The Hammock Inspiration

The Hammock Inspiration

When it comes time to brainstorm a great idea and really tap into your creativity, sometimes you need more than your regular office or classroom in which to do it. That is why companies all around the world, including many creative agencies and even Google itself, create big colourful pod zones that look very similar to the kindergarten or primary school classroom. Shapes, colours, innovative ‘fun’ furniture, portable blackboards. It’s all designed to take the seriousness out of the proverbial writer’s block or big-idea drought and coax you gently into that relaxed space where creating is fun again.

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One way of creating such a space is innovative use of furniture, where the body’s posture doesn’t lend itself to the rigidness of a regular office chair. Setting up a hammock or hammock chair in your very own creative zone works great on two fronts: big, bold colours of your choice stimulate the visual aspect, and placing your body into a comfortable hammock or hammock chair has a definite instinctual play element you would normally associate with your leisure time. This could be set up easily indoors, with the use of a light-weight hammock stand or hammock chair stand that can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and hold the hammock securely without the need for beams or trees.

The hammock and stand can also be taken outdoors for fresh air and extra inspiration while you recline on your hammock out in nature. Then surround yourself with whatever brings you further inspiration such as a favourite book, a souvenir from your travels, an inspiring quote written out. The possibilities are endless. And as you hang in the air and sway gently, feel that elusive idea pop into your mind as though it was always there to begin with.

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The Hammock Inspiration