Big Difference Between Hammock and Hammock Chairs

hammock and hammock chairs

Is there any other feeling better than feeling like you’re floating on a cloud? Or perhaps just lightly swinging through the air? We all have some daydream where nothing holds us down, but it doesn’t have to remain a dream.

Hammock and Hammock chairs similarities

Welcome to reality where we have great hammocks and hammock chairs. They are the ultimate relaxation piece for any home, inside or out.

We all know hammocks naturally provide our body relief from stress. On the other hand can relieve back pain and improve our posture overtime for prolonged use.

The question is, which is better for a person seeking rest and relaxation?

We’ll explore the best of both worlds and compare their difference and benefits. Hopefully, you’ll found your perfect match.

Hammock vs. Hammock Chair: The Benefits

hammock and hammock chairs
Double Size Brazilian Hammock in Mimosa Colour

Hammocks provide a cocoon effect and some call it the best sleep. Research says that the head should be slightly elevated when lying down. Hammocks naturally do this for us, providing relief and pressure where it’s needed the most.

Hammocks are a proven tool to cure insomnia as you’ll asleep faster and deeper

hammock and hammock chairs

Hammock Chairs on the other hand are more for a person who usually reads. In modern times, it’s usually a tool for meditation, prayer and just being relaxed with one’s self. They are great for back pain relief as it improves your posture over time, almost like a massage would.

Depends on the material, it also conforms to your body so it can help relieve neck pain as well. It’s known for improving flexibility, balance, and core strength. In addition, they’re naturally comfortable.

hammock and hammock chairs

Hopefully, you’re able to learn the benefits of both hammock and hammock chairs. They’re both great in terms of how they function but in the end, whatever you choose, you’ll find the best relaxation tool forever.

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Hammock Chair Can Improve Your Relaxation

Apart from health benefits, there is a great number of relaxation benefits that are being enjoyed by spending a certain amount of time in a hammock chair on a daily basis.

Relaxation Benefits of a Hammock Chair

Hanging Hammock Chair truly reduces your stress level and increases your focus over time. The collection effects of comfort, support and gently calm the nervous system, particularly very helpful for those people with Sensory Integration Disorders

The swaying motion act as an external pumping mechanism, increase the flow rate within the nervous system hence, you will feel relaxed and fresh.

Installation is a breeze

It can be installed with hammock springs at the terminal ends, providing a wide range of motion and increase therapeutic effects and relaxation response.

Hanging A Hammock Chair in an open space or seaside is an enjoyable and relaxing formula. Vitamin D is around the corner when synthesized by the body through exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet B rays, for as little as 10 to 20 minutes per day.

At the very least, hanging out using hammock chairs helps one enjoy numerous positive mental and physical health benefits.

Siesta Hammocks Popular Hammock Chairs:

Hammock Chair with Wooden Stand – $281.95

hammock chair relaxation
Hammock Chair with Wooden Hammock Stand


Frame: Larch wood from Russia

Overall size: 160cm x 107cm x 143cm

Hammock material: Cotton and polyester fabric

Weight capacity: 120kgs

Brazilian Hammock Chair (Denim) – $99.95

hammock chair relaxation
Brazilian Hammock Chair (Denim)


Length: 76.2 cm

Height: 182 cm

Capacity: 125 KGs.

Material: 100% Cotton

Wooden Bar: Hardwood

Luxury Cream Hammock Hanging Chair with Black Tassels – $59.95

Luxury Cream Hammock Hanging Chair with Black Tassels


Colour: Cream

Style: Soho

Size: 150cm x 120cm

Included: Hammock + Wooden Rod + Top Rope Detail

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, there are many benefits for relaxation for hanging a hammock chair. It’s great for sleep and rest, and especially a great way for pain relief.

In the end, we all just wish you peace and relaxation to your new hammock chair.


Important Facts That You Should Know About Single Hammock

Single Hammocks have become more popular hangout gear for indoor/outdoor settings.

The combination of colourful slings hovering between trees is becoming favourites among locals.

For some introverts, a single hammock is the chill-out spot.

For others, sleeping in it takes it to a whole new level.

If you’re thinking of getting one, this article will definitely help you:

When choosing a single hammock, consider the following factors:

Single Hammocks -Materials

hammock material

Single hammocks usually are made of cotton which is great for indoor setup. As for the nylon materials, that’s your best bet if you’re planning to get one for hiking, camping in your backyard, or just a simple alternative to tents.

Addin accessories later will definitely boost up your comfortability.

Single Hammocks – Quality

Hammock Quality

For indoor/outdoor settings, weight is the key consideration. Camping and hangout time, durability matters most.

Hammock Sleep System

Single camping hammocks usually include accessories sleeping overnight. You can customise your own system.

Single Hammocks -Hanging System

Most hammocks include carabiners that have a sufficient strength rating. But a pair of tree straps—your suspension system—is often purchased separately. Make sure that any strap you buy is at least 0.75 inches wide because thinner straps may dig into bark and damage trees.

Hammock Setup Tips

Hang your hammock in a sag!

single hammocks

Many people attempt to string up the hammock as tightly as possible between two hanging points.

This can imitate the cocooning effect that squeezes your upper shoulders and back pain can occur. try a different approach. If you really want to geek out, a good starting angle is 30-degrees from horizontal. This is the best tip that we can advise you to make your hammock more comfortable. Deep sleep will lower the center of gravity, hanging the hammock more stable and 100% safe to use.

Use a drip line

On really rainy days, water can seep down your suspension and get your single hammock wet. To prevent this, tie a drip line on your suspension, positioned under your tarp (you are using a tarp, right?). See illustration for more details.

single hammocks

Do you have other tips for maximizing the comfort in your hammock? Please share them in the comments below.


Benefits Of Stands For Hammock

stands for hammock
Universal Hammock Stand

Stands For Hammock is becoming ever more popular. Many people are removing their beds in favor of a hammock. Only campers and hippies formerly shouted from the rooftops, I had the “best sleep ever!” More and more non-campers and non-hippies are enthusiastically touting the benefits of hammock sleep. But, what does the scientific and medical community say about stands for hammock?

Research, neglected for decades, has only recently been done to examine the truths about sleeping in a hammock. To date, scientific and medical research confirms what ancient societies already knew.

Stand for hammock –

Brief History

Hammock Promotion during 1900s

Central American anthropologists have discovered that ancient societies favored hammocks from a minimum of 700 years ago. Even famous explorer Christopher Columbus, after he found the Bahamas, loved “sleeping in nets between trees.”
Historians note that the first hammock probably was invented by the Greeks around 450 B.C., which is many, many years before Columbus sailed to the Bahamas. The legendary Maya people called their hammocks, “the gift of the Gods.” Most people, even scientists, previously assumed ancient civilizations chose hammocks because they were off the ground, away from dangerous spiders and snakes, or pesky stinging ants. These uneducated civilizations may have embraced other reasons, however.

Studies Found Health Benefits with Hammock Sleep

Since scientific studies have now discovered long-touted benefits of hammock sleeping, other people are taking hammocks more seriously. As always, there is (has never been) no perfect product, so hammocks deliver many benefits with only one major potential downside.


You will fall asleep faster;
You will enjoy the health benefits of deeper sleep;
You’ll have better ability to focus the next day after a restful hammock sleep;
You will improve your reading skills;
Generally, you’ll increase your learning skills;
You may find your back pain disappears;
The gentle rocking motion has proven to make you “sleep like a baby;” and
You’ll not need to contend with the dust mites common to mattresses.
Con (only one catalogued downside)

Stands for Hammocks may hurt your romantic life, as hammocks shine when you’re sleeping “solo.” Even if you and your partner are “cuddly” types, few people enjoy sleeping when “joined at the hip.” Even two-person hammocks may push the envelope when your partner is a light sleeper.

They Make You Fall Asleep Faster

According to a study, stands for the hammock as a sleeping tool makes you fall asleep faster than you would sleep in a bed.

The study’s authors monitored 12 adult men as they took two-afternoon nap: once in a stationary bed and once in a swaying bed (mimicking the motion of a hammock Conclusion: “We observed a faster transition to sleep in each and every subject in the swaying condition,” said co-author Michel Muhlethaler in an NPR interview.

They’re Just Really Comfortable

If you sleep on the ground, then pressure is put on the various parts of your body that connect to the ground. This subtle pressure is uncomfortable, leading you to turn over in your sleep a lot in attempts to find comfort.

Expensive mattresses improve matters by cushioning your body at these pressure points — but it doesn’t fix the problem. The pressure on your body while sleeping on a mattress still produces discomfort, which can potentially disrupt your sleep cycles.

The good thing about stands for a hammock is that they eliminate this problem. You’re suspended in the air with no point of pressure.

Happy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!


Why Hammock On A Stand is Like A Paperclip

When you think of a hammock on a stand, you might think of a big garden. With two well-positioned trees that support the ropes of a gently swaying hammock in between.

When you then look at your own yard or veranda, you might be pressed for such good, sturdy attachments and may think that a hammock is not for you.

Girl relaxing in a hammock without a stand
Luckily, some have just the right distance between trees.. For others, read on…

Enter the perfect innovation. The Hammock Stand is to hammocks what the paperclip is to papers.  Quite simply, it holds the whole thing together just how you need it.

You Can Take a Hammock On A Stand Anywhere

It is lightweight and very easy to assemble and disassemble and easily fit into the boot of most cars.

This means that you can take your brazilian hammock experience with you just about anywhere you want – an all-day picnic, the beach, holiday house, etc. without ever being let down by a lack of things to attach it to when you get there.

Most importantly, they are lightweight and strong, so you won’t feel you’re lugging about a tree!

Man reading a book in a hammock with stand
Take a hammock stand wherever you want, when you want (don’t forget a book!)

Steel or Wooden – The Choice is Yours

adjustable hammock frame
Adjustable Steel Hammock Frame

At Siesta Hammocks, we have three hammock stands to choose from. There is the Steel Hammock Stand, which supports a total weight of up to 200kg, the Steel Apex Hammock Frame which supports up to 190kg, and the Wooden Stand, which supports up to 250kg.

Wooden Hammock Stand

All stand options are universal and can support either single or multi-person hammocks. You can be safely suspended in it wherever you choose to place it.

Just bear in mind that our hammock stands are designed for hammocks without spreader bars.

If a more upright hammock chair is what tickles your fancy, we do have a premium quality Steel Stand with a Mexican Chair bundle that you may like.

Please call our awesome customer support team on(02) 8091 1204 if you have any questions about any of our products.

Enjoy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!


Why Chair Hammock is great for the outdoors?

Brazilian Hammock Chair in Blue Lagoon Colour

Why Chair Hammocks Is Great For Outdoors?

If you need to free up some space in your garden or allow seating where most chairs won’t fit, then think about getting a chair hammock. These chairs are easy to set up and act like mini hammocks. They’re great for relaxing and help bring a unique touch to your room. Here are three of our best hammock chairs.

Thick Cotton Mexican Chair

chair hammock in Thick Cotton Mexican Chair in Oceanica Colour
Thick Cotton Mexican Chair in Oceanica Colour

The thick cotton Mexican chair is a unique chair that leaves plenty of space for the user. The seat is woven from a soft yarn, to help keep you comfortable and relaxed. This hammock chair also comes in thirteen different colors, so you can make your room look stylish.

Deluxe Hanging Chair in Grey Colour
Deluxe Hanging Chair in Grey Colour

Deluxe Hanging Chair

Our second best selling chair is the Deluxe Macrame Hanging Chair. This chair’s unique because it has something that other hammock chairs don’t –woven handmade. It also comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to fiddle with all the strings and poles involved. It’s a great chair for curling up inside and relaxing in.

chair hammock
Multi Colour Canvas Hammock Chair

Multi Colour Canvas Hammock Chair

Made from quality polyester cotton with a solid timber rail, this chair hammock is a great addition to your home. You can hang it in your backyard for a splash of colour and an inviting place to read a book in. Very simple installation, you can take it with you to a barbecue or on a vacation. It can be attached to trees, ceilings or pergola beams.

Hammock chairs might sound like a weird option, but they’re nice for relaxing and they give a unique touch to your room that nothing else can.

This topic is brought to you by The Relaxation Store. Our range of camping products includes bed canopies, hammocks, and mosquito nets.

We also offer a broad range of outdoor products like hanging hammock chairs for use in your yard. Call 02 8091 1204 to learn more about our wide variety of selections on our outdoor hanging chair.

Happy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!

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Buying Mexican Hammocks: What Aussies Need To Know

buying mexican hammocks

Mexican hammocks are hammocks that are being recognised as one of the most traditional sleeping tools in central America.

Buying Mexican hammocks can be quite challenging. Especially, with a lot of varieties that are currently in the market, this can be quite bewildering.

This page will cover a must know for every Australian about Mexican Hammocks:

Buying Mexican Hammocks:

Mexican Cloth, Fabric, and Canvas Hammock

buying mexican hammocks
Mexican Hammock in Cream

Closed weave cloth types are the most common alternatives to open weave Mexican Net Hammocks. The authentic version of this is mostly available in Brazil, Mexico, and other parts of Central America.

Talented Mexican artisans are experts in constructing this hammock thru a thousand years of practice, they’ve managed to perfect the hand-weaving way to make the most comfortable hammock that we can offer in Australia.

Siesta Hammocks affiliates with suppliers that support weavers in Central America to support the high unemployment and poverty. Supporting them maintains the economy without disrupting the traditional cultural base of each village.

Buying Mexican Hammocks:

Difference between Cotton and Nylon Hammock

Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks
Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks

This has been an ongoing debate for ages. Both of this type of Mexican Hammocks is very identical in terms of relaxation. durability, and especially, comfortability.

But if we’re going to differentiate both of them, Cotton type Double Mexican Hammocks are the most comfortable hammocks you’ll find.

 Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks in the Caribbean Blue
Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks in the Caribbean Blue

As long as you’re providing effort giving a reasonable amount of care for Cotton Mexican Hammocks, it’ll surely last for many years.

We really do not recommend cotton type when you’re planning to camp. A nylon version would be a better choice.

The Nylon Mexican Hammocks are more durable and more resistant to wet weather, and less prone to thread breakage.

Overall, if you experience lying down on both of these types, there’s a noticeable difference. Overall, when it comes to the general feel of the hammock and overall comfort.

Mexican Hammock Single, Double, and Family Sizes.

resort style hammocks
Resort Style Mexican Hammocks

Made in Mexico and these hammocks are handwoven in perfection. Moreover, it’s available in Single Size Mexican Hammocks suitable for small spaces, apartment, or condo type living.

Queen Size hammocks for those lovely couples out there who just wanted to have a laugh while laying down in these lovely hammocks.

Family Size Hammocks can fit 4 individuals at the same time. In addition, a weight capacity of as much as 250 kgs. Hence, ideal for a family with children who loves to play in the backyard or outdoors.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, comparing hammocks people mostly agree that Mexican Hammocks are far more beneficial, hands down.

With the overall type of fabric, sizes, regardless of what you’ll pick, its design is tested and still use as of this day for almost 3000 years.

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Double Hammock Stand: 5 Tips To Improve Your Experience

double hammock with stand
Double Hammock with Stand (Green, Camouflauge, and Desert Moon)

Double Hammock stand is more than aesthetic appeal. It slowly becoming a part of our home furniture.

We all know that hammocks are stationary relaxation devices that use trees as a support structure. Having been around for thousands of years, modernizing the idea of the hammock has been occurring and getting to be a trend nowadays

You might be wondering what can it offer more health benefits of using this hammock combo?

Double Hammock Stand is Less of a hassle

Double Cotton Hammock with Stand (Oasis)

During this pandemic, it’s not easy to get out hiking and just bring a bunch of goodies which can result in a much more cluttered way to organise yourself, especially during night time. It is easily be carried anywhere and can be swapped to a camping hammock.

It can give you an elevated advantage over the tent as it provides the user don’t need to drive any stakes into the ground use.

Double Hammock Stand: Easy to relax practically anywhere

spreader bar with a hammock stand
XL Free Standing Hammock: Blue and White Canvas Hammock and Arc Stand

It is lightweight enough to take almost anywhere so it’s not limiting in one’s ability to discover and explore. With a hammock stand, it allows all possibility to relax where ever the user sees fits.

Better Siesta Experience

outdoor hammock bed with stand

Both the hammock and the stand are easy to deploy for a quick nap, Sleep can be enhanced and improved one’s napping experience.

Lightens the load

hammock with carry bag

Due to how compact the design and lightweight the hammock stand is, it’ll allow you to lighten your load.

Deployable with ease

 Polyester Double Hammock with Stand in Aqua Colour (2.7m)
Polyester Double Hammock with Stand in Aqua Colour (2.7m)

The design and reliability are top-notch. The effective packaging system for both portability and customer use is an effective way to carry it with ease. It doesn’t limit you to a specific location due to the fact that it can be carried anywhere and ground for deployment in a breeze.

In Conclusion

Overall, these are a few more benefits of using it that will contribute more to how you enjoy this type of hammock. It has multiple benefits that focus on making your life so much easier.

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