Best Places Where You Can Hang A Sensory Swing

Sensory swing installed at the doorway hanger

Therapy sensory swings are a powerful tool for kids to support and boost a child’s development.

It’s even more effective for children who have special needs that include children with ADHD and autism since it directly impacts and improves their motor skills.

As a result, it’ll provide a child the sense of calm, and fulfill that sensation for cravings.

The majority of occupational therapists encourage parents to buy their child therapy swing but the challenge is, most of them are having a hard time on how to install it properly in indoor or outdoor settings.

In this blog, we’re going to provide 3 tips on how to hang a sensory swing securely and efficiently for the safety of your children/client in the long run.

In the modern world, the majority of parents are easily convinced by marketing ads that “sensory swings follow a holistic approach in terms of improving the child’s sensory skill”. However, that’s not totally the case for other children.

Some are overly sensitive to movement and it makes the parents freak out when they get this type of swing.

It’s a major factor to check and work out if your child is sensory sensitive with it. Don’t force them as it’ll make the process worse and leave them more fearful to use it.

There’s a solution, with the right installation and settings, your children will be able to like it, and gives a life-changing experience over time.

1. Choose your location

Hang your sensory swing in your living room

Providing a suitable location to install it has an impact on the overall environment of the children that going to use it. Most of our clients, install the swing in the middle of the living room to be able to supervise the children and provide ample space when there’s a lot of movement from them.

Hang your sensory swing in your bedroom

Little sols pod swing hanging in the bedroom

Some parents consider this since it promotes a positive environment for the child. That feeling that’s enclosed in a cocoon promotes a safe space for the children hence, they’re calmer and worry-free from our end since it’s an optimal secured, and safe setting.

Frame Installation

The majority of families choose frames instead of ceiling installations.

2 choices on how to set it up

A 3-point frame setup that supports any types of swing

150 cm orange mat nest swing with stand - how to hang a Sensory Swing
150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand

A 2 point frame that can hold 2 point swing at the same time.

large sensory swing with stand - how to hang a Sensory Swing
Large Swing Sensory Stand

Just a quick note, please make sure you have an allowance of at least 60m from the floor to the bottom of the swing to ensure that it’ll not sag too low on the ground.

Before the child can use the swing, make sure the suspension and the swing are free from wear and tear.

Hang your sensory swing in your doorway

A red sensory swing hanging in a doorway

One of the most popular setup locations for sensory swings is at a doorway. This provides an easy take on road. Simple, children are easy to supervise and their movement is minimal for a more safe approach.

A doorway hanger bar is the simplest way to hang your sensory swing and achieve this kind of setup. It’s easy to install, remove, and very portable. As long as you have a couple of carabiners, you can hang a pod swing and a therapy swing successfully.

Final Thoughts

Overall, kids and adults alike who experience sensory swing have greatly improved their vestibular function and restore equilibrium to achieve balance to relaxation.


3 Great Benefits Of Swing Therapy For Kids With Autism

swing therapy - siesta hammocks
Sensory swings are a popular therapeutic tool for kids with Autism

Swing therapy are one of the most helpful tools for relaxation among kids with special needs.

But what exactly can most of a child/children get when used as a therapy equipment?

In this blog, we’re going to provide 3 advantages of using swing therapy:

Swing therapy improves the senses

swing therapy - siesta hammocks
sensory swings as a way to teach the body and mind to work together. 

We all know that vision and hearing are the most important part of our senses but for children with autism. But, their effects are small compared to the vestibular system and proprioceptive systems.

Check also our guide on how to hang your swing therapy indoors.

This 2 system has a very large impact on improving and manage their senses:

therapy swing explained

Swing Therapy Strengthen vestibular system

The vestibular system is one of the most vital of all of our body’s senses. It’s the sense of movement. As we move, our body affects almost everything we do from coordination, motor skills that solely rely on the vestibular system.

The swing therapy activates vestibular sensors. It signals the brain that your child knows that they are moving.

This lets the child getting used to the sensation of moving. As a result, your child will be connected and can easily navigate their environment

Improves the Proprioceptive system

This system directly communicates to the muscle how to react to movement. Like the other senses, it’s essential for your child to improve their body awareness and sense of security.

Moreover, Not focusing on improving this system, a child will have a hard time reacting, or being aware of their surrounding environment.

In addition, the brain is also unable to properly identify physical reactions. In simple words, the brain cannot identify that some body parts are in relation to each other.

A therapy swing is made of a fabric that makes your child feel that he/ she is enclosed in a cocoon.

This puts their body to react with sensory receptors. Similarly, it calms the nervous system that allows your child to feel their overall body movement.

They can feel that their arms are stretched and knees are bent. This swing, helps your child to have a better understanding of their body reaction.

Final thoughts

Overall, this type of therapy swing is very fun and a great way to manage the senses of a child.

The most important thing for a child is to have fun while doing this exciting thing and improve the sensory, and motor skills at the same time.

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How To Hang A Sensory Swing Indoor?

therapy swing - sensory swing indoor

After long hours of checking, shopping around and you finally got your sensory swing. It’s one of the most important purchases you can provide for your child/children that can make your home, clinic, a school for that unwinding therapy swing.

But how are you able to make sure that you hang your sensory swing in optimal security, safety, and functionality?

Today, we’ll provide 3 options on how you can hang your sensory swing indoor.

Sensory Swing Indoor Installation Tools

Installing two Sensory Swings can take you with minimal tools and less than 25 minutes.

First and foremost, you will need a suitable tool to hang it:

Power drill
Drill bit

These 3 tools can make your work very quick and easy for the job.

Hanging Swing Accessories

These minimal hangers are industrial-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most popular hardware accessories that can be used is the Hammock Chair Hanging Kit Spring Swivel Hook Screw Ceiling Mount Plated Set.

Benefits of using it:

Simple to install.

Just mark the heads where the screws would go on a header.

Drill the holes for the bolts.

Take note that ensuring the stud is very solid to carry a lot of weight and to avoid any accidents in the future.

Lastly, drill your pilot holes and that’s that easy!

You can also install 2 hanging kits for each sensory swing indoor and space them out if you have another therapy swing for your other children.

Sensory swing indoor safety addition

thick foam on door jamb - sensory swing indoor
This is a safety addition when your child padding sideways. No more worries!

There is a wide range of therapy swings in the market and most of them are using single attachments. At siesta hammocks, we have a weight limit of around 80-100 kgs for each of our swings. Adding more hardware in it will give your children more motion and movement hence, they’ll be able to enjoy using it all day long!

Using a thick foam will do the trick. If you install the swing in a door jamp. You can wrap it in fabric and match the aesthetic of the paint color and a thin trim to fasten the foam around the molding.

Final thoughts

Installing a sensory swing are a walk-in-the-park process. Now, let your child/children rock away to that amazingly soothing wonders of using a therapy sensory swing.


What Makes Chair Hammocks So Comfortable

Brazilian Hammock Chairs

Chair hammocks are one of the popular tools for relaxation during the ’60s. Hence, it perfectly mimics the use of a sofa chair.

Can be hung from your ceiling on a metal chair on hanging tree straps which resembles like you’re floating in the air.

Now it’s more popular than ever due to different types, designs, and materials that are applicable for most people.

Today, we’ll help you figure out why it’s so comfortable and why people are choosing this as an ultimate tool for relaxation:

Ask yourself this question, what type of chair hammocks you’re looking for?

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular types of chair hammocks in the market this 2021:

hammock chair with stand / free standing hammock chair

chair hammocks - hammock chair with stand - siesta hammocks

This type of chair hammocks are very mobile and its portability is one that’s very appealing to people who are always on the go.

The hammock chair itself can be hanged in the stand in the absence of tree branches and it’s perfect for people who have limited space.

You can place it anywhere you want to as long as there’s a small space you can put it, you’re good to go.

In addition, it’s also very useful during the summer season since you can move it at ease on your balcony, backyard, and in patio.

Indoor hammock chairs

chair hammocks - hammock chair with bedroom
Mexican Cotton Hammock Chair in chocolate colour

This is one of the most appealing types of chair hammocks for most people. These chairs have a wide range of movement.

It can be hanged on a screw hook, or use a hanging tree pack on beams, patio, veranda. Most people select these because it’s very lightweight, offer a variety of combination of colours that will suit you.

Final thoughts

A chair hammocks are a great addition to you as a source of relaxation, or to any house, workplace. Its modern approach will impress your guests, friends, mostly children as it provides that ultimate relaxation feeling every time you use it.

Many colours to choose from so this is a piece of furniture that will just be going to be popular over time.

siesta hammocks logo - chair hammocks

Sensory Swings: 5 Benefits Of Using It For Children

Sensory swing are commonly know as therapy swings. The majority of the people know about it and affect all five senses, the sense of movement is the most unusual topic among parents.

Blue Waterproof Outdoor Sensory Swing Pod Chair

Now, imagine this, close your eyes and imagine yourself swinging, feeling the breeze of freedom in your stomach while reaching the highest point.

This feeling of satisfaction is the sole reason why sensory swings are popular in your backyards among us parents.

In this blog, we’ll provide you how sensory swings are amongst the most popular tool of relaxation, and provide a wide range of benefits among people that have autism.

Base on research, a child with disorders processing sensory information has difficulty know what their body function is.

This includes the following:

Feeding difficulties

Poor posture

body weakness

having many tasks that is difficult to do on a daily basis

Recommended by a most occupational therapist

Occupation Therapist teaches and helps kids with special needs on various activities.

This is quite a challenge for a child, so having an occupational therapist is very helpful for people like them to become more confident, and will be able to meet the challenge of completing tasks in daily life.

Sensory swings are suitable for all ages

therapy swing in blue
Sensory Swing in Blue

They’re not just for children, but most people of all ages enjoy it. That sensation of swinging is almost calming to anyone. I myself, looking forward for that nap for a quick relaxation.

Sensory Swings provides a soothing feeling and relaxation

Most children with autism feel overwhelmed in their environment. They have this feeling to overreact to even simple noises, sensations, touch, and a lot of things that overwhelmed them. Study shows that children who use a sensory swing every day are much calmer, relax, and soothed. It enhanced focus during movement activities.

Boost movement and position senses

Parents don’t usually talk about one of the five senses that matters most for people with autism and this is the vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive (position). This senses if controlled provide a feel more in control of their body.

Most popular types of therapy swing for autism

Soft Sensory Swing

The therapist practices sensory integration therapy and gauges it if it’s child-drive. Hence, the child can choose freely the type of swing that’s best for him.

The recommended way on how to get a therapy swing is to consult your occupational therapist to provide a sensory profile for kids since it varies and depending on the time, and even from other senses as well.

Final thoughts

Always take note that all sensory needs and the end goal for kids is to have fun while doing activities that satisfy their sensory and motor needs.

sensory swing

7 Amazing Facts Of Using A Hanging Hammock

hanging hammock
Double Size Brazilian Hammock

Oversleeping in a hanging hammock can be a fantastic experience. There’s absolutely nothing much better than lying down in a piece of fabric over your lawn with the wind blowing throughout your body.

You’ll definitely enjoy laying in a hammock in a windy summertime. You wish you could lay in the hammock all the time.

Nonetheless, taking hammock everywhere is an option everybody’s looking forward to get. there’s also a numerous advantages of sleeping in a hanging hammock more than you could imagine.

Hanging Hammock – History

Hammock Camping during early 1900s

Let’s go back in the past and talk about how people slept in a hammock back in 450 BC. This straightforward piece of fabric has actually been used as a sleeping tool for centuries.

It’s a space-saving option for those that are seeking a simple resting location that does not take up a lot of space.

Hanging Hammock – Comfort

Woman smiling while laying down in a Brazilian Hammock combo

Hammocks are easy to set up and can be folded easily and packed into small bags ideal for storage space as well as traveling but should it be a reasonable replacement for your bed?

Suitable for any type of environment

Woman laying down in a hammokc during winter season

Hanging Hammocks is recognised for their usage in cooler climates. They have multiple weaves of the fabric to them which indicates that the cool air is obstructed, including heat.

It’s typically located without that spreader bar hammocks well as created with an in-line hanging system.

These normally have extremely dynamic colours to it as well as made from 100% cotton.

The only cons to these hammocks is that they’re prone to molds over time because of their all natural cotton material.

Better health

People have actually slept in hammocks for centuries and those that have actually articulated their points of view regarding their health and wellness advantages that they have actually experienced.

Resting Position

According to research fo the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, our body needs to get on its back with elevated heat. 10-30% of hammocks are placed in your body at the precise position.

Beds, quite provide you undesirable sleeping settings, whereas a hanging hammock places you in an ideal resting position

Sleeping Quicker

hanging hammock
Senior couple relax sleeping together in hammock sunny garden

According to a research study released in modern Biology, a hammock can make you go to sleep faster compared in bed. this most likely credits to the fact that our body is currently in a suitable position for sleeping.

This research study keeps track of 12 people that took 2 naps. One remained in a swaying position and the other remained in a fixed bed. The study concluded that there’s a faster transition to sleep when swaying in a hammock than a bed.

Brain Hacks

The swaying movement of a hammock changes how the brain setting in while laying down. The brain provides signals to the body to be in a resting phase while laying down.

Great for people that have sleeping disorders as a treatment

curing insomnia with a hammock

Somehow, hammocks might have the capability to reduce, or ease sleeplessness. Researchers believe that the phases of sleeping in a hammock can assist long durations of resting. Hence, allowing people to sleep for a long period of time. This has been backed by quite a number of anecdotes that are submitted in a research study.

Final thoughts

The advantages of sleeping in a hammock are fantastic. It generally enhances your mind function, assists you in sleeping quicker, places your body in an ideal position while being inexpensive and budget-friendly than your traditional bed.

Sleeping hammock with your partner is likewise a wonderful means to be closer to them.

Hopefully, in this blog, we’re able to encourage you to start sleeping in a hammock and share it with someone special to you.

hanging hammock - siesta hammocks logo

4 Reasons To Buy hammock In Australia

buy hammock in Australia
Deluxe Black Crochet Hammock

Buying a Hammock in Australia is great for everyone. It makes a fantastic present everytime!

Lying down and investing some time in a hammock can provide accessibility to a serene retreat for yourself away from the world.

Being suspended over your lawn, beach, or on your backyard with the wind blowing gently are one of the very best experience you can get lying down in a hammock.

There are a number of advantages to taking into consideration if you’re considering having a hammock.

Below is the 4 best reason buy a hammock in Australia in 2021:

Falling asleep much faster

buy hammock in Australia
Spreader Bar Outdoor Hammock

Hammock place you in ideal body settings for resting. That urges your body to loosen up much faster, enabling you in a state of rest swiftly. This process involves much more speed if there’s a mild rocking movement.

Optimise for a better rest

buy hammock in Australia
Double Queen Resort Hammock

There is much less movement when you rest in a hammock. The style puts your head in an all natural elevation allowing your boy to discover that comfort area to encourage relaxation.

Check this article if you’re planning to use a hammock stand with your hammock!

Deeper rest

Not only you can find rest much faster when taking a rest in a hammock but will certainly assist you in deeper state of sleep much longer.

These benefits motivate your memory a well-balanced state of mind as well as a boost in your mental efficiency.

You can carry out relaxing activities in a hammock

a woman reading a book while sitting in a hammock
Double Cotton Hammock with Stand (Desert Moon)

Reading in a hammock is a much-lover task for most of us due to the fact that we can quickly discover our favorite position to appreciate a great book.

You can read outside in the sunshine without requiring any kind of cushions.

Final Thoughts

You can rest each evening in a hammock if you find that it’s comfortable enough as a substitute to be.

It may also assist you with your sleep disorders, motivates you to a far better rest as well as help you make it through your day quicker. Why not own buy a hammock in Australia today?

siesta hammocks logo

Rocking With Your Hammock Swing Chair

hammock swing chair
Brazilian Hammock Chair (Serenity)

Turning in a hammock chair is remarkable for enhancing in various means.

It is popular that the solid core and the feeling of balance relate. Balance is an exceptional method to grow fitness, so it should not be unusual that routine use of a hammock is a terrific means to enhance your core strength.

hammock swing chair
yoga hammock

According to the American Sports Institute, there are 2 methods to enhance your strength:

methodical stamina training

electric motor control security

Advantages of Rocking a Hammock Swing Chairs

hammock swing chair

Although lots of people quickly assume that “methodical stamina training” is equivalent to “raising weights”, it does not always need to entail such strategies– it can be done with leveraging your very own weight to develop repetitive resistance.

Yoga balancing balls

One of the most preferred strategies consists of balance boards or balancing balls.

Yoga exercise, as well as various other kinds of mind-body training as well as fighting styles, such as Pilates or Tai Chi are extremely beneficial.

Hammock Chairs mimic this practice and provide balance, stability, and control with its rocking and swinging feeling.

The wider you’re swinging in the greater resistance you exert your body strength from side to side will be really effective.

Your motor senses activate aggressive motion whenever you use a hammock swing chair..

You definitely don’t need to have that kind of progressive resistance which makes this chair an ideal exercise for muscle activity.

Strengthening your core

Brazilian Hammock Chair (Blue Lagoon)

Hammock chair always gives that motion feeling, which beneficial with your pressure points all over your body.

It also helps you to increase your flexibility while improving your core strength. Hence, the drastic improvement in your health and vitality in a short period of time.

Final thoughts

Check your home and find a tree, hang your hammock swing chair indoors, and have that hang you’re craving for, cause swinging your hammock will definitely help you build that core strength in you!


The Best Hammock On A Stand This 2021

Delicately shaking out in a hammock is just one of the best summertime satisfaction, however also the comfiest hammock is just as good as its stand– the framework maintaining it, and also you, well off the ground.

Some hammocks come as collections full with a stand, making sure it’s an excellent fit, however you can additionally get the stand individually if you currently have a hammock you like.

The frames are generally made of powder-coated stainless steel (for corrosion avoidance as well as its strength) as well as come in fabulous major designs:

Brazilian Double Hammock

Double Cotton Hammock with Stand (Natural with Fringe)

Brazilian Combo has a regular sling design that molds and mildews to your body once you sink in.

hammock forces you to sleep on your back, which can reduce pressure on your spine and make it more comfortable

This style is one of the most popular and best for people that have back pain issues.

The majority of healthcare professionals that specialize in the back and spine regions agree that the ideal sleeping position is on your back. Hammocks allow the user to not only fall asleep faster but also allows them to relax into a deeper sleep. The body and mind can run rapidly the longer you are awake, causing tossing and turning throughout the night, disrupting sleep.

The best hammocks on a stand for your lazy days are among the best we sell at Siesta Hammocks:

Mesh Hammock Combo in Blue and Orange

Mesh Hammock Combo

Kick back as well as take a break with this extremely light-weight combination. With the hammock’s integrated drawstring bag, as well as the stands hassle-free, bring instance, you can establish and also bring up a resilient honeycomb mesh hammock combination anywhere you go.

No demand for an additional set of hands, this centimeters stand is exceptionally very easy to construct– you’ll be unwinding in minutes.

Santai Dreamweaver Outdoor Teak Timber Hammock Daybed And Stand

Santai Dreamweaver hammock

Although, rather pricey, this best production in deluxe hammock style. This double-size hammock handcrafted from recycled teak wood dowels produces a cradle, which gets rid of all stress factors as well as types to your unique physique while allowing air flow.

This is best for a poolside leisure hammock for couples.

Siesta Hammock Bed with Steel Hammock Stand

Siesta Hammock Bed with Steel Hammock Stand

While you do not desire to cut corners on top quality or design when it comes to something that holds you up, it is feasible to discover a strong hammock stand for under $200. Siesta Hammock Bed with Steel Hammock Stand is made of powder-coated stainless steel, fits most double-size-style hammocks, as well as is entirely flexible to your elevation choices.

Double Hammock with Stand in Aqua Colour

Polyester Double Hammock with Stand (2.7m)  brings you the durability and saturated colour of woven polyester. This double polyester hammock fits on the easily assembled stand, with no tools required. Plastic end caps are fitted on all ends, allowing for a soft finish on whatever surface you choose ​for relaxation. Enjoy the freedom year after year that this product allows, whether it be in the sun or in the shade.


3 Tips That’ll Make Your Double Hammocks Comfortable

Double Hammocks Comfortable
Double Cotton Hammock with Stand (Blue Lagoon)

Nowadays, especially during this covid 19 pandemic, the surge for buying hammocks online has dramatically increased.

Now you have your double hammock but today, we’re going to help you on how to make sure you get the most out of it with our 3 tips making your double hammocks comfortable:

1. Have your hammock feel that good sag

Mesh Hammock Combo in Blue and Orange

The majority of the people after getting their double hammock, will just hang it with their 2 spacely endpoints and just lay down. There are more ways you can use it like try hanging it with a good sag. You can try to lay down at a good angle which is 30 degrees from horizontal.

This cocoon effect can lower the center of gravity hence, making it much more stable.

Getting in this position, you’ll be amazed how it’s much more comfortable from all over your body since it reclines ergonomically.

Now you get to know how to use your hammock perfectly and that’s how hammocks design to work.

2. Elevating your foot end much higher

When using a hammock, you will notice that there’s a point that you’ll slide in the middle making it very uncomfortable, and mimicking that you actually falling in the ground.

We have a solution for that, try to elevate your good side of the hammock about 10 inches higher. This will be very helpful to keep your body from sliding into the middle.

3. Using a pillow or underquilt

Our spreader bar hammock has a built-in under quilt pillow but that’s not the case for all hammocks.

Also, the common misconception of people, once you get to sleep in a hammock, is you’re good but it’s really not, especially if you or you and your partner plan to hang out in your backyard, the cold might start to kick in. That’s why having a sleeping pad, pillow, or any underquilt will make you feel warm. That insulation is needed by your body you’ll feel uncompressed insulation at all times.

Final thoughts

Double hammocks really make you comfortable and a great way to experience the outdoors. Hopefully, we’re able to help you make that experience more pleasing and always make sure to follow safety guidelines, suggested by the Australian government to prevent covid 19 cases. Stay safe!