Add an Indoor Hammock Chair to Your Bedroom!

indoor hammock chair

Are you planning for a bedroom makeover? Then an indoor hammock chair can do the magic for you! It can help you transform your plain old, boring into something relaxing and extra amazing!

Indoor Hammock Chairs are one of the popular bedroom trends these days, and there’s no questioning why. Aside from being great aesthetically, it also creates a stress-free environment, making your bedroom your own haven.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have An Indoor Hammock Chair In Your Bedroom

hammock swing chair

Hammock chairs come in many styles!

A hanging chair instantly adds a bit of individuality to any room. It can easily become a focal point, setting the tone for your bedroom’s style and appearance. Hammock chairs also play a more subdued role, highlighting or emphasizing other bedroom design aspects.

We all have that one idea of how we would like our bedroom to be, right? Even if you’re opting for something modern, rustic, boho, or whatever you want, you can find a perfect indoor hammock chair that fits your style.

You can easily install it.

Most people might shy away from the idea of owning a hammock chair in their bedroom because they don’t want the hassle of installing it. The truth of the matter is that they’re easy to install.

Hanging chairs are divided into two categories. The free-hanging model is what most people think of when they think of hanging chairs. These are held in place by a chain or rope attached to a hook attached to a ceiling beam. Most packages include hanging accessories. You can easily find hanging hammock supplies in local stores or online shops in Australia if it doesn’t.

If you don’t want the hassle of drilling at all, you can try indoor hammock chairs with platforms or stands. The frame can stand firmly on the floor while the other end holds the hammock chair securely.

hammock chair with stand

Both have full swing motion, with the latter providing the added benefit of being repositioned anywhere in the bedroom.

It is space-saving.

A bedroom must be clutter-free to be as comfortable as possible. In the bedroom, traditional chairs often take up a lot of physical and visual space. A free-hanging chair can provide an equivalent or larger amount of sitting in a room smaller than most standard seats. They also benefit from being legless, which opens up the general area of the bedroom and allows it to move more freely.

It improves mental well-being.

Hammocks can create a relaxed vibe that’s great for your mental wellness. After a long day, you can just jump in your hammock chair and swing the stress away. The swinging motion can help improve your physical and mental health.

Studies show that it can also help improve concentration. The swinging motion of a hammock can stimulate your cerebral cortex. An indoor hammock chair is a perfect corner in your bedroom to prepare for exams or even just trying to finish a book and enjoy it.

Two Main Things You Should Look Into in Choosing an Indoor Hammock Chair

hanging chair with tassel

You can choose any color or style you like in your hammock chairs depending on your emotions. But there are two things you should closely look into when buying an indoor hammock chair for your bedroom.


Make sure there is enough area for the chair to rotate freely before drilling holes in the ceiling. Most importantly, if you’re hanging it on a corner, make sure you measure and double-check the distance between the wall and the wood spreader bar to ensure there’s enough area for it to rotate 360 degrees. You don’t want to be smacking your head against the bricks!


We all come in different sizes, and that’s okay. Choose a hammock chair that doesn’t only look good but has a good weight capacity not just for you but for a possible visitor. Maybe you can opt for bigger weight capacities, just in case. *wink*

hammock swing chair black


You can customize your bedroom with indoor hammock chairs. Choose the style that truly fits your personality so every time you walk into your bedroom, it feels like a heavenly escape from all stressors of life. Trust us. These hanging chairs can do wonders.

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How to Hang a Hammock On A Stand and More!!

how to hang a hammock on a stand

Hammocks have grown popular because of their functionality and how they can transform one corner of your home into something relaxing. It seems like they have the power to make you stop for a while and enjoy life as it is. But sometimes, people wonder how and where to they hang their hammocks? Good thing you can hang a hammock on a stand!

It isn’t easy to find a suitable location to hang a hammock. You’ll need to find trees that are the right distance apart and straps that have just the right amount of tension and friction. Hammock stands are a great way to hang your hammock easily. You can hook or unhook them in a matter of minutes.

Hammock with stand

What are hammock stands?

Hammock stands are simple wooden or metal stands over which you can hang and unhook your hammock. They’re lightweight, portable, and typically trendy. You won’t need to drill any ceiling with these ready-made stands!

They’re made specifically for hammock use, so you won’t have to worry about your hammock slipping or not being able to find the right match. The weight capacity of hammock stands ranges from 250 to 500 pounds.

What do I need to consider if I want to set up a hammock on a stand?

The most important factor you should consider in setting a hammock stand or any hammock is the LOCATION. Make sure you install hammock stands on a level ground that will prevent from toppling over.

What are they perfect for?

Hammock stands are the perfect option if you don’t have strong trees, posts, or poles to hang your hammock with. You can switch the stand inside to any space if you want to install your hammock inside. You won’t have to drill holes in your walls to hang these indoors, either.

hammock metal stand

How to hang a hammock on a stand?

Hammock stands are typically easy to set up and only take about a few minutes. Once you found the perfect spot for your hammock stand, you can hang your hammock anytime. Some types of frames are just “set up and hang,” while some require hanging accessories. Hammock supplies and hardware are usually included in the package like S-Hooks, Chain, and more.

Some things to check when hanging a hammock stand:

  • Make sure the hammock and the ground’s distance are about 18 inches.
  • Ensure the chain suspensions are hung at a 30-degree angle to avoid putting too much pressure on the suspension and stand. The greater the force when you place your weight on the hammock, the more taught, smooth, and tightly hung it is.

What’s the difference between Spreader Bar Stands and Non-Spreader Bar Stands?

When choosing between spreader and non-spreader stands, identify if your hammock is compatible with either type. For instance, Mayan-style hammocks are not compatible with a spreader bar hammock.

Spreader bars are made of wood, plastic, or nylon and are placed at either end of a hammock. Hammocks are held open at both ends by these bars, giving them a smooth and taut top. Although spreader bars provide a solid, supportive surface, hammocks that use them can be more vulnerable to tipping if they are not properly balanced. It’s a good choice if you constantly transfer your stand from one place to another.

Non-spreader bars are ideal if you plan to set it up in one location permanently. It has a more consistent and balanced structure.

What are the Types of Hammock Stands?

There are different types of hammock stands you can choose from according to your needs. 

wooden hammock stand

Wooden hammock stands are a great addition to any home or backyard. Since wood stands are typically very heavy, they are the best for permanent fixtures in the house rather than a portable hammock stand. You will need to seal and stain your hammock stand from time to time because wood can easily warp and rot. It is essential to stain wood stands to extend their existence, but it also adds a touch of elegance.


Metal hammock stands need less maintenance than wooden hammock stands. Stands made of non-stainless steel metal, which rust and corrode easily, are an exception. Cheaper hammock stands are mostly non-stainless steel, but if you want to get a lot of use out of your hammock stand, it might be worth spending a little extra.


Spreader bars include some hammock stands to hold your hammock flat when it’s in the stand. Nylon, plastic, and wood are the most common materials. Spreader bars are great if you don’t want to be curled up in your hammock, but they make it more vulnerable to flipping, so they’re not a good idea if you plan on napping or sleeping in it overnight.


Portable hanging stands are made of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass and are collapsible. They’re lighter than hammock stands that often serve as fixtures. The majority of portable hanging stands have a carrying case, making them ideal for short hikes.

How to maintain hammock stands?

Maintaining a hammock stand depends on its material.


Cover your wooden hammock stand with oil or clear paint to keep its look and moisture resistance. While a good stain or oil will protect the wood all year, consider covering it with a tarp or bringing your hammock stand inside during the winter.


Steel hammock stands are weather and rust-resistant, so they don’t need to be maintained. Consider covering your stand in the winter or using it indoors to keep it looking fantastic for longer.

What factors should I look for in buying a hammock stand?


What makes hammocks and their stands amazing is that they’re not only for relaxing. It can also be a great addition to your interior or backyard design. Decide on what you would like your hammock area to look like, find complementing colors, and decide on a theme.

There are many designs of hammock stands that can fit perfectly into your home.


Aside from aesthetics, you would also want your stand to be durable enough to last long and bear the weight of whoever wants to relax. Make sure to choose well-reviewed frames that use top-quality materials to make sure you’re safe from falling over.


You should also identify what you’re using it for. Like if you’re looking for a stand to bring to camping or something to sit neatly at your patio, indoor, or your backyard.


Both stationary and portable hammocks must take this into account. Some have a straightforward design that makes assembly and set up a breeze. Some have adjustable heights, and you don’t want to be pinching your toes and straining to get them up and down all the time.


Although fixed hammock stands are great because of their overall stability and durability, a portable hammock stand is essential if you feel the need to move them around the yard, take them anywhere, or relax on a mountaintop.

Although stationary wooden hammock stands are attractive, you do not have or want a hammock that takes up a lot of room in your backyard or patio.


It maybe isn’t as easy as it seems. Price isn’t always a good indicator of quality. Cost isn’t as essential as longevity, functionality, and other features. Decide on a budget and try to stick within the range without compromising anything.

couple on a hammock with stand


Enjoy the ease of using the most comfortable way to hang a hammock, whether you buy a backyard stand or a portable hammock stand to take camping. You’ll have more time to relax if you spend less time securing a hammock.

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How to Hang a Hammock Swing Like A Pro

How to Hang a Hammock Swing

You finally got the hammock swing you’ve been eyeing on for months now. There’s a perfect spot reserved just for the swing. You can imagine yourself relaxing and just loving your life with a book at hand while swinging in the hammock. There are countless benefits of owning a hammock swing. But then suddenly you realized, how do I hang a hammock swing? We understand that sometimes, manuals can be confusing (I get confused, too, LOL).

In this article, we’ll help you hang your most-awaited hammock swing in different parts of your home or gazebo or wherever you want it to be.

What do I need to hang a hammock swing?

hammock swing accessories

First things first gather all the right tools and accessories! Make sure they’re of quality because we don’t want accidents to happen, right? Here are the basic hammock supplies you need to enjoy your swing finally:

  • Swing Straps (if you’re hanging it from a beam, tree, or joist)
  • S-Hook Spring (if installing an anchor point)
  • Stud Finder
  • Drill (¼” Drill Bit); Masonry Bit
  • Chain
  • Link Lock/Carabiner
  • Pencil
  • Ladder
  • Adhesive (if installing in cement)
  • Lead Plug (if installing in cement)
  • Straight Hook (if installing in cement)

How long should my chain be?

A 3/16′′ connection #2 style chain (750 lb. test) is the most ideal. To get the chain length, measure from the floor to the support beam and subtract 5′ 6′′. The “S” hook should be about 6′ from the floor, with about 6′′ of extra chain to loop under the swivel. Raise or lower as desired, adjusting chain length as required.


Here are some things you must keep in mind when hanging a hammock swing:

  • HEIGHT – The height of your hammock swing from the ground is a crucial part of enjoying it. Keep at least 2 feet distance from the ground.
  • DURABLE AND QUALITY ACCESSORIES – Make sure that all of the accessories are of high quality. It’s for your security, so you should never settle for anything less. The eye bolts, hammock ring, rope, and more should be strong and reliable.
  • SPACE – Stretching your hammock can mean narrower space. Ensure to hang the hammock swing with enough distance to keep the curve to give you more space to move.


Hanging Chair in Cream


Follow these steps if you have a vaulted ceiling or a flat-style roof.

  • Step 1: Get your stud finder and pencil. Find an exact joist, mark it.
  • Step 2: Drill a vertical pilot hole into the joist several inches deep until you reach the wood.
  • Step 3: Insert the eye bolt firmly. Double-check how securely the bolt is fixed to the structure since this is the key component that will bear the weight.
  • Step 4: Attach an eye bolt to the s-hook spring and a hammock chair to the other side of the s-hook.
  • Step 5: Try the hammock swing. Adjust the bolts if needed.
  • Step 6: If you’re happy and felt secure, then you can start enjoying your hammock swing!


Level up your hammocking experience by hanging it from a pergola! 

  • 1: Decide on how high you want your hammock swing to be. The ideal height is 17 inches off the ground, but you can customize it the way you like it to be.
  • 2: Cut the chain to the desired length with a bolt cutter, or use masking tape to mark the connection at the desired size. The marked link will be the starting point for connecting a chain to the pergola.
  • 3: Using a measuring tape, mark spots on each side of the beam. These are the anchor points where both sides of the chain will be hung. Make sure the width of your hanging swing is appropriate.
  • 4: With a drill bit, drill both spots and insert 4 to 6-inch long eye bolts on both sides. Make sure the stapled bolts are strong enough to support the weight and the weight of the chair.
  • 5: Attach the chain to the snap hook and hang the swing from the eye bolt. Make sure you do both sides.
  • 6: Test your hammock swing. Make some adjustments if needed.
  • 7: Enjoy a relaxing in your backyard with your hammock swing in your lovely pergola.
Hammock Swing Chair


If you have a strong tree sitting in your backyard, that would be one of the perfect places to hang your swinging lounge. It can be stress-relieving, and mornings will never get better.

  • Step 1: Find a strong, reliable tree that can hold your weight to hang the hammock.
  • Step 2: Loop the branch by holding the hammock ring with a rope or chain. Make sure you get a high-quality rope or chain that will be able to maintain your weight and keep you safe. The distance between the ring and the branch should be at least 8 inches.
  • Step 3: To bind the hammock ring to the rope or chain, you can also use a link lock. It simplifies the process of moving a hammock from the outside to the inside.
  • Step 4: Adjust the height so that it is at least 2 feet above the ground.
  • Step 5: Try the strength and security of your hammock swing by carefully sitting on it. Check if it needs any more adjustments.
  • Step 6: Swing your worries away and enjoy your hammock swing hanging by a tree!


  • 1: With a masonry bit, drill into cement or adobe at a slight angle.
  • 2: Fill the hole with the adhesive mixture.
  • 3: Insert the lead plug and gently tap it with a hammer.
  • 4: Screw the straight hook into the lead plug. Allow time for the adhesive to cure.


Hammock swings are absolutely the perfect way to relax, unwind, and spend time with yourself. You can hang it indoors or in your backyard. You don’t need to be stressed in installing it. Just make sure to buy quality accessories, keep a good height from the ground, and enough space to move around.

Don’t have a hammock swing yet? Go hammock online shopping today!

Enjoy your hammock swing!


Are Double Hammocks Comfortable?

double hammocks comfortable
Couple enjoying a double hammock

Want to sleep with your partner on a hammock or perhaps your dog? Or do you want to have more hammock space all for yourself? A double hammock is perfect for you! But there’s a common question, are double hammocks comfortable?

Unless you have a two-person hammock, there isn’t a better way to do relaxing by the beach or camping than the comfort of a hammock. What could be better than sitting back and relaxing next to someone you love or having an extra room for yourself? Double hammocks are comfortable whether you’re single or with a partner!


Fabric Hammock with Stand (INDOOR)

comfortable double hammocks

This type of hammocks typically comes with simple stands that can be assembled with a few nuts, bolts, and poles with very little equipment or supplies. They may also be tied to solid walls or suspended between two trees, pillars, or from the ceiling. They are backyard hammocks with a hammock stand, which means they are set up and left alone and difficult to transport because they can be very heavy. It’s a great double hammock for indoor or backyard purposes.

Camping Hammock (OUTDOOR)

If you’re adventurous and love camping, then you must buy double camping hammocks! Camping hammocks are useful in various ways, and while they aren’t as cushioned as backyard hammocks, they come with accessories. They are very compact, weighing in at under two pounds, need few tools or equipment, are simple to clean and store, and are less costly than backyard hammocks.



Even though double hammocks are bigger than single ones, there’s no big difference in their price. It’s worth the few extra bucks anyway.


Even though double hammocks have significantly more room, they are not considerably heavier. When you’re car camping, weight isn’t normally a problem. When backpacking or hammock camping, weight can be a more critical consideration. The extra room provided by a double hammock, on the other hand, is typically well worth it.


woman laying down in a camping hammock

Are double hammocks comfortable even when used alone? Not everyone has a partner, right? Hard truth, but that doesn’t mean they’re lonely. Sometimes, doing things you love alone can be rewarding. Using a double hammock is no exception!


Double-sized hammocks mean more space compared to single ones. If you’re using it alone, you can quickly change positions and stretch your legs further without worries.


Since double hammocks are built to support the weight of two people rather than one, they are inherently stronger and can bear more weight. Single hammocks are usually designed to carry 300 to 400 pounds, which is still plenty. On the other hand, double hammocks are built to hold between 400 and 500 pounds, making them a little more durable.

So, if you’re a little bigger on the inside, a double hammock could be the best option for you if you’re bigger vertically, horizontally, or both.


When trying to sleep in a hammock, a hidden way to make yourself more relaxed is to sleep in a flatter place. When you conventionally lie in the hammock, it forms a U shape, becoming uncomfortable after a while. If you move your head to one side and your feet to the other when lying diagonally, you can naturally lie more flat.

Lying flat in your hammock could mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and tossing and turning all night. During the day, it might mean a relaxing nap or a still-awake session with closed eyes.


double hammock
Senior couple relax sleeping together in hammock sunny garden

What does it mean that double hammocks were built for two people? It means you’ll be able to cuddle with your partner in relative comfort. Okay, maybe hammocks aren’t as convenient when two people are in them instead of just one. For brief periods, you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your double hammock. With traditional single hammocks, you just don’t have enough room to do this.


  • Purpose

Determining the purpose of buying a double hammock helps you choose a better type. Consider if you need it indoors or outdoors. Suppose you want to use it with someone or alone.

Do you want to be able to bring it with you if the mood hits you, or do you want it to stay in the backyard if your mood changes? Backyard hammocks with stands won’t give you the versatility you want, and setting up a camping hammock will take some strategic maneuvering.

  • Price

Make a budget and make it realistic. Double hammocks are priced higher than single ones, but that doesn’t mean you should not invest in them. Find a hammock that’s worth the price. Check reviews if possible.

  • Weight

There are two things to consider when it comes to weight. How much weight the hammock can hold and how much it weighs if you’re bringing it outdoors. If there will always be two of you in the hammock, make sure it can bear a certain amount of weight.

If you’re bringing the hammock on camping, you may look at the weight to ensure it’s not uncomfortable to carry anywhere.

  • Comfort

Hammocks are made for relaxing and meditating! So it would be best if you never compromised your comfort in choosing double hammocks. You must be able to nap or sleep without being uncomfortable.


Whether you’d choose to use hammocks alone or with a partner, double hammocks can be a good choice. It’s practical and even priced very well without the extra weight. Just make sure to choose the right double hammock for your home or camping.

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Is Sleeping in a Hammock Comfortable?

girl sleeping in a hammock

To achieve a fulfilling sleep, one must be comfortable. That’s why many people invest in expensive mattresses that promise them a good night’s sleep. But have you ever thought about sleeping in a hammock? Or have you ever thought to yourself, is sleeping in a hammock comfortable?

Some people have found themselves drifting fast asleep while lying down in a hammock. A hammock wraps you in comfort, rocks you, and relieves pressure on your spine. The gentle rocking and swinging, in turn, aids vestibular system engagement and makes you sleep faster. But the real question still lies, is it comfortable?

A person sleeping in a hammock forces them to sleep on their back, which can relieve pressure on your spine. It helps make sleeping more comfortable for people with back pain.


sleeping in hammock comfortable

The key to sleep like a baby in a hammock is position. Our position while we doze off can make or break our rest. Dr. Steven Park, head and neck surgeon of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, states that lying on one’s back and the head slightly elevated is the best sleeping position.

This sleeping posture helps optimal blood circulation in the brain and un-obstructed breathing. Many cultures practice this sleeping position in hammocks rather than on flat mattresses. Some people find it difficult to sleep in a normal bed but sleep like a baby while lying on the back of a hammock.

So, YES! Sleeping in a hammock is comfortable!!


We all deserve a comfortable and relaxing sleep. Here are some ways to have a good rest in your hammock.


Hammocks are naturally curved, and people often think that may hurt their spine. But no. The natural curve of the hammock, believe it or not, is critical to achieving the smooth, zero-pressure point surface that makes hammocks such a safe place to relax, meditate, or sleep.

Plus, if you pull the hammock tighter, it will become narrower. It will result in an uncomfortable sleep.


If the hammock is let loose, it provides more room for you to change positions and stretch out, giving you a more comfortable sleep. The key is, if your hammock feels loose and relaxed, that’s how you will feel eventually.


  1. Start by lying in the hammock straight down the middle, as you would normally.
  2. Take your feet and legs to one side and move them 8-12 inches to one side. Do this until you find they’re sitting much lower and flatter than they were before.
  3. Now do the same thing with your head and upper body, except on the opposite side.


comfortable hammock sleeping

Hammock sleeping is common in some parts of the world. Some of those who enjoy that sleeping in a hammock are comfortable and comes with benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of sleeping in a hammock:


In some parts of the world, babies sleep in hammocks until they’re old enough not to fit in the DIY hammock. They can sleep better and faster if they’re in the hammock because of the rocking motion. That’s the same for adults. Hammock sleepers experience a deeper, sound sleep because of the swinging effects. It helps create an internal sleep rhythm and also promotes relaxation by developing a calming feeling.


Sleeping on a poor quality flatbed may mean putting pressure on your pressure points: shoulders, back, and butt for several hours. The strain on these areas would be relieved by using a hammock. The concept is that since the surface is more flexible, equal pressure is applied to all areas of your body. It conforms to your natural curves as well.


Hammocks may be able to help you sleep better and even cure insomnia. They believe that the hammocks’ deeper stages of sleep will aid in longer periods of rest, allowing people to sleep for longer periods.


Dust mites, bed bugs, and more insect-related issues are dreaded sleeping problems if you’re sleeping in a bed. Sleeping on hammocks may help address this problem.

hammock sleeping


Sleeping in a hammock is as comfortable as sleeping in a good bed. If you’re considering sleeping in it every night, we suggest investing in a good hammock and a good place to install it. Also, make sure you’re in the best sleeping position to avoid uncomfortable mornings.

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How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees

hanging hammock without trees

Can you imagine a hammock without trees? Of course, you can! There are many ways and resources we can hang our hammocks even without strong branches to hold them. In this article, we’ll help you out how to hang a hammock without trees indoor and outdoor.


Traditionally, we imagine hanging our hammocks outdoor with two trees perfectly standing in the forest. But sometimes, that’s just not the case. Prepare for any “hammock emergency” in your next adventure by knowing these options to hang your hammock instead of trees.

Use Hammock Stands

If you’re staying at a roadside campground, a hammock stand is one of the most comfortable ways to set up camp for the night. Make sure to buy a portable and foldable hammock stand. There are many benefits of owning a hammock stand.

To use one of these camping hammock stands, follow the directions and place it where you want to doze off within nature. After you’ve set up the stand, use the provided chains or straps to tie your hammock to it.

Hang a Hammock with stand

Use Your Car

If you’re car camping and just have access to one tree, a strong point in the car chassis can be hanged from the hammock’s other end. Remember to choose a position that will not cause the chassis to bend or tear. Since it can be parked anywhere, the car is an excellent second anchor point.

Be sure to secure the hammock in a suitable location in your vehicle. You can hang the hammock from your pickup’s bed, too. It’s best not to hang your hammock from your rearview mirror.


Set up a relaxing space indoors or in your backyard with hammocks. Hang a hammock without trees at the comfort of your home.

Use Hammock Stands

Hammock stands aren’t only perfect for camping and other outdoor locations. It’s also an ideal option indoors or in your backyard. These stands, typically made of metal or wood, are built to keep your hammock in place, anywhere you want it to be. Make sure to buy portable hammock stands so you can use them anywhere.

Hammock frames usually have two long, supporting rails that run parallel to the ground. Both ends of the frame rails are bent upward and come to a point where you can hang your hammock. There may be hooks, rings, bolts, pulleys, or other devices for securing it at either end of the hammock.

Use Poles or Posts

Don’t have strong trees in your backyard? You can use fence/porch posts and poles! One of the important considerations in using this option is to make sure that the hammock posts you select are large and solid enough to carry your weight.

To create the illusion of trees, embed 5 inches by 5-inch fence posts in concrete. The fence posts’ height should not be an issue. You can use any height you like just make sure they’re tall enough not to touch the ground. A few feet longer than the length of your hammock should be the gap between your fence posts.

Hammock Hung in Two Posts

Use Building Structures

When installing a hammock at home, you can make use of sturdy building structures within your house! Use the columns, railings, joists, and other frames as pitching locations.

Be careful when securing the hammock to the structure. Strong J-hooks or eye screws are needed to tie the cords, and the hardware must be attached to a vital part of the structure.

The hardware must move through the siding and into a wall stud because the siding cannot withstand an individual’s weight in a hammock.

Build a Hammock Structure

If you have a fixed location for your hammock, you can build a hammock structure. It’s an effective alternative option if you don’t have trees. It can be a basic homemade stand, or you can go as far as building a full sleeping area.

Hammock structures are a fun way to personalize a relaxing area in your house. You can have it built according to your budget, available space, and the type of hammock you’re using.

Final Thoughts

Don’t limit hanging your hammock in between two trees. Nowadays, there are many ways to relax and feel comfortable in your hammock. Find your perfect spot and choose from the options mentioned as the best way to hang a hammock without trees!


Best Places Where You Can Hang A Sensory Swing

Sensory swing installed at the doorway hanger

Therapy sensory swings are a powerful tool for kids to support and boost a child’s development.

It’s even more effective for children who have special needs that include children with ADHD and autism since it directly impacts and improves their motor skills.

As a result, it’ll provide a child the sense of calm, and fulfill that sensation for cravings.

The majority of occupational therapists encourage parents to buy their child therapy swing but the challenge is, most of them are having a hard time on how to install it properly in indoor or outdoor settings.

In this blog, we’re going to provide 3 tips on how to hang a sensory swing securely and efficiently for the safety of your children/client in the long run.

In the modern world, the majority of parents are easily convinced by marketing ads that “sensory swings follow a holistic approach in terms of improving the child’s sensory skill”. However, that’s not totally the case for other children.

Some are overly sensitive to movement and it makes the parents freak out when they get this type of swing.

It’s a major factor to check and work out if your child is sensory sensitive with it. Don’t force them as it’ll make the process worse and leave them more fearful to use it.

There’s a solution, with the right installation and settings, your children will be able to like it, and gives a life-changing experience over time.

1. Choose your location

Hang your sensory swing in your living room

Providing a suitable location to install it has an impact on the overall environment of the children that going to use it. Most of our clients, install the swing in the middle of the living room to be able to supervise the children and provide ample space when there’s a lot of movement from them.

Hang your sensory swing in your bedroom

Little sols pod swing hanging in the bedroom

Some parents consider this since it promotes a positive environment for the child. That feeling that’s enclosed in a cocoon promotes a safe space for the children hence, they’re calmer and worry-free from our end since it’s an optimal secured, and safe setting.

Frame Installation

The majority of families choose frames instead of ceiling installations.

2 choices on how to set it up

A 3-point frame setup that supports any types of swing

150 cm orange mat nest swing with stand - how to hang a Sensory Swing
150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand

A 2 point frame that can hold 2 point swing at the same time.

large sensory swing with stand - how to hang a Sensory Swing
Large Swing Sensory Stand

Just a quick note, please make sure you have an allowance of at least 60m from the floor to the bottom of the swing to ensure that it’ll not sag too low on the ground.

Before the child can use the swing, make sure the suspension and the swing are free from wear and tear.

Hang your sensory swing in your doorway

A red sensory swing hanging in a doorway

One of the most popular setup locations for sensory swings is at a doorway. This provides an easy take on road. Simple, children are easy to supervise and their movement is minimal for a more safe approach.

A doorway hanger bar is the simplest way to hang your sensory swing and achieve this kind of setup. It’s easy to install, remove, and very portable. As long as you have a couple of carabiners, you can hang a pod swing and a therapy swing successfully.

Final Thoughts

Overall, kids and adults alike who experience sensory swing have greatly improved their vestibular function and restore equilibrium to achieve balance to relaxation.


3 Great Benefits Of Swing Therapy For Kids With Autism

swing therapy - siesta hammocks
Sensory swings are a popular therapeutic tool for kids with Autism

Swing therapy are one of the most helpful tools for relaxation among kids with special needs.

But what exactly can most of a child/children get when used as a therapy equipment?

In this blog, we’re going to provide 3 advantages of using swing therapy:

Swing therapy improves the senses

swing therapy - siesta hammocks
sensory swings as a way to teach the body and mind to work together. 

We all know that vision and hearing are the most important part of our senses but for children with autism. But, their effects are small compared to the vestibular system and proprioceptive systems.

Check also our guide on how to hang your swing therapy indoors.

This 2 system has a very large impact on improving and manage their senses:

therapy swing explained

Swing Therapy Strengthen vestibular system

The vestibular system is one of the most vital of all of our body’s senses. It’s the sense of movement. As we move, our body affects almost everything we do from coordination, motor skills that solely rely on the vestibular system.

The swing therapy activates vestibular sensors. It signals the brain that your child knows that they are moving.

This lets the child getting used to the sensation of moving. As a result, your child will be connected and can easily navigate their environment

Improves the Proprioceptive system

This system directly communicates to the muscle how to react to movement. Like the other senses, it’s essential for your child to improve their body awareness and sense of security.

Moreover, Not focusing on improving this system, a child will have a hard time reacting, or being aware of their surrounding environment.

In addition, the brain is also unable to properly identify physical reactions. In simple words, the brain cannot identify that some body parts are in relation to each other.

A therapy swing is made of a fabric that makes your child feel that he/ she is enclosed in a cocoon.

This puts their body to react with sensory receptors. Similarly, it calms the nervous system that allows your child to feel their overall body movement.

They can feel that their arms are stretched and knees are bent. This swing, helps your child to have a better understanding of their body reaction.

Final thoughts

Overall, this type of therapy swing is very fun and a great way to manage the senses of a child.

The most important thing for a child is to have fun while doing this exciting thing and improve the sensory, and motor skills at the same time.

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How To Hang A Sensory Swing Indoor?

therapy swing - sensory swing indoor

After long hours of checking, shopping around and you finally got your sensory swing. It’s one of the most important purchases you can provide for your child/children that can make your home, clinic, a school for that unwinding therapy swing.

But how are you able to make sure that you hang your sensory swing in optimal security, safety, and functionality?

Today, we’ll provide 3 options on how you can hang your sensory swing indoor.

Sensory Swing Indoor Installation Tools

Installing two Sensory Swings can take you with minimal tools and less than 25 minutes.

First and foremost, you will need a suitable tool to hang it:

Power drill
Drill bit

These 3 tools can make your work very quick and easy for the job.

Hanging Swing Accessories

These minimal hangers are industrial-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most popular hardware accessories that can be used is the Hammock Chair Hanging Kit Spring Swivel Hook Screw Ceiling Mount Plated Set.

Benefits of using it:

Simple to install.

Just mark the heads where the screws would go on a header.

Drill the holes for the bolts.

Take note that ensuring the stud is very solid to carry a lot of weight and to avoid any accidents in the future.

Lastly, drill your pilot holes and that’s that easy!

You can also install 2 hanging kits for each sensory swing indoor and space them out if you have another therapy swing for your other children.

Sensory swing indoor safety addition

thick foam on door jamb - sensory swing indoor
This is a safety addition when your child padding sideways. No more worries!

There is a wide range of therapy swings in the market and most of them are using single attachments. At siesta hammocks, we have a weight limit of around 80-100 kgs for each of our swings. Adding more hardware in it will give your children more motion and movement hence, they’ll be able to enjoy using it all day long!

Using a thick foam will do the trick. If you install the swing in a door jamp. You can wrap it in fabric and match the aesthetic of the paint color and a thin trim to fasten the foam around the molding.

Final thoughts

Installing a sensory swing are a walk-in-the-park process. Now, let your child/children rock away to that amazingly soothing wonders of using a therapy sensory swing.


What Makes Chair Hammocks So Comfortable

Brazilian Hammock Chairs

Chair hammocks are one of the popular tools for relaxation during the ’60s. Hence, it perfectly mimics the use of a sofa chair.

Can be hung from your ceiling on a metal chair on hanging tree straps which resembles like you’re floating in the air.

Now it’s more popular than ever due to different types, designs, and materials that are applicable for most people.

Today, we’ll help you figure out why it’s so comfortable and why people are choosing this as an ultimate tool for relaxation:

Ask yourself this question, what type of chair hammocks you’re looking for?

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular types of chair hammocks in the market this 2021:

hammock chair with stand / free standing hammock chair

chair hammocks - hammock chair with stand - siesta hammocks

This type of chair hammocks are very mobile and its portability is one that’s very appealing to people who are always on the go.

The hammock chair itself can be hanged in the stand in the absence of tree branches and it’s perfect for people who have limited space.

You can place it anywhere you want to as long as there’s a small space you can put it, you’re good to go.

In addition, it’s also very useful during the summer season since you can move it at ease on your balcony, backyard, and in patio.

Indoor hammock chairs

chair hammocks - hammock chair with bedroom
Mexican Cotton Hammock Chair in chocolate colour

This is one of the most appealing types of chair hammocks for most people. These chairs have a wide range of movement.

It can be hanged on a screw hook, or use a hanging tree pack on beams, patio, veranda. Most people select these because it’s very lightweight, offer a variety of combination of colours that will suit you.

Final thoughts

A chair hammocks are a great addition to you as a source of relaxation, or to any house, workplace. Its modern approach will impress your guests, friends, mostly children as it provides that ultimate relaxation feeling every time you use it.

Many colours to choose from so this is a piece of furniture that will just be going to be popular over time.

siesta hammocks logo - chair hammocks