Outdoor Furniture with a Difference

Outdoor Furniture with a Difference

We all love a bit of innovation on a known theme, especially when it comes to furnishing our homes, and particularly when entertaining friends and family on a deck. The element of surprise at your next barbecue or outdoor dinner party can extend out beyond the menu with a twist on the usual outdoor furniture setting. This can further be enhanced by some nice wine and a fruit and cheese platter to set the mood. It does not matter if you have the best view in the world or simply in your beautiful back yard a hammock or hammock chair is what you need today.

Picture this.


The beams of your back veranda support the suspension of a myriad colourful hammock chairs hanging down. Just add a table in the middle. It’s an instant way of creating a truly novel carnival-like atmosphere. The suspended hammock seats will no doubt get people talking, and once they’re seated, will have them relaxed and enjoying the setting even before the food comes out.

The hammock chairs themselves are easy to hang and move about wherever you like, and if you like, you can purchase individual hammock chair stands from which to suspend each one, making them even more mobile. It’s a great styling idea for your outdoor living, and can even be moved indoors, so you can enjoy that hanging-in-the air feeling as you relax while having a chat, or for a quiet moment reading a book or being engrossed in your iPad.

For a big choice of splendid hammock chairs with many different colour schemes and designs, check out Siesta Hammock’s range online of hammock chairs and outdoor swinging chair, or call our friendly customer service team on 02 8006 8152

Outdoor Furniture with a Difference