock frames. The versatility and compatibility of our Brazilian products set them apart as they are all compatible with pretty much and hammock stand on the market. We even offer a pre-packaged Brazilian hammock bundle because they’re popularly used this way!

Brazilian Double Size Hammock with Steel Stand
Our most popular seller: the Brazilian Double Hammock with Steel Frame

So really, all of our Brazilian hammocks have been crafted in a way that makes them great. They each have the key elements needed to ensure they are the best you’ll find in the Australian market, and the differences in cost across them are based on the 3 different elements above.

For any questions on our Brazilian inspired hammock products please call our customer support team on (02) 8091 1204 or go to

What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

Happy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!