Fathers Day hammock works two ways!

Father and son in hammock
There’s nothing better than quality time together. Use code FATHERS2017 for $15 off our already low prices and free shipping.
With September fast approaching, that means Fathers Day is almost here! So, in lieu of simply heading to Bunnings to purchase Dad a gift voucher, or another 4-pack pair of socks from Myer, give Dad not only the ultimate gift he is pining for, but also the gift he probably doesn’t even know exists. That is, the gift of relaxation!
How do I give Dad a gift of relaxation? Easy. A hammock. Gifting Dad a hammock works two ways. Firstly, by allowing him the chance to take a break from work, and all of those common “Dad” tasks, like dealing with the lawn, tidying up the garage or cleaning the gutters. Providing a comfy and sturdy hammock to nap for a couple of hours, or relax while watching the footy.
Secondly, if your Dad is the ultimate family man, but works his heart out all day for five days a week (sometimes 6!) and would love nothing more than to relax and “hang out” with you and the rest of the family, doing it outdoors with a hammock is comfy, novel, fun, and a perfect gift for Fathers Day! Here are our top 3 Hammock suggestions for Dad this Fathers Day:
1. Fathers Day hammock – The Mexican Jumbo Cotton Hammock
Mexican jumbo hammock
Nice and big for relaxing!
Made from 100% cotton with nylon end strings for resistance and a weight capacity of over 200kg, it’s perfect suspend an entire small family outside in the backyard. The hammock also comes in a range of colours, to suit any taste! 2. Fathers Day hammock – Double Size Hammock with Steel Frame Siesta Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Stand in Oasis Colour A great option for a Dad who loves a bit of room to have a solid nap on their own, but also the one who loves relaxing with the kids. This double-size hammock with wide frame can hold up to 190kg (two adults, or one adult and two kids), is extremely comfortable, and easy to assemble and disassemble, rendering it simple to quickly pack it up if you’re looking to take the relaxation elsewhere! 3. Fathers Day hammock – Family-size Brazilian Hammock fathers day hammock
Another excellent option for Dad to hang out with the whole family. Made by expert craftsmanship in Brazil using handwoven cotton of the highest quality, this hammock is very durable, lasting many more Fathers Days to come! Comes in a range of colour combinations also. So if you’re stuck for ideas, or want to give dad something he’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of, head over to Siesta Hammocks for these and many more hammock options! We delivery free of charge within Australian and it’ll arrive within a matter of days. Additionally, for the month of August use coupon code FATHERS2017 for a further $15 off our already low prices.