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5 Great Reasons To Bring A Hammock To Australia

Why not do trailing in a hammock in Australia?

So when planning international backpacking trips, a lot of people make the mistake of overlooking Australia.

Don’t be that person! From mountains to desert, and everything in between, Australia harbors secret gems only accessible by trail.

Here are 7 reason to grab your backpack and camping hammock, and set over to Australia.

Great Ocean Walk

Great Ocean Walk

Why drive the Great Ocean Road when you can backpack the Great Ocean Walk? The up to 8-day backpacking trail hugs the coastline, and provides some of the most scenic ocean views in Australia: views not available on the drive.

Perfect if you want to see:

  • Pristine beaches
  • Coastal cliffs
  • Shipwreck anchors
  • Lush rainforests
  • Koalas and kangaroos
  • Historical lighthouses
  • Impressive natural stone structures

Another plus: this backpacking trail is ideal for any level of hiker looking to sleep in their hammock. Visit for more information.

Thorsborne Trail

If an isolated island adventure is more your style, check out the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island. This beginner friendly trek takes 4 days, but you may find yourself wanting to spend more time exploring the mysterious cloud-covered mountains.

This trail features:

  • Off-trail hikes to various mountain peaks
  • Tropical rainforests
  • Waterfalls
  • Pristine beaches
  • Freshwater creeks and watering holes
  • Mangroves

The only way to get to Hinchinbrook Island is by ferry, so book early and prepare to hang your hammock in a Eucalyptus forest! For more information.

Six Foot Track

Six Foot Track

Named after the width of the original horse path, the Six Foot Trail allows you to follow in the footsteps of greats such as the New South Wales Governor, Lord Carrington.

This trail is a difficult 3-day journey, but the historic path is worth the pain. This track takes you from Katoomba, through the Blue Mountains, to Jenolan Caves.

The last day’s challenging elevation climb is worth it if you are interested in:

  • One of the largest underground cave systems in the world
  • Waterfalls
  • Kangaroos, wallaroos, and wombats
  • Bowtells suspension bridge
  • The Cox River
  • Heathlands
  • Temperate rainforests
  • Creek crossings
  • Woodlands

You can hang your hammock virtually anywhere for the night!

Conway Circuit


Internationally known for sailing and snorkeling, the Whitsundays have a lesser-known claim to fame: almost 17 miles of scenic backpacking!

This moderately difficult trip through Conway National Park is estimated to take 3 days and 2 nights.

You might like the Conway Circuit if you want to experience:

  • Panoramic views of the Whitsundays
  • Rainforests
  • Hidden beaches
  • Creek crossings
  • Rocky cliffs
  • Bird watching

The Australian Department of National Parks requires camping in designated camping areas only. Not to worry, the campsites have plenty of trees to hang your bed. Visit to find out more.

Overland Track

hammock australia

Located on the island of Tasmania, the Overland Track is a remote alpine hike not for the faint of heart! The approximately 40-mile journey is estimated to take 6 days.

However, there are enough side trips to must-see waterfalls and mountain peaks to extend your bushwalk to at least 10 days!

This trek is perfect if you want to see:

  • Australia’s deepest lake
  • Temperate rainforests
  • Alpine plains
  • The tallest mountain in Tasmania
  • Tasmanian devils
  • Swamps
  • Lakes
  • Waterfalls
  • Mountains

As with any alpine hike, the weather can change rapidly and backpackers must be prepared for sudden thunderstorms, dangerous lightening, and cold temperatures.

Hammocks are typically all you need during the summer months, but in case of bad weather there are many huts along the trail to take refuge.

Fraser Island Great Walk

Fraser Island

The Fraser Island Great walk is an easy to moderate 60-mile island getaway estimated to take 6 to 8 days.

If you are not up for the high mileage, there are plenty of access points for pick-up along the way!

Boasting a rarely seen view of Fraser Island, this trip will allow you to experience:

  • Unique sand dunes
  • Dingoes
  • Swampland
  • Forests
  • Woodlands
  • Beaches
  • Rainforest
  • Wetlands
  • The largest perched lake in the world

The designated camping areas for backpackers were created away from the main camping areas, which means virtually no crowds and few to no facilities. This is hammocking at its finest!

However, be sure to book your transport services in advance. For everything you need to know, go to

Bibbulman Track

No list of hammock friendly backpacking treks would be complete without the Bibbulman Track. Coming in at a little over 620 miles, the Bibbulmun Track has been compared to the Appalachian Trail in the United States.

If you do not have the 6-8 weeks required to complete the whole trail, never fear! With 58 distinct sections, each a one-day walk, every backpacker will find something up their alley.

This trail features:

  • Coastal Heathland
  • Mundaring Weir
  • Fog covered valleys
  • Forestland
  • Australia’s longest river
  • The elusive numbat
  • Desert
  • Bird watching
  • Mt. Cooke
  • Waterfalls
  • Seals, dolphins, and whales
  • Wildflowers (September – November)

In case you get tired of hanging your hammock, there are huts strategically placed every 9 miles or so.


Australia is an ecologically diverse country, and these 7 backpacking bushwalks are only the beginning. With over a hundred million hectares of forest, you will be lounging in some of the most beautiful spots in the world no matter where you hang your hiking hammock in Australia.

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Double Hammock: The Fun Way To Enjoy Camping

Double Hammock

Everybody Loves a Double Hammock

We all loved hammocks as a kid even though it wasn’t always easy to figure out how to get into them. Hammocks as shelter have recently taken off in western cultures although they have been around for a very long time. A hammock is a very versatile option to replace the conventional tent shelter for outdoor adventures.

Below are the top 5 reasons to trade your tent in for a bed between the trees:

A Better Sleep

Studies have been conducted in which it has been shown that the rocking motion of a double hammock not only helps people to fall asleep faster but it also provides a deeper sleep. Neuroscientists at the University of Geneva completed a test with a rocking bed in which adult test subjects showed an increase in sleep spindles – these spindles are believed to be the brain trying to calm the sleeper down in louder environments.

Lighter Equipment

What sets tents and hammocks apart? Poles. Poles can make even the lightest weather and insect resistant tents heavier than a hammock of similar abilities. Most high-quality double hammock are under 1 lbs!

Good For Your Body

Learning to sleep on your back may seem daunting but many that have made the leap from tent to hammock camping have noticed some serious benefits to their comfort and health. Many of these concerns are more for the backpacker than the paddler but the same benefits can apply. With your feet slightly elevated you will notice less swelling. The slight curve of the hammock can actually stretch your back muscles while you are sleeping in a gentle and beneficial way. The elevation angle for your upper body is considered optimal for the circulation to your brain and your airways to work easily and efficiently while sleeping.

Finding The Perfect Campsite

Your only real limitation to a hammock is finding two trees, and on the west coast, we don’t see this being a huge issue any time soon. There is no more worrying about uneven ground or rocks and roots digging into your back all night that you didn’t notice before.

“When there are bugs and mangroves, sleeping in a netted hammock is essential” – Russell Henry

Just for Fun

Just as we loved hammocks as children, nothing says ‘summer is here’ like stringing a hammock up in the park or even on your lunch break and hanging out for a while.

Even if you still love camping in a tent you have to admit, swinging slowly back and forth under a canopy of trees on a warm summer afternoon is something that can bring a smile to all of our faces – especially if it is a double hammock and shared with a special someone.

Looking to get your own hammock? Shop online from our selection of high-quality hammocks from Siesta Hammocks!

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Macrame Fashion: An Unexpected Trend That Made A Comeback In A Hammock

macrame hanging chair

MACRAME. You’ve probably seen or heard this word somewhere before, whether it was over 50 years ago (my mother tells me it was a very popular fad back in the 1970s) or in the last few years or so. to tell me that everything that was cool “back in her day” is becoming cool again today. While I wouldn’t necessarily say “everything”, this is definitely true in the case of macramé.

What is Macramé?

The French word “macramé” roughly translates to mean “hand knotted.” So when people talk about macramé, they’re referring to a textile, typically made of cotton yarns or cord, produced using an intricate array of knots and knotting techniques. Authentic macramé pieces are made by hand, so no two are ever exactly alike.

Sometimes you can find macramé elements present in furniture, such as hammocks, and hanging chairs. While a cushion is a bit more subtle, furniture with macramé detailing really promotes a laidback and chilled out feeling.

Macrame Hammock

A Macrame hammock can be made from the simplest of ingredients: two poles for the ends, cord for the middle and two eyebolts or some extra rope with which to hang the finished work of art. It’s draped with long-hanging, metallic fringe and beaded detail, leaving you in an island mindset. Finished with braided loops for hanging, it’s the perfect addition to your living room or patio.

Macrame Hanging Chair

These gorgeous macrame hanging chairs add color and vibrancy to your outdoor space, whether your flowers are in bloom or not. Hang from your porch rafters or tree branches and take in the gentle summer breezes. Air conditioning not necessary.  With so many to choose from, We’d love to know which are your favorites.

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Luxurious Garden Swing Seats For Your Home


garden swing seat

One of the best parts of a front porch is having a front porch swing. However, most modern homes do not have a front porch or they don’t have one big enough to support a porch swing. Fortunately, garden swing seats provide the same relaxing motion as a front porch swing and usually with a better view.


One of the biggest advantages to a garden swing seat is that they can be easily placed anywhere you want. It can also be set up on a deck or patio. If you want a change of scenery during the year, you can relatively easily move it around. For example, you may want to move your garden swing seat to take full advantage of the rising or setting sun as it migrates through the sky during different seasons. You may also want to turn your garden swing seat to get a better view of your blooming flowers in the spring and the fall foliage during autumn.

If you get a garden swing seat, you don’t need to deal with hanging them as you would with a front porch swing. This is a huge advantage because hanging front porch swings can be challenging to do in a safe way. However, with a garden swing seat, you can just set them up as a free standing unit and be completely confident they are safe for you, your loved ones, and your guests.

There is a lot of versatility in the design of garden swing seats so it is easy to cater to your personal style and taste. If you get one with a wood frame, you can leave the wood natural and just treat it to withstand the weather elements. You can also paint it to match the other decor in your garden. You can dress up your garden swing seat with cushions of various designs. Some people also like to have a retractable canopy so they can block the direct sunlight when it is particularly harsh or move it aside so they can capture vitamin D from the sun.

Health Benefits

Garden swing seats come in a variety of shapes and sizes too. You can get one-seaters, two-seaters, three-seaters, and four-seaters. You can also get a seat of various depths and the curvature of the back and the sides can be tailor made to suit your personal comfort needs. Some families carve their initials into the wood or place family crests or other personal decorations on their swing seats.
Garden swing-seats help ease lower back pain after swinging for only ten minutes. Furthermore, they do not put tension on your buttocks and hips in the same way a normal chair does. Garden swing seats also provide a fun and excellent way to increase the circulation in your legs and feet and can work wonders for arthritic joints, especially the knees. Swinging just a little each day has been show to dramatically lower blood pressure and help lower blood sugar as well.

Great with children that has special needs

If you have children with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, or with sleeping difficulties, a garden swing seat can be the perfect way to reduce their anxiety and engage them in an activity that calms their mind. Kids dearly love these swing seats and will think of them almost as fancy playground equipment.

Awesome to Outdoor enthusiasts

Coupled with an outdoor setting where you can listen to the birds sing, hear the wind blow through the branches of the nearby trees, and soak in the scenery of the garden, a garden swing seat can be fully therapeutic for the whole family. It is a joy that keeps on giving year after year as these swing seats can last for decades. It’s a great place to have a cup of tea or coffee and unwind after a busy day at work or school. It’s also a great place to meditate or practice yoga. Finally, a garden swing seat will make your whole yard more inviting for you, your family, and your guests. Enjoy and invite your friends and neighbours!



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With Indoor Hammocks Make Your Home fashionable

hammock for smal spaces

A welcome addition to any new home, hammocks help transform your outdoor space into a relaxation retreat, even if just for a ten minute nap. The only trouble might be sharing the hammock with all the members of your household!

hammock indoor

hammocks are not just for relaxing after a long day camping or being outside. We’ll show you how to bring the comforts of a hammock without having to step outside. We love how the hammock function and how they can be used in almost any terrain – whether it be in thick forest, the beach, an icy mountainside or even.. indoors!

We’ve all noticed that indoor hammocks are getting popular. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a hammock set up somewhere. But why limit this comfort to just the outdoors? Why not take it home? Not only are hammocks a great place to relax indoors, but it adds character to your home. They add a unique and bold style to your space. Call your interior designer and spice up your space with a dash of hammock.

With indoor hammocks, you’ll be protected from all the elements. No need to set up a hammock tarp or bug net (unless you live somewhere really tropical!). Get all the benefits of the hammock without worrying about the forces of nature.

Share your enjoyment with others! When you have guests, they won’t need to sleep on the couch or floor anymore. Siesta Hammocks are compact and space saving. Your guests will have a comfortable option to sleep in without you having to have an extra room or buy extra beds.

Indoor hammocks can be just as enjoyable and useful as outdoor hammocks. So go ahead and hang it – I bet you won’t regret it. Chat with our friendly live agent 24/7 or call us from 9am to 3pm AEST and we’re happy to assist you!

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Hammock Bed: Is it a replacement for an old fashioned bed?

hammock bed
Bundle hammock in Adjustable Steel Frame

Sleeping in a hammock is becoming ever more popular. Many people are removing their beds in favor of a hammock. Only campers and hippies formerly shouted from the rooftops, I had the “best sleep ever!” More and more non-campers and non-hippies are enthusiastically touting the benefits of hammock sleep. But, what does the scientific and medical community say about hammocks as a bed?

Research, neglected for decades, has only recently been done to examine the truths about sleeping in a hammock. To date, scientific and medical research confirms what ancient societies already knew.

Brief History

Central American anthropologists have discovered that ancient societies favored hammocks from a minimum of 700 years ago. Even famous explorer Christopher Columbus, after he found the Bahamas, loved “sleeping in nets between trees.”
Historians note that the first hammock probably was invented by the Greeks around 450 B.C., which is many, many years before Columbus sailed to the Bahamas. The legendary Maya people called their hammocks, “the gift of the Gods.” Most people, even scientists, previously assumed ancient civilizations chose hammocks because they were off the ground, away from dangerous spiders and snakes, or pesky stinging ants. These uneducated civilizations may have embraced other reasons, however.

Studies Found Health Benefits with Hammock Sleep

Since scientific studies have now discovered long-touted benefits of hammock sleeping, other people are taking hammocks more seriously. As always, there is (has never been) no perfect product, so hammocks deliver many benefits with only one major potential downside.


You will fall asleep faster;
You will enjoy the health benefits of deeper sleep;
You’ll have better ability to focus the next day after a restful hammock sleep;
You will improve your reading skills;
Generally, you’ll increase your learning skills;
You may find your back pain disappears;
The gentle rocking motion has proven to make you “sleep like a baby;” and
You’ll not need to contend with the dust mites common to mattresses.
Con (only one catalogued downside)

Hammock bed may hurt your romantic life, as hammocks shine when you’re sleeping “solo.” Even if you and your partner are “cuddly” types, few people enjoy sleeping when “joined at the hip.” Even two person hammocks may push the envelope when your partner is a light sleeper.

They Make You Fall Asleep Faster

According to a study,hammock bed as a sleeping tool makes you fall asleep faster than you would sleeping in a bed.

The study’s authors monitored 12 adult men as they took two afternoon nap: once in a stationary bed and once in a swaying bed (mimicking the motion of a hammock Conclusion: “We observed a faster transition to sleep in each and every subject in the swaying condition,” said co-author Michel Muhlethaler in an NPR interview.

They’re Just Really Comfortable

If you sleep on the ground, then pressure is put on the various parts of your body that connect to the ground. This subtle pressure is uncomfortable, leading you to turn over in your sleep a lot in attempts to find comfort.

Expensive mattresses improve matters by cushioning your body at these pressure point — but it doesn’t fix the problem. The pressure on your body while sleeping on a mattress still produces discomfort, which can potentially disrupt your sleep cycles.

The good thing about hammocks is that they eliminate this problem. You’re suspended in air with no point of pressure.

Happy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!

hammock bed - siesta hammocks logo

Hammock Stands & Frames Hammocks Adelaide Hammocks Brisbane Hammocks Melbourne Hammocks Perth Hammocks Sydney Wooden Hammock Stands

How To Choose The Perfect Wooden Hammock Stand

wooden hammock stand
Wooden Hammock Stand

Need help choosing a wooden hammock stand, they all look the same?!

Nowadays there’s a lot of hammock stand anywhere in the retail online business from cheap wooden material to the highest quality that’s very expensive enough for our wallets. We’re here to guide you on how you can select the suitable wooden hammock stand for you and your family:

1.) Check Materials

All of our Wooden Hammock Stands are made using the finest wood and German engineering. They are built to last and can withstand being left out all year around. They really do make a great addition to your garden and look amazing.

The difference between our stands comes down to two things – size and material. On each stand it shows the range of hammocks in can accept, in cm, so if it says 270-320 it means it can take hammocks between 270cm to 320cm. Most of our stands are made from Spurce Wood (same wood used for Wright Brothers plane) but our most expensive stands are made from Larch Wood, which is slower growing, stronger and looks more beautiful. You’ll often find this wood being used for the decks on multi-million pound yachts or visit our detailed blog about hammock stand and frame 101 for more in depth guide in choosing a stand.

2.)Check if the seller is legit

This is especially true if you are buying your items online. There are tons of online sellers to choose from, so it is important to choose wisely. You can ask the seller questions like: where they source their items, or perhaps check if they’re registered. Get their ABN to get details about the seller online.

3.) Check for reviews

Since most of us are buying online, there is no chance for us to hold or look at it personally right? So the next thing that you can count on are customer’s reviews. Product reviews are great! Aside from the reviews from the product itself, you can see if the seller ships the parcel on time or if you have to wait a few days more than what is the guaranteed delivery time frame.

4.) Check if the hammock stand is compatible with your hammock

Although it is recommended to buy your hammock stand ahead of time, always keep in mind that selecting the right stand should be suitable to your hammock. Our Wooden hammock stand regardless of the size are compatible with it from Single to Deluxe hammock! Even resort style hammocks are also a perfect fit for it too!

There you have it! Hopefully all our bullet points can guide you on selecting your first wooden stand hammock! Still not convince? We’re here to help from 9am to 3pm AEST and visit our live chat or call us on our number nominated on the website!

Happy Hammocking from Siesta Hammocks!


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3 Best Reason Why You Should Have An Outdoor Hammock

Hang Out with Outdoor Hammocks!

Everyone needs a hammock especially after a long and tiring week. Aside from relaxation, what arethe other benefits or an outdoor hammock?

1. Health Benefits of an Outdoor Hammock

The rocking motion promotes relaxation and lulls you to sleep which is the main reason why you would love a hammock. In addition, placing it outside makes you stay away from Television and other gadgets that are harmful with prolonged use. Instead, you can meditate, read a book, or just simply enjoy the cool breeze outside.

2. Hammocks adds beauty on Gardens or Patios .

Colourful and vibrant hammocks especially during Summer are common furniture found on every homes in Australia. There are different colours and sizes to choose from that will fit your or your family’s needs. Some hammocks are especially made from countries like Brazil and Equador.

These hammocks are definitely vibrant and has ethnic feel to it. While hammocks from Mexico and Guatamela has some kind of tropical feel into it. Depending on your preferences because of it’s authenticity and vibrant colours combinations, hammocks are definitely one furniture that everyone should have.

3.Hammocks are great furniture to entertain visitors.

Hammocks are one of the inexpensive outdoor furniture that you can get your hands to. This is
perfect when inviting your close friends over for an afternoon barbecue or for a family gathering during the weekends. Sofa hammock chairs are perfect for entertaining guests.

These sofa hammock chairs comes with a cushion already which are awesome for long sitting. Also, it is made with 100% cotton which means that they’re breathable. You can hang these hammock chairs from a beam, tree, or buy a hammock stand if those two were not available.

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Your Complete Guide In Choosing a Hammock Swing

hammock swing
Resort Hammock in a Wooden Stand

Hammock Swing is a safe haven

Lets not kid ourselves there are many types of hammocks out there, all with their own unique features. But don’t worry we are going to take a look at all the options and yes we love them all! What better way to relax, unwind and get off the hectic roundabout of daily life even if it’s just for a short while.

The 5 Main Types of Hammock Swing to consider:

So the most common question I get asked is, what hammock should I get? Well, that depends on what you’re looking to do. Here is a guide to various styles of hammocks, allowing you to explore and learn all the options out there and help you answer that most elementary question:

Brazilian Hammock
Cotton Rope Hammock
Camping, Backpacking, Hiking and Jungle
Hammock Swings

The fundamentals

cotton hammock swing

The variety of hammock swing options out there mean the opportunities to enjoy a relaxing moment on your own or with friends and family is endless. From designing your very own personal oasis in the outdoors, to wild camping, backpacking and exploring nature. The innovation of hammocks over the past 10 years means there are now specialised hammock swing that can be used in almost any environment; which is truly a changing phase. They transform the outdoor and indoor experience by simply getting you off the ground giving you a completely different aspect on your surroundings in a more comfortable and safe environment, allowing a feeling of freedom, far detached from the conventional solid style furniture we subject our bodies too.

Our Hammock Swing guide is a good starting point to familiarise you with the different styles of hammocks and their various qualities. Keep in mind how you want to use your hammock as you read through this guide. Consider how many people are going to use the hammock at a time, remembering there are single, double, even jumbo size hammocks available with weight capacity varying from 100 to 500 kgs. So, pick out the style of hammock that grabs your interest and let’s dig deeper into their features and benefits.

Most styles of hammocks that we see are derived from two basic types.

The original Brazilian hammock swing, dating back over 1000 years, uses a 2-point hanging system called in-line which envelopes you in a cocoon-like pod and conforms to your body weight and shape. Also, referred to as a Tropical or Jungle hammock.

The other common style of hammock, is the spreader hammock, a re-design which was developed and used much later in history. Also, known as the North American Hammock or Spreader Bar Hammock. The introduction of the spreader bar with its pre-drilled holes allows the cords to be threaded through the bar opening the hammock in a lay-on-top style. This system was developed by the pioneering Americans making dismounting easier.

Enough of looking back let’s now consider the different hammock styles available today.

Brazilian Hammock

Brazilian Hammocks are known for their robustness and comfort a good choice for colder climates because the thicker weave means cold air is blocked creating added warmth. Brazilian hammocks are usually found without spreader-bars, and therefore designed as an in-line hanging system, however, there are Brazilian designs incorporating spreader-bars which also incorporate the traditional thick cotton weave.
Bold vibrant colours associated with Brazil are also a common feature of Brazilian hammocks, along with their trade mark 100% cotton fabric, constructed in a very tight and durable weave. Brazilian craftsmen are also known for their beautiful fringe embellishments adding to the design and feel of the hammock.

However, being made of natural cotton can create problems from exposure to the outside elements and can lead to mould and mildew issues, if proper cleaning and protection is not carried out. For those considering a full time sleeping option instead of the conventional bed the Brazilian hammock is a Good choice and an ideal space saving solution.

Resort Style Hammock Swing

Resort Style Hammocks feature rope stitching design between spreader-bars. These are the classic hammocks that most people associate with lounging under palm trees. Spreader bars keep the lounge bed open for easy dismount, and the rope stitching offers both support and flexibility. The open airy hammock patterns offer excellent air flow however, the rope can create waffle-like pressure points on the user’s skin. Ideal for stealing that moment of relaxation and reflection at the end of a busy day.

Still a very popular choice for outside relaxation, tie on a tree straps can be added for extra comfort. These styles of hammocks are not generally used for nightly sleeping and caution should be taken when getting on due to the instability of balance from the spreader-bar design, increasing the possibility of flipping over.

Cotton Rope Hammock Swing

Cotton Rope hammock swing are normally either cotton or polyester, and each has its advantages. Cotton hammocks are more flexible than polyester, but polyester is less susceptible to mould.

Taking into consideration the environment in which you will be using this style of hammock, treated fabrics are popular. There are also hammock stands that have been treated with a waterproof coating, able to withstand splashing from poolside and salt water spray from the sea. Remember, treated polyester fabric may will last longer than cotton and have less maintenance issues but will not be as soft as 100% cotton.

Wild Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Jungle

Camping Hammock

Camping, backpacking, hiking and exploring the great outdoors is not new or revolutionary. However, hanging in a hammock style tent, providing you with all the conventional features of a tent, and so much more is. The ultra-light travel hammock now offers insect protection with added treated mosquito nets, walls, roof and can accommodate up to twelve people. Suspended above the ground offering great views of the wild surroundings, animals above and below. No need to look for that perfect pitch, just two trees are what’s needed. Made from a strong nylon these unique tent-like hammocks are robust and ultra-portable.

The ultra-light weight, compact, and easy to carry travel hammock can also be used with a tarp which hangs overhead and protects you against the rain. For those colder conditions, special quilts or pads can be fitted beneath you for warmth. Both are quick and easy to set up. Straps are used (not rope) to loop around trees to create attachment points. Two sturdy trees approximately 4-6 meters apart are ideal when setting up your sleeping area. Offering good comfortable sleeping, off the ground with the added advantage of protection from bugs, and insects.

One of the largest growing areas within the hammock market with innovation being the key word and the great outdoors becoming more accessible.

There are many hammock styles available today, from one person in-line to multi person hammocks with wider sleeping areas. Contact our live chat agent and see what he recommend the hammock swing that suits your lifestyle or call us between 9am to 3pm AEST and we’ll be there to assist you 7 days a week!

Happy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!


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Kids Hammocks: Why is it great for them?

Why should you get your kids a hammock?

kids hammock

Benefits of hammock in a child

From single to family sized hammocks, there are tons of available hammocks to choose from online.However, aside from the usual hammocks that we often see, there are especially made hammocks just for your little ones.

Why should you get your kids a hammock?

According to an occupational therapist, A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D.,OTR, swinging can help children develop their sensory integration which is an important factor in enhancing their complex learning and also their behavior. Swinging helps children develop sensations from the body and into their environment. As well as other activities such as jumping, tumbling, running, climbing, and spinning gives children pleasurable experience that helps in the development of their brains.

kids hammock
kids playing in a hammock with spreader bar

Aside from this, hammocks are great for children especially during winter season, they can enjoy playing in their hammocks indoors or on the porch.

In addition hammock promotes better sleep and relaxation, two things which are vital for your child’s growth and development. Learn more about it on how the benefits of a hammock.

What types of kids hammocks are available?

Kids Hammocks are available and used for outdoors and as well as indoors. Materials used can range from Polyester to 100% raw cotton.

These mini swings can be hung directly from the ceiling or even on trees. If those were not available,you can always get a hammock stand for more stability and for safety.

Most Kid hammocks has a “No Flip” feature that ensures your kids’ safety. Although, children below 3 years should be supervised by an adult at all times.