Winter Hammock Reading Heaven

Winter Hammock Reading Heaven

Winter Hammock Reading Heaven - indoor reading
Indoor Reading in a Hammock

Hammocks can be enjoyed all year round. And yes, even during winter. The Aussie sun is never far away, even if the temperatures drop. So when you see some sunshine, get out onto the verandah, balcony or backyard in a sunny spot, take a throw rug with you along with a good book and a spill-proof mug of hot chocolate. Then settle in for a suspended-in-the-air reading heaven experience in your hammock.

It’s approaching the time of year when, under normal circumstances, holidays would be on the horizon. This week, we bring you our stay-at-home summer reading selection from Australia, for comfort and relaxation wherever you’ve chosen to hang your hammock this season.

Relaxing reading haven

Reading is just bliss in such a cosy setting. You will be able to get through countless chapters of your favourite novel, sustained by a combination of your page-turner book and the comfort of being cocooned in your hammock while being gently warmed by the winter sun.

But even if the weather doesn’t hold up, you can bring the hammock indoors and set it up

One Pro Tip

For extra coziness I suggest taking a pillow for your head and owning a cat that likes to jump in for a nap from time to time. You’ll spend hours there.

Winter Hammock Reading Heaven