3 Great Benefits Of Swing Therapy For Kids With Autism

swing therapy - siesta hammocks
Sensory swings are a popular therapeutic tool for kids with Autism

Swing therapy are one of the most helpful tools for relaxation among kids with special needs.

But what exactly can most of a child/children get when used as a therapy equipment?

In this blog, we’re going to provide 3 advantages of using swing therapy:

Swing therapy improves the senses

swing therapy - siesta hammocks
sensory swings as a way to teach the body and mind to work together. 

We all know that vision and hearing are the most important part of our senses but for children with autism. But, their effects are small compared to the vestibular system and proprioceptive systems.

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This 2 system has a very large impact on improving and manage their senses:

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Swing Therapy Strengthen vestibular system

The vestibular system is one of the most vital of all of our body’s senses. It’s the sense of movement. As we move, our body affects almost everything we do from coordination, motor skills that solely rely on the vestibular system.

The swing therapy activates vestibular sensors. It signals the brain that your child knows that they are moving.

This lets the child getting used to the sensation of moving. As a result, your child will be connected and can easily navigate their environment

Improves the Proprioceptive system

This system directly communicates to the muscle how to react to movement. Like the other senses, it’s essential for your child to improve their body awareness and sense of security.

Moreover, Not focusing on improving this system, a child will have a hard time reacting, or being aware of their surrounding environment.

In addition, the brain is also unable to properly identify physical reactions. In simple words, the brain cannot identify that some body parts are in relation to each other.

A therapy swing is made of a fabric that makes your child feel that he/ she is enclosed in a cocoon.

This puts their body to react with sensory receptors. Similarly, it calms the nervous system that allows your child to feel their overall body movement.

They can feel that their arms are stretched and knees are bent. This swing, helps your child to have a better understanding of their body reaction.

Final thoughts

Overall, this type of therapy swing is very fun and a great way to manage the senses of a child.

The most important thing for a child is to have fun while doing this exciting thing and improve the sensory, and motor skills at the same time.

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