mexican hammocks

Why Mexican Hammocks are Great?

Why Mexican Hammocks are Great?

mexican hammocks

Mexican Queen Cotton Hammock in Colorina

Mexican Hammocks

Mexico is a well known place for making authentic, unique Mexican Hammocks but what’s the secret ingredient that makes it wonderful and appealing to any individual indulge in it and give you the sensation like floating in the cloud?

Mexican hammock history

A woman using a hammock dated 16th Century

Let’s go back some 1,000 years to Central America where the Maya and other indigenous peoples crafted them out of tree bark or plant fibers. According to accounts , people would place hot coals or kindle small fires under their hammocks to stay warm or ward off insects as they slumbered. It’s an old fashion way to represent the fireplace at the comfort of your living room! How cool right?

What makes Mexican Hammock Authentic?

Mexican man weaving a hammock

What makes this type of hammock stand out against others? Besides their vibrant colours, exceptional designs, perhaps the things that we love the most is how they are Made by the Mexican People.

Using its almost thousand of years old methods, all of their hammocks are handmade!  No manufacturing practices just plain old weaving methods that they’re very proud to say that’s irreplaceable part of their culture and history.

Mexican Queen Cotton Hammock in Colorina

Why Mexican Hammocks are Great?

Mexican Cotton Hammock, being a natural fiber, which and with the right amount of care, it can last for many years. The end strings or loop strings of our hammocks are very durable for strength and support.

Mexican Nylon hammock which is ideal to be left outdoors, threads are bright and shiny, but less forgiving against the skin.

Mexican King Nylon in Cichen

Mexican hammocks come in all colors, from white and natural colour to multi-colored, rainbow hammock that adds outdoor style to your backyard, cottage or picnic.

How can I support Mexican Artisans?

When you buy a Mexican hammock from us, you are directly helping and provide a great impact to their families income, supporting the self sufficiency of their citizen and the development of their community.

Also, if you place the order anytime we offer EXPRESS SHIPPING FREE OF CHARGE on our Single to Jumbo Size Mexican hammock selections! Chat with us or call us now so we can check your location if it’s on our express delivery network!



Baby Hammock: Why is it so popular?

All you need to know about Baby Hammocks


Koala Baby Hammock and Stand

A new parent will discover that babies love being rocked to sleep using a baby hammock. Many believe that the reason babies are serene by swaying motions in their baby hammock is because they associate the movements with what was experienced when they were enclosed in their mother’s womb.

Benefits of using a baby hammock

Due to its suspended design, the bed will gently move with each jiggle of your baby. This is a great help for parents as a restless baby can quickly rock itself to sleep without your assistance. The resemblance to the womb do not end there.


Kangoo Baby Hammock

Benefits of having a Baby Swing

When placed in our Kangoo Baby Swing, your baby’s body weight will pull the fabric in, forming a snug cocoon. The cozy environment recreates the enclosed feeling of the mothers womb. Some hammock swing form such as Kaya Natura Baby Hammock, there is no need to swaddle.

The babies are really very sensitive and fragile. It is really very important that you take proper care of your baby all the time and especially in the time of their sleeping, The gorgeous Kaya Natura baby hammock & Wooden Carello Baby Stand allows you to always be close to your baby virtually anywhere inside your home or in the garden – and still have your hands free!

Koala Baby swing

A Baby in a Koala Baby Hammock

Don’t have a stand available? We got you covered! Check out our tips on hanging a hammock guide that will ensure that they are sleeping comfortably because it will allow your child to be healthy, happy and safe all the time, perfect with our baby hammocks. 

Our goal was to brighten your day and show you the potential of an affordable baby swing hammock to ease your spirits 24/7/365 days a year.

How can we help you change your world? Click the chat button on our website to talk to someone immediately, or send us an email to, and we will reply promptly during business hours.



Hammock Chair and Hammock Stand Guide

Hammock Chair and Hammock Stand Guide


Hammock Chair indoors

It’s easy to spend a cold winter’s day and settle for a movie marathon. What if we can provide you the most comfortable way to spend the entire day just laying around and feel the coziness without using a couch?

White Hammock chair with tassels with white background

Hammock Chair and Hammock Stand Guide

Our White cotton rope hammock chair with frame it’s way perfect for indoor use and gives you that luxurious interior design at the heart of your home.

Interior design using a hammock chair

Beige Padded Sofa Chair with Chair Stand

Beige Padded Sofa Chair with Chair Stand

With its beautiful neutrally coloured hammock chair the hammock chair can be suitable to your home decors and the addition of the tassels make this hammock chair a nice piece of furniture that stands out. 

Hammock Chair for Kids

Kids playing in a hammock chair

Kids playing in a hammock chair

The hammock chair with hammock stand adds an element of fun for kids who wants to watch their favourite cartoon while they comfortably layback in the natural hammock chair made with 100% organic cotton rope this makes the hammock chair with hammock stand a perfect tool for their well-being.

Mexican Hammock Chair

a girl is sitting down in a Mexican Hammock chair with Chair Stand

Mexican Hammock chair with Chair Stand

Mexican Hammock Chair  with Chair Stand

Want to own a southwestern Mexican hammock chair? We’ve got you covered! With our Mexican Hammock Chair with Frame this will bring a genuine piece of Mexican furniture to your home.

Hand Crafted Hammock Chairs

mexican hammock chair in red colour with white background

Each piece of our hammock chair is 100% handcrafted with the help of local artisans from Mexico don’t expect industrial perfection but to appreciate the authentic imperfection made possible by a mix of artisans texture with exemplary design and premium original quality.

Can’t find what’s suitable for you? You can browse through a huge range of quality hammock chair of different sizes, shapes and colour options at Siesta Hammocks.  There are also hammocks to choose from if you prefer to relax and read upright.

Buy premium quality hammock chairs now or our combo hammock chair with frame, we’re very happy to answer any questions just give us a shout and our live chat agent will attend to your queries or call us on the number nominated on the site!”

Hammock Chair and Hammock Stand Guide


a girl lying in double size hammock with steel frame

Hammock Stand and Frames 101

Hammock Stands and Frames

a girl lying in double size hammock with steel frame

Double Size Hammock with Steel Frame

Hammock stand are the easiest way to hang a hammock. With a hammock stand, you can simply hook and unhook your hammock whenever you please.

adjustable steel hammock frame

Once you start looking, you’ll find lots of places to hang your hammock. Although 2 trees are perfect, they are not the only things that you can hang a hammock on.

Hammock stands can be used for many hammock types, both with and without spreader bars. Some stands are adjustable for different lengths, while others suit specific types and lengths of hammocks.

If you have a hammock already and want one of our frames, make sure to ask us as we can provide recommendations on what suitable sizes will fit your hammock stand.

Adjustable Hammock Stand

apex steel hammock frame

Yes, you’ve heard that right! Our hammock stand don’t always need to remain stationary to one particular area – fair enough, the likes of our  Adjustable Steel Hammock Frame and Steel Apex Frame are able to move around with its weight at 16 kilograms which is on a lighter side, can be transported here and there, with ease.

Hammock Frame Maintenance

Quality hammock stands are designed for outdoors and they’re weather-resistant, but to ensure your hammock stand remains in good shape for longer, coat with oil or a clear stain. While a good stain can protect your stand all year round, might consider covering it or bring your hammock stand indoors.

Hammock with a stand

Double Size Hammock with Steel Frame in Multi Colour fabric

Our Double Size Hammock with a Steel frame are the  best choice by many buyers when it comes to quality and longevity. It also comes with a bright and vibrant double hammock making it exceptional value for money.

If the Double Size Hammock with a Steel Frame isn’t to your liking, you can view more of our hammock with stand selections.

If you’ve got questions, the quickest way to get you answers is via chat. Our team has mastered the art of laid-back customer service delivered from hammocks and stands, and we promise that at least one of us will be awake and at the ready 24/7 Click the chat tab on our website, and let’s do this!