Hammocks: A Ground-Breaking Discovery

Where does hammock come from?

We all know how a hammock is a lovely tool for relaxing, sleeping and lying down while reading our favorite books or just staring at the sky just having a peace of mind. But the question is, where does this great relaxing tool come from? Who made it and how does it stand to its reputation of the “coolest portable bed in the world”

Today, we’re going back in time to get a glimpse of where it originated and its great benefits.

Hammock History

Theodor Galle after Jan van der Straet (Flemish, c. 1571 – 1633 ), America: pl.1, c. 1580/1590, engraving, Rosenwald Collection 1964.8.1575

The hammock was invented more than 800 years ago. They were used in Central America, South America, and the Carribean when Christopher Colombus discovered the New World. Most Pre- Columbian dwellings were open-air huts. The hammock allows people to sleep off the ground safe from snakes, and other dangerous creatures. So when Columbus returned to Spain, he brought loads of hammock.

In the late 1500s hammock is adapted for use on sailing ships as it saves space and in rough seas, they were much more comfortable than bunks.

hammock lunar module

Hammocks on the moon
Hammocks were used during the United States Apollo moon landing from 1969 to 1972. To save space on the lunar module, astronauts slept in hammocks.

What does “Hammock” generally mean?

The name “Hammock” comes from a Makkah or throwing fishing net but the natives of these places slept on long fishing trips. 

Benefits? Too many to mention! 

Very portable

hammock double size with steel frame

It comes a long way during the time and now we’re using the most innovative hammock of a modern world. They are a great alternative to tents as they are very lightweight and easy to carry.

Comfort at your grasp

The most important benefit of a hammock is it just too much comfortable. The gentle rocking motion is very relaxing, especially when watching nature up close and personal.

The most important benefit of a hammock is it just too much comfortable. The gentle rocking motion is very relaxing, especially when watching nature up close and personal. Most people fall asleep faster and deeper in hammocks compared to traditional beds.

You always have a flexible choice on how to use it.

Hammocks often used as outdoor furniture. Sometimes it can be hung in porches or put a frame in the backyard. Some are made from canvas or crochet from yarn.

It Can Be your alternative Chair

The hammock can be chairs as well. Most of the chairs are made out of canvas over a wooden frame are mostly use during summer in the beach.

Final Thoughts

Let us know your experience in using your hammock or hammock chair? We’re in the midst of an innovative world it’s only an assurance that we’ll get the advanced feature of it Regardless, we can definitely say, the hammock is ideally a relaxing tool to have!


Camping Hammock Tips: How To Stay Warm During Winter

Winter is here! Just don’t keep your hammock in a box and forget about it until the summer comes. Instead, keep it useful and learn to face the elements of chilling weather hammock camping.

Hammock camping is basically a trend in 2019 in the outdoor industry. Instead of using a tent, many people simply set up a hammock up and enjoy a night between trees. However, when winter approaches and the temperature plunge under 45 degrees, a tent is a number one solution to escape the coldness of winter.

You can enjoy your winter season camping in a much warm pleasure using your hammock. In this blog, we will provide helpful ideas on how to stay warm on your trail:

1) Choose Your Spot Wisely

The wind is your enemy when winter hammocking. Similarly, you can find a great spot that is forest dense to deal with any harsh weather condition.

2.) Choosing A Hammock

parachute camping hammock
Parachute Camping Hammock

Make sure that the hammock is wind, water-resistant material. It basically envelops the entire hammock to keep the wind off of you. It should also keep rain and moisture off of you as well.

3.) Using A Tarp

hammock tarp

Using a tarp on top of the hammock ensures that you get the protection from the rain and shelter from the cold. Some best tarps are used to create a windshield which helps protect your kitchen setup or it can serve as a lightweight tent. By using a tree branch, poles, and anchors will ensure its durability.

4.) Pillow Protector

Your pillow should be designed to provide a bit more firm support while remaining as comfortable as possible and leaving you refresh in the morning when you wake up.

5.) Sleeping Bag Pod

sleeping ba camping hammock

Using a sleeping bag should be very warm. It’s a little bit of work to zip yourself out. When you’re laying without a sleeping bag in a hammock you do not have any protection from the cold air, it gets moist, in short, you have air flowing underneath you. Having a sleeping bag in a hammock will protect you from cold, moisture which are very helpful for you to relax and have a nice sleep over the course of the night.

The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience

Getting your insulation right is crucial in staying warm in a hammock. The sooner you figure it out, the sooner you’re going to enjoy it out on your hammock trips and have fun, experiment and see what works for you.