Free-Standing Double Hammock Camping

free standing double hammock camping

As much as we love camping, I think we can all agree that one of the most dreadful parts of this amazing adventure is lying on uneven ground. It may hurt your back and may even ruin the purpose of the activity. You can level up our experience by using a free-standing double hammock!

There’s something special about sleeping on the ground. That is if you have a lovely field to pitch your tent in and don’t have to worry about wetness, roots biting into your back, or hard stones disrupting an otherwise relaxing night.

Camping in a hammock is the best way to camp! It lifts you off the ground, rocks you to sleep, and makes you feel adventurous in general.


hammock camping free standing

The shelter and bed are the key differences between tent and hammock camping. If you’re going tent camping, you’ll need to select a good site to pitch your tent, preferably one that’s level, dry, and free of rocks or tree roots. Then it would help if you devoted time to assemble your tent.

To go hammock camping, all you need are two trees that are far enough apart to hang your hammock comfortably. After that, you can easily hang your hammock in a few minutes.

But a smarter way to enjoy hammock camping is bringing a free-standing double hammock. It gives you more space enough for a partner or all to yourself. Plus, you can set it up anywhere, even without trees!



Sleeping with nature is one of the best things, but not when you’re uncomfortable. With hammocks, you don’t have to deal with rocks or twigs behind your back. You enjoy a swinging motion while being cozily cocooned in your hammock. When you put up a hammock properly, you’ll have the most pleasant and pleasant night’s sleep you’ve ever had when camping.


Even with the tent’s windows open, sleeping on a hammock gives more fresh air and ventilation than sleeping in a tent. You’ll fall asleep and wake up with fresh air in your lungs.

Mornings will be much better now that you won’t have to worry about your tent baking as the sun rises. Wake up relaxed and comfortable while enjoying the views and sounds of nature, rather than hurrying out of your tent in a half-asleep sluggish and hot haze.


Tents are far more difficult to transport and put up than hammocks. They’re small and portable, and unlike tents, they’re more than simply a sleeping bag. When you’re at the campsite, you can use your hammock as a chair. Alternatively, utilize it as a relaxing spot to read a book.


You may go hammock camping with the same shelter, protection, and privacy that tents provide, but with the extra benefit of sleeping in a hammock, thanks to the broad array of hammock accessories available.

You can layer up or leave a layer behind depending on the season, so you’ll always be comfy no matter the weather or pests.



Rope hammocks with spreader bars are fine for hanging on your lawn, but they’re not great for camping. They’re cumbersome and tough to pack and transport. They’re also too uncomfortable to sleep in all night.

Because the spreader bars disrupt a hammock’s natural center of gravity, you’ll be more likely to flip over during the night. It also causes an uneven weight distribution, which can lead to back pain.

So, if you’re going hammock camping, bring a lightweight, robust, quick-drying hammock with no spreader bars that are easy to pack, like a nylon parachute hammock. For hammock stands, find a light and foldable product.


There’s nothing wrong with being traditional and bringing your tent to camping. But you can always level up your experience by camping with a free-standing double hammock! Enjoy better sleep and comfort without the hassle of setting up a tent!

Experience better camping with hammocks in Australia.

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Outdoor Free-Standing Hammock Storage Tips

outdoor free standing hammock

We all know that season’s change. It’s not always a sunny day! You can easily move your hammock if it has a stand. But not everyone is lucky enough to have more space indoors, right? So what should you do? Don’t fret as we lay down all we know about outdoor free-standing hammock storage.

It’s time to put your hammock away until next year’s warm season — unless you’re bold enough to try winter hammock camping! However, if you want your hammock to last for many more seasons, you should take good care of it and store it correctly during the off-season. It’s critical to preserve your hammock accurately. If left outside during the winter, snow and ice can accumulate, putting undue stress on the hammock.


hammock chair in australia with stand

While some free-standing hammocks can endure a little rain or snow, it’s not a good idea to leave them outside for long amounts of time in such weather. Bringing them inside during inclement season will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your hammock for many more years.


The material of your hammock determines how it will react to the elements. When you expose your hammock under long periods of rain and snow, natural materials like cotton can fade, mildew, and rot.

Artificial fibers like nylon and polyester, on the other hand, are significantly more resistant to wear from the weather since they do not rot. However, it is preferable not to put them to the test and keep them indoors during inclement weather.


free standing hammock

Here are some tips to keep your hammock safe and dry during the wet season!

Before anything else, CLEAN IT!

It might be as easy as removing your child from the hammock. Throughout the summer, some children make tiny hungry noises with dirt on them! Shake the hammock vigorously. You may perform this by yourself by leaving one end linked to the stand or tree and shaking the other.


To begin, combine two ounces of mild detergent with two gallons of warm water. Non-spreader bar hammocks can be hand-washed in the bucket before hanging to dry completely.

DRY IT, of course!

Allow us to remind you again that it should be completely DRY, as dry as the Sahara in August when you put your hammock away. You don’t want mold and mildew to replace you in enjoying your hammock.

FOLD IT properly.

Fold your hammock for storage only when it’s dry!

  • Hammocks with no spreader bars: Fold the hammock in half lengthwise, tuck in the cords, and roll it up.
  • Brazilian: Fold/stuff it inside the pouch it came in.
  • Hammocks with spreader bars: Place the hammock on a clean surface, fold the ring and ropes at one end into the bed, and roll the hammock to the other end with the bar.

Store it:

  • Indoors in a breathable bag, but not in a musty basement or direct sunshine.
  • We don’t like the thought of storing hammocks in the garage or shed. But it’s up and out of the way of vermin, seek for a warm place to stay and something to nibble on to pass the time
  • Outside, but only entirely dry and in a weather-tight tote

Outdoor free-standing hammocks should be cleaned, dried, and kept warm during the winter or rainy season.

For hammock stands, apply a little coat of oil to a wood stand (including spreader bars) or re-seal it. Check for broken pieces in the assembly and repair them as needed to maintain the hammock’s safety when it’s time to use it again—the space required for storing your stand lesser when it’s folded.

If you can’t bring it inside, you can also store your stand in the garage or outside beneath a tarp.

outdoor free standing hammock wooden


We should properly take care of our outdoor free-standing hammock so we can enjoy it for a long time. Everything needs to take care of, that includes our hammock and its stand. The storage tips mentioned are proven and tested to keep your hammocks happy and healthy during the wet season.

If you have enough space indoors, you can also opt to install your free-standing hammock inside.

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All About Indoor Hammock Chair in Australia

Indoor Hammock Chair in Australia

Are you thinking of new ways to redecorate your bedroom? Or is it time to level up your porch? Then you need a hammock chair! Knowing all the things you need to know in installing an indoor hammock chair in Australia comes in handy!

In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about hanging hammock chairs indoors! So you can revamp any part of your home into something amazing and beautiful.


If you want to utilize your indoor hammock chair in Australia in a variety of ways, consider attaching it to a matching stand. The problem is that this structure takes up a lot of room and is not inexpensive. When using the frame outside, make sure it is properly secured.

  • Ceiling Hanging Hammock Chair

The seat is suspended from the ceiling by a rope linked to a hook. A user’s range of motion is unrestricted with this type. There are wider and thinner models, and you can choose the one that best suits your demands.

  • Brazilian Hammock Chair

It has the advantage of precisely fitting any body form. It’s also a lot less expensive than the previous models. It can be readily stored in a wardrobe and does not take up a lot of room.

  • Hammock Chair with a Stand

The seat is suspended from a stand on the floor. It’s a lot smaller than the version that hangs from the ceiling. It is a significant benefit in areas with limited space. This sort of hanging chair has a limited range of motion. Because of its mobility, it may be placed on a balcony or, in the summer, on a patio.


Fabric: Hanging chairs are available in many designs. Designers are always inventing new ways to exhibit their creativity. As a result, the hanging chair style can match the interior decor of one’s home. There are both simple and minimalistic designs as well as ornamental and decorative ones.

Rattan: Rattan structures are really attractive. Although it is a long-lasting and environmentally beneficial material, it is not water-resistant. As a result, woven furniture is not advisable outdoors. You can apply varnish as you pleased.

Plastic: Plastic hanging chairs come in a wide range of styles. Plastic is a lightweight and long-lasting material. It’s important not to damage it, as any scratch would be quite obvious and difficult to erase.

Where can you install an indoor hammock chair in Australia?

What is the ideal location for a hanging chair indoor? Before we begin, a word of caution: a hanging chair is light in weight, but the load that the fastening must carry grows when using the chair. Materials like gypsum plasterboard or gypsum fibreboard are unsuitable for this task, owing to the mobile loads created by swinging in a hanging chair.

If you want to utilize a hanging chair in a variety of ways, consider attaching it to a matching stand. The problem is that this structure takes up a lot of room and is not inexpensive. When using the frame outside, make sure it is properly secured.


Best Indoor Hammock Chair


Do you have a wood-based subsurface? It’s not a problem, especially if the chair is suspended from strong and stable supports. However, installing the object in planking is not advised. Whether there isn’t anything else accessible, check to see a steady beam beneath it. It could not be easy to come up with a solution. You might be able to uncover historic images of the structure that will provide this information.


The majority of hanging chairs include anchors in the package. Drilling may be the most difficult aspect of placing something in a concrete wall. Make sure you’re working with professional tools. You won’t get very far with a cordless screwdriver. A hammer drill is an excellent instrument for this job, but it is not inexpensive. If you have a lot of DIY projects, it might be worth it to buy one. If everything else fails, consider using an impact driver. Make sure to clear out the drill hole to ensure that the anchoring is secure.


Brick is a highly flexible building material. As a result, anchoring can be critical. It would be best if you got personalized counsel. Two-component injection mortars are recommended for usage in bricks in general. When compared to plastic plugs, they can hold substantially more weight.

To dispense the injection mortar, you’ll need a dispenser. Begin by squeezing a small amount onto paper, cardboard, or any other non-essential surface. This allows the two injection mortar components to combine, allowing you to begin using it straight away. Any mortar that remains in the cartridge is ready to use with a new static mixer for various fastening solutions later.


Our specialists advise against hanging a hammock seat from wallboard, particularly drywall. The weight of a suspended seat is too much for this subsoil. The chances of the subsurface failing and the fixing breaking loose is far too great. It should be a top concern for you to keep yourself secure.


We recommend going with a high-quality repair. After all, your safety is the most important consideration. Rather than worrying about the safety of the fixing, you should be able to turn off and enjoy the sun while sitting in a hanging chair.

How to Hang a Hammock Swing


Hanging chairs come in a variety of styles. Hammock manufacturers are always coming up with new ways to express themselves. As a result, one can match the hanging chair style to their home’s interior decor. Simple and minimalistic designs, as well as ornamental and ornate ones, are available. Learn all about indoor hammock chair in Australia, and you’ll have an amazing hammock adventure.

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Best Brazilian Hammock Chair in Australia

A Brazilian hammock chair in Australia can bring lots of color to your home. It can brighten up your living room, bedroom, patio, and any blank space. Brazilian hammocks are made of cotton cloth from Brazil and are more durable than string hammocks. While Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks have their distinct features, nothing beats natural Brazilian cotton for relaxation. Because the comfort of a Brazilian hammock is less dependent on its construction, it is less likely to differ significantly from one manufacturer to the next.

Siesta Hammocks offer one of the best and quality-made hammock chairs in Australia. Here are the top Brazilian Hammock Chair designs in Australia that we can provide you with!


Brazilian Hammock Chairs from Siesta Hammocks are high-quality, colorfast, gently-weaved cotton thread. Now available in eight (8) carefully chosen color combinations, each with hand-crocheted fringe appeals for people of all ages. It can hold one adult or two children.


  • Length: 30″
  • Height: 72″
  • Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Material: Hardwood



brazilian hammock chair




serenity hammock chair

Desert Moon

brazilian hammock chair


oasis hammock chair



Blue Lagoon

How To Take Care Of Your Brazilian Hammock Chair

Brazilian hammock chairs are composed of natural, non-processed cotton. You can leave these hammocks outside during the warm months. But if they become wet, they must be dried immediately to avoid mildew.

To accomplish this, hang the hammock as usual, but insert a broom or stick crosswise in the hammock’s bed to keep it spread out and allow the threads to dry fast and thoroughly. When your hammock is wet, never fold it or pack it away, and never keep it in a moist location. Because the hammocks’ primary body is composed of cotton, they will weaken/mold over time if left damp. The natural dyes used to add color to the hammock may fade if exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Wash a Brazilian Hammock Chair

Brazilian hammock chairs are easy to wash. You can wash them using a washing machine, but we recommend cleaning them with your hands for full control. Follow these washing instructions:

  • Tie the hammock’s two ‘end’ loops together with cotton string.
  • To prevent the hammock strings from becoming entangled, use rubber bands or cables to tie them at similar intervals (approximately 20-25cm apart).
  • To ‘set’ the color, rinse the hammock in cold water with a handful of salt the first time you wash it.
  • HANDWASH: Wash the hammock in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo or hand-washing solution. After washing, rinse gently in lukewarm water.
  • MACHINE: Stuff the end strings into the cotton bag that came with your hammock, pull the bag’s drawstring tight, and tighten it so that only the hammock’s main body is visible. DO NOT use the spin cycle and use the cool/gentle program (wool/silk/delicate), max 40 C.
  • Squeeze out any extra water, untangle the strings, and hang the hammock as usual.
  • Spread a stick across the hammock’s ‘bed’ to spread it out and enable it to dry completely.

How to Properly Store Your Brazilian Hammock Chair

To avoid tangling the strings on a traditional Mexican or Brazilian hammock, always hold it by the end loops. When not in use, put both loops on a coat hook/nail in the shed door to keep them from tangling and getting damp. This way is more convenient than putting it in its bag.

When your hammock is wet or damp, never fold or store it away. Ensure it’s completely dry before packing it into its bag, and don’t keep it in a moist location. If stored in sheds, be sure to keep it free from rodents.

modern indoor hammock chair


Brazilian hammock chairs are a brilliant addition to your home or any relaxing space! It brings a special combination of comfort, relaxation, and style. Please choose the best Brazilian hanging chair for you from our list!

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Hammock Swing Chairs Indoor Is Perfect

hammock swing chair

Are you looking for a sign to finally buy the hammock chair you’ve been eyeing on? This article may be a sign! We’re going to tell you all the possible reasons why a hammock swing chairs indoor is the best decision you’ll ever make.

You can use a hammock chair to daydream, unwind, read, listen to music, meditate, consider profound things, escape from the world, cuddle with loved ones, be silly, or anything. It’s also pretty versatile as you can hang it in your living room, bedroom, patio, porch, and more.

Without burning incense, hanging a hammock chair indoors is the ideal way to bring that distinct, free-spirited atmosphere into your home.

Top Reasons Hammock Swing Chairs Indoor is a Great Idea


A beautiful fringed or lace-edged hammock can become a work of art or a focus point for your living space, in addition to being a practical sitting or sleeping location. It adds a touch of whimsy and grandeur to every area in the house. Depending on your existing color scheme, choose a vibrant or neutral color. Even a hammock stand can contribute to the artistic appearance.

hammock swing chairs indoor


We all deserve a little bit of fun, even if when we’re stuck indoors! Making a room feel joyful and free without compromising taste and sophistication may be tough. You want something unique and intriguing, but you don’t want your home to look infantile! Between the boring executive, the college hippie, and the hyperactive Kindergartner, there has to be a happy medium.

A hammock chair offers a simple, free-spirited atmosphere to any area and may be as elegant or as “hippie-ish” as you want it to be. A hammock chair’s gentle swing provides just the right amount of movement to transform your space from still and stagnant to exciting and free.


A hammock chair doesn’t take up a lot of floor area and provides a nice location to relax while remaining in the middle of the activity. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to construct a roster to ensure that everyone in the family gets a turn without squabbling.


You’ll have issues keeping your posture no matter how hard you try if your chairs are stiff or badly constructed. Sitting on a comfortable hammock chair relieves stress on your spine and joints, reducing inflammation and pain. In a gently swinging seat, defying gravity could be just what the doctor ordered.

hammock swing chairs indoor


Have you meant to finish the book you bought last year? Maybe you need a reading corner that’s relaxing and gives you private time. A decent reading nook needs sufficient lighting and privacy. It’s the perfect place to put your cup of coffee and biscuits. A hammock chair is a perfect place to unwind for hours while reading a nice book. For further privacy and coziness, you can drape or curtains to your bookworm corner.


Meditation is the result of relaxation and concentration. Anyone who has attempted to meditate has experienced the challenge of sitting still: your body becomes uncomfortable, making it hard to meditate. Hammock swing chairs completely break the vicious cycle. They give you the comfort and clarity you need to master meditation.


Do you need a fast power sleep to help you through the rest of your hectic workday? You can invite a sleep mate (human or animal, your choice) or keep it all to yourself and layout in total luxury in a luxurious hammock large enough for two. A hammock’s gentle swinging movement has also been shown to aid in falling asleep sooner and sleeping better.


Treat yourself to a wonderful haven just inside your home with hammocks! Do you have your reason why you love hammock swing chair indoors? Please share them in the comments below. Let us know how you’re enjoying your hammock chair!

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7 Smart Ways About How To Hang a Hammock


Are you fond of hammocks but confused about how to hang them? Consider your problem solved as we gathered all the SMART ways we know how to hang a hammock!

There are several methods for hanging a hammock, but the two most common are using two trees and purchasing a hammock stand. There are, however, additional innovative ways to do it, which we will explain after we have covered the traditional methods of creating your hammock stand. You can make a permanent hammock or a foldable one at any time with very little effort.


Of course, this is the first method! The first thing that comes to my mind before when it comes to hammocks are two strong trees perfectly distanced. All you have to do is secure a rope (or any other type of suspension) around the trunks of two adjacent trees. Ensure you’re winding the string around both trees at the same height, a foot or more above your tallest adult, since this will ensure perfect balance and a perfect swing. You’re almost ready to swing if you tie a knot and link it to the suspension of the hammock’s end-loops.

sleeping in hammock comfortable


Do you think that’s impossible? Thing again! You can hang a hammock on one tree. If you’re lucky enough to have a large tree in your yard with thick, robust limbs, you can attempt this one-tree hammock stand. Before you try this, be sure the branch(s) you’re using can sustain your weight and are at least 9 feet distance from the ground.

Tie ropes across the two branches, similar to how ceiling beams are secured. Create a taut-line hitch knot to keep them secure.

Hang a Hammock Chair from a tree


Unfortunately, most of us don’t have two trees near enough together to make this a viable alternative. The next best thing to a tree is hammock stands! Some hammock sellers in Australi usually offer hammocks with frames, but you can also buy a separate stand if you already have a hammock.



The concept is simple, as utilizing two poles is akin to using two trees, but the implementation is a little more complicated. If you have access to a terrace, you can set up two poles around 12-15 feet apart to create the perfect hammock stand.

There’s a strong probability that two poles are already a part of your terrace’s décor. Those fortunate enough to have a balcony can use a similar approach, fastening the ends to opposite or neighboring bars.

If you don’t have access to a terrace, set up two poles in your garden and hang the hammock between two trees in the same manner as described above. Installing bars has the advantage of adjusting them to your height and dressing them up with lights to provide a reading option when the sunsets.


Are you confused about how to hang your hammock indoors? Use ceiling beams! The beams act in the same manner that trees do, but on a horizontal level, and load-bearing is less of an issue for more traditional, sturdy beams like those seen in Victorian homes. Fasten two lengths of rope around a shaft that is at least eight feet above the ground.

This will provide you with the swing you desire in a hammock. If you’re connecting the ropes to a wooden beam, it’s a good idea to evaluate the load capacity of the beam by suspending yourself from it. If everything goes as planned, wrap the rope securely around the hammock’s end-loops with numerous knots, and you’re ready to go.


Half the battle is having a massive iron gate of some kind that can hold your capacity. The other half is having a comparable gate or a wall that is roughly 15-16 feet opposite.

You can legally hang a hammock between a gate and a wall 30 feet distant. The hammock would not be very stable. One end of the rope should be tied to the gate while suspending the other from a wall hook. Make sure you use a hook that can support your weight.


Heavy load hooks are common, so make sure you obtain a few that can support at least 150 kg. The difficult part is locating the available space. You’ll need two nearby walls that are around 12 – 15 feet apart. After that, make sure you measure the length of your hammock bed to ensure it fits properly.

Find a spot in your house where you can drill two hooks on opposite walls, and you’ve got yourself an indoor hammock. The beautiful part about it is that you can easily latch and de-latch the hammock as needed. You can swing in a hammock in your front room some days but have to store it when you have friends around on other days.


  • Hammock Tree Straps

Straps are by far the simplest and fastest method of hanging your hammock. If you’re hanging from a tree, we highly recommend using tree straps. It does the job just right without hurting the trees. It’s lightweight and portable. Take note that you can’t use these on walls.

  • Hanging Hardware

Hanging hardware ensures a solid hold to your hammock. It’s best used if you’re hanging from ceilings and walls. It might cause damage to trees.

Two good wall anchors (typically j-hooks), two pieces of chain (approximately 1.5 feet long), and two huge s-hooks are all you’ll need. The beauty of this technique is that it only takes seconds to alter the hammock tension. People commonly use this approach to hang their hammocks indoors as bed substitutes from wood beams.

  • Rope

Ropes are the traditional hammock hanging tools. You need a solid and strong rope that can hold your weight. It’s effective and won’t harm trees. Two lengths of strong rope looped around the hammock end-loops and attached to a sturdy tree should suffice. Yes, it’s low-tech. But it’s simple and effective!


  • Whatever points you use to anchor your hammock should be spaced evenly and strong enough to support your weight.
  • Your suspension should ideally set at a 30-degree angle. When you sit, you’ll have enough slack so your weight won’t put too much strain on the hammock, suspension system, or anchor points.
  • Excessive force can cause serious injury and cause you to fall to the ground.
  • When suspended, hammocks without spreader bars should not be taut, but rather curve gently, like a banana or a grin.
  • Finally, the usual hammock should dangle around 18 inches from the ground, depending on your height.


The best thing about owning a hammock is that it’s a whole package. You can accentuate your house with it, increase the worth value of your home, bring it camping, and more. It all boils down to one purpose, giving a relaxing time and a chance to spend time with yourself while doing what you love.

We hope these smart ways how to hang a hammock mentioned helped you achieve an amazing hammock experience.


Buy Free Standing Hammock with These Tips

how to hang a hammock on a stand

So you’ve chosen to clean up the backyard, patio, or bedroom and create your retreat—a place to unwind and exhale a deep sigh of joy and calm. You think about hammocks, but how will you hang them? Don’t worry. You can buy free standing hammock without worries.

Free-standing hammocks will help you achieve the haven you’ve been looking for at home or even outdoors. They’re the perfect solution if you don’t have trees or solid posts, beams, and trees. You can bring it everywhere and transfer it where the sun shines best.


Before deciding to buy a free-standing hammock, you must learn about the styles and know if it’s best for you. Here are the different types of hammocks:

  • Brazilian Style
buy free standing hammock

These are the hammocks that give you the feeling of being wrapped within the fabric. The hammock bed has no bar along the ends, only ropes that meet where it connects to the stand.

  • Spreader Bar Style
freestanding hammock with spreader bar

Some people like to lay across a pretty taught hammock bed rather than being inside a hammock. Two (typically wooden) spreader bars, one at each end of the hammock material, keep the ends wide apart in these hammocks. These hammock beds generally compose of a sturdier or even quilted fabric than the Brazilian type, and they may even have detachable pillows.

  • Hammock Chair
buy free standing hammock chair

A single point above the chair hangs a free-standing hammock chair. The frame is usually in the shape of a tripod, allowing a significant amount of weight to safely and pleasantly hang from the top of the frame. The chairs can be built of various materials and can be fashioned in a Brazilian style (loose material that you can climb into) or more form-fitting.

  • Four-Point Hammock

Instead of two tied-together ends, these hammocks are connected by four points. The material is linked to the frame by two dowels and chains. It’s at the head and foot of the hanging “bed.” Most people think of hammocks as “beds” suspended from two points. Thus these aren’t very prevalent.


Get the best experience in buying a hammock with a stand by checking out these considerations. This list will help you narrow down the kind of free-standing hammock you need.


Setting a projected price for your hammock should be the first step. There are many hammocks, and they can range in different prices. If you plan to use your hammock and stand frequently and want them to last a long time, it’s better to make a large one-time purchase than buy newer things every few years. When looking for a hammock, the first thing you should think about is striking the right balance between price and quality.


There is a significant association between the width of a hammock and its level of comfort. Larger hammocks with stands give the impression of being enclosed, which is lacking in their smaller counterparts. When it comes to sleeping hammocks, support is crucial, so opting for a larger model, even if it means paying a little more, is well worth it.

You can get a double hammock that sleeps, two people. Some also use it to sleep alone for a more intimate vibe. People mainly use day-use hammocks to lounge inside their houses or on the front lawn/backyard, so they don’t have much room. Choose a hammock size based on how you intend to use it.


Finding a durable hammock that is light in weight and packable into a tiny pouch should always be your goal. Unless you’ve already decided to buy a heavier hammock for whatever reason, we recommend hammocks with ultra-light slings. A larger two-person hammock that’s perfect for the outdoors is a good option, too.


Do you want to fit in a hammock for solitary travel? Do you want to fit in a hammock with someone else? When used solo, double hammocks are normally larger and give more comfort; nevertheless, they are heavier and difficult to transport on longer travels. If you want to choose the best hammock for your needs, you need learn the weight restriction of each one. For people traveling in groups, there are also family-size hammocks available.


You may be at risk of serious harm unless you choose a free-standing hammock made of sturdy material. Low-quality hammocks can snap! The best hammocks are composed of long-lasting materials like parachute nylon or polyester. It’s usually resistant to weather and may endure for decades with proper care. For the sake of conserving money, don’t sacrifice fabric quality.


Hammocks make a great aesthetic to our homes and a wonderful tool to take a break from stress. That’s why we should invest research, time, and money when we finally decide to buy free-standing hammock. We hoped this buying guide makes your hammock experience worthwhile.

Relax and have fun with your new hammock!

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Hammock Chair in Australia: Maintenance Tips

hammock chair in australia

Relaxation begins with you and your choices! Choosing a hammock chair to accentuate your home and spending lazy afternoons is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. But like you, it needs some tender loving care as well! We’ll teach you a couple of tips we know so you can make the most of your hammock chair in Australia.

How do you specifically care for hammock and hammock chairs?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Read on to know the top hammock maintenance recommendations. We’ll discuss everything from outdoor safe hanging tips to the correct way of cleaning and storing. All of these tips are meant to keep your hammock chair safe and clean until you’re ready to use it again.


canvas hammock chair in a tree

Proper caring of a hammock chair depends on the fabric material and how you use it.


Cotton is a natural fiber, which accounts for its ease and softness. It will fade the first year and begin to rot the second year if kept outside all year.

Wash your cotton hammock once or twice a season if you leave it under a tree. This way, you can remove airborne dirt, bug leftovers, tree sap, mold spores, peanut butter, cookie crumbs, beer stains, and other biodegradable items that become embedded in the fiber.

If you reside in the freezing tundra of the north, wash the hammock at the end of the summer, dry it thoroughly, and store it indoors for the winter. Indoor cotton hammocks will not fade and will endure a long time.


Artificial fibers are far more resistant to environmental damage than cotton. These textiles are suggested for outdoor use since they are more durable and have better colorfastness. They are, after all, fabrics, and any attention and protection from the weather will extend their useful life. They aren’t prone to rot, but a little washing now and then can’t hurt.

If you live in a rainy region, you most likely have a raincoat to stay dry. When it’s not in use, where do you keep it? “You’re talking about the closet,” you say. Yes, exactly! When fabrics are properly cared for, they last longer and look better.


hammock chair in australia with stand

You must clean your hammocks regularly, especially if they are used frequently and left outside. You can preserve the aesthetic of your hammock by keeping it clean and preventing dirt buildup, bug infestations, and mildew growth.

#1 Shake Off the Dirt

Shaking off dirt is the initial stage in cleaning your hammock. It can help to get rid of any particulate buildup on the materials.

Shake the opposite end of your hammock aggressively while suspending one end.

You won’t shake off everything in one sweep, but it will help you get rid of a lot of the visible dirt, in addition to any dust, pollen, or fallen leaves that may be hiding in the folds.

#2 Washing

Depending on the material used in your hammock, you may need to adjust your washing methods. However, if in doubt, always follow the hammock manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

Remove the spreader bars if your hammock has them before washing.

Non-Removable Spreader Bars

  • Place the hammock on a clean, flat surface.
  • Soak it with water using a hose.
  • Using a soft-bristled brush and a mild detergent or soap, scrub the surface.
  • To assist in treating stubborn stains, spray them with a stain remover.
  • Using your hose, thoroughly rinse the hammock.
  • If feasible, hang your hammock to dry outside, either from a stand or a tree.

Hand washing

  • Fill a bucket or any container capable of carrying two gallons of water. Drop two ounces of mild soap to hand wash your hammock.
  • To avoid tangled strings while washing a Brazilian hammock by hand, tie each end off with rope.
  • Swish things about and gently scrub the fabric with your hands.
  • Drain the bucket and rinse it completely with clean water to eliminate any residual soap. Your hammock is clean when the water runs clear.
  • Gently squeeze out as much water as you can and hang it outside to dry.
  • If your hammock doesn’t have a spreader bar, place a pole or broom crosswise in it to help it dry faster.


Just like washing clothes, you also need a proper way to fold your hammock chair in Australia! Make sure it’s totally dry before attempting to fold it. Folding a damp hammock, like wet laundry, exposes it to mold and mildew growth. Your folding strategy is determined on the sort of hammock you own, just as it is with washing:

  • Fold the hammock once end-to-end and hang the loops on a closet hook or tuck the cords and wrap up your hammock for non-spreader-bar hammocks.
  • Fold Brazilian hammocks to fit neatly into their pouches.
  • Place spreader-bar hammocks on a clean surface, with the ring and ropes folded into the hammock bed on one end and the spreader bar used to roll the hammock to the other end.


Properly caring for your hammock chair in Australia doesn’t make them safe from damages, especially if you’re using it regularly. Thankfully, repairs are simple to perform on your own, and once you know what you’re doing, you may even help avoid future damage.


Most holes are easy to repair with a needle and thread if you’re proficient with them. Having some basic sewing skills is a plus.

Cross-hatch the tear with a darning needle and waterproof thread for minor holes. Polypropylene rope may be required for larger holes. Knit a patch with a pair of large dowels and secure it in place, darning if necessary.

Damaged Chain Attachments

Broken chain links require more effort to repair. The last thing you want to do when you find chain links and pliers is spending hours connecting them back together. But some chain damages are beyond repair. Simply replacing the chains is a far better alternative for the money. It will guarantee that your hammock’s chains are secure and safe to use.

Strings and Ropes

Tie loose strings and broken strings or ropes back together as soon as possible to avoid snagging and further damage. If it isn’t, bind it to the weave’s closest knot.

You can easily repair your hammock’s end ropes if broken or rotting due to mold and mildew growth.

It would help if you also use rope and polyester hammocks to prevent mold and mildew growth.


Even while hammocks are quite durable, they still require adequate care and maintenance to maintain their quality and look. If you do both, you’ll be able to relax in your hammock for many more summers to come! Take care of your hammock chairs in Australia to enjoy them longer.

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Free Standing Hammock Frame: Wood vs. Metal

Free Standing Hammock Frame

Having a hammock is a wonderful luxury, and you want it to be perfect. But sometimes, it’s just hard to imagine where to hang it from. A free-standing hammock frame will come to the rescue.

The most obvious and compelling reason to purchase a hammock stand is because you want to be able to lay in your hammock wherever you like, independent of trees, poles, or other existing supports. You may have two trees in your garden with a perfect space in between. However, you may want to relax in your hammock amid the lawn with no shade. Free-standing hammocks allow you to move your favorite relaxation buddy anywhere you like!

The frames on free-standing hammocks are usually made from either wood or metal. The common question that we get is what stand material is better? In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages of wooden and metal-made free-standing frames.


  • Hammock stands are lightweight and easy to pack, so you can take them with you wherever you go. If you prefer camping and resting in a hammock, this is a great option.
  • With a stand, you can install your hammock almost anywhere. You won’t have to seek two precisely spaced trees any longer.
  • Hammock stands are simple to adjust, allowing you to tighten or relax them to suit your needs. You’d have to alter ropes and knots if you didn’t have a hammock stand, which can be a pain.
  • With a hammock stand, setting up is also a breeze. You won’t have to worry about calculating the distance between the trees. Instead, clip your hammock to the tree, set everything up, and you’re ready to go.
  • Most hammock stands are adaptable, allowing you to use them with a wide range of hammocks.
  • Hammock stands can be attractive and add to the overall appearance of your backyard or patio.


wooden free standing hammock
  • Aesthetic appeal. A curved wooden hammock stand is, without a doubt, attractive. It’s a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to improve your garden. If you’re selling or renting your home on Airbnb, this will undoubtedly enhance your offering.
  • If you like, you may easily stain it a different color.
  • Wood holds up well over time. It will develop a natural patina and meld with nature over time, depending on how you maintain it. After a few years, the wood from slow-growing pines or larch looks particularly nice.
  • The fragrance of wood is pleasant.
  • You can readily screw things onto it. Add wheels to make it easier to maneuver. You can add hooks to the hammock to allow you to hang anything you might require while relaxing. Or a holder for an umbrella. Remember that any holes you make may enable water to enter, causing difficulties later.


  • Typically less expensive, though some curved aluminum stands might be more costly than timber stands.
  • They take up less space than wooden stands. Although they are equal in weight, they take up less storage space when folded.
  • You can use magnets to attach items to them. Stick neodymium magnets all around the frame and glue them to everything you want to utilize while relaxing.
  • They have a more modest appearance. Metal frames won’t take up as much space as a bulky wooden stand in a smaller yard, balcony, or inside the location.


Typically, every type of stand is each to its own. Frames have their characteristics. The perfect hammock stand for you depends on your needs and budget. If you feel like you have a bigger space, budget and want something grander, you can opt for wooden frames. If you have a tighter budget and want something foldable, metal stands are perfect for you.

indoor hammock chair with stand


a) Do you intend to upgrade to a larger hammock in the future?

You can always hang a smaller hammock in a larger stand, but you won’t fit a larger hammock in a smaller frame. The best-looking hammock and stand are those that fit together properly, although it makes little difference in terms of comfort if you have a single hammock in a family hammock stand.

b) Examine the area where you would mostly install the hammock stand. Many people want them for their balconies or conservatories. The frames always seemed to me to be larger in person than they appear in photographs. It’s worth double-checking if it will fit.


There is no better type of a free-standing hammock. It all depends on your preference. Certainly, hammocks will give you a relaxing time and forget all your troubles for a little while. Investing in quality hammocks and frames will be worth it.

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Modern Indoor Hammock Chair Staycation Ideas

modern indoor hammock chair

As the world shuts down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have more time to stay at home. You may think it’s boring, but we can turn out these unfortunate times into something fun! Make staying at home like a five-star lounge with these modern indoor hammock chair staycation ideas!

Lounging in an indoor hammock is enticing since it recreates the impression of being on vacation. A hammock will instantly generate a relaxing ambiance, whether it’s used as a place to recline and read or nap or simply as a decorative element.


Modern Indoor Hammock Chair: Living Room

Here are some staycation ideas to transform your living room into a relaxing lounge:

  • Hang a Hammock Chair

Everyone wants a “favorite chair,” and we think we’ve found the perfect one for you. A hanging hammock chair offers the pleasure of an outdoor hammock to the comfort of your own home. Read, drink tea, binge-watch your favorite show, or rest in a hammock chair in a new way.

  • Upgrade Your Furniture

Your staycation won’t be complete without that old, shabby sofa. For your long days of relaxing, you’ll need something warm. We propose that you pair your seats with an ottoman so that you may rest your feet.

  • Upgrade Your Lighting

There are numerous options for changing the lighting in your living room. The most popular choices right now are intricately designed chandeliers, neon signs, and gigantic light hoops.

  • Add Cute and Comfortable Cushions

Make a cozy and elegant living room by adding cute pillows that match your interior design. Try out bold patterns or whatever that suit your preference.

  • Rearrange the Room

Redecorating or rearranging gives you a sense of fulfillment. Some even believe that rearranging a room in their house is a stress-relieving chore. So, go ahead and rotate some of those chairs and tables.

Modern Indoor Hammock Chair: Backyard

hammock chair
  • Create a Hammock Corner

The ultimate backyard accessory is a hammock, whether it’s a traditional one or a hammock chair. The location of a hammock in the corner of your yard creates a focal point. It allows you to enjoy every inch of your yard while relaxing.

  • Make Your Own Garden Paradise

A staycation-ready yard must include flowers and plants. Don’t just scatter a few flowers—plant rows of brightly colored petals and vibrant green plants to liven up your garden. Plus, growing plants boosts your mental health and keeps you happy while seeing them grow.

  • Upgrade Your Pool

A swimming pool on its own is nice, but a glistening paradise is far better. Add exciting upgrades to your pool, such as LED lighting or a fountain fixture. You can even hang a hammock near the pool!

  • Install More Lights

Do you want to spend the night in your backyard? From hanging fairy lights to a neon sign against a giant bush, there are many inventive methods to improve the lighting on your patio. Good lighting can change any room into something awesome.

  • Modernize Patio Furniture (Add an Outdoor Kitchen, too!)

Now is the time to touch up your patio furniture if you’ve meant to do so. It wouldn’t hurt to swap out your tired lawn chairs with a hammock, as there’s nothing quite like swaying a few feet quietly over the ground to unwind.

Outdoor appliances such as burners and ovens are available from most patio merchants, allowing you to cook in the sunset and enjoy the perfect outdoor supper.

Modern Indoor Hammock Chair: Bedroom
  • Hang a Modern Hammock

What’s the easiest way to create a sweet escape in your bedroom? A HAMMOCK! This relaxing buddy will help you spend the whole day in your room. It also adds a nice aesthetic touch that completely turns your room like a picture from Pinterest.

  • Use New Beddings

If you want to make your staycation in your home even better, investing in a brand new duvet or a set of silky sheets will go a long way. It helps you sleep better and have better mornings.

  • Declutter!

Cluttered surroundings bring on stressful days, and you want your at-home escape to be stress-free. Make a quick tidying of your bedroom by ensuring that everything has a place. Donate things you’re not using anymore.

  • Bring the Outdoors Inside

Your bedroom doesn’t need to be a haven from the outside world. Bring nature into your home instead! Must-have pieces include picture frames with nature-inspired textures, tall plants, and art that creates a sense of adventure.

  • Enjoy the Natural Light

A staycation shouldn’t be dark and dreary, and your bedroom should be no different. Keep your windows open as much as possible and soak up the sun’s rays.


You don’t need to spend extra dollars trying to relax in hotels from time to time if you can make your home a 5-star hotel! Try out these modern indoor hammock chair ideas you can try for your staycation.

Achieve comfort, style, and functionality with hammock chairs indoor!

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