3 Tips That’ll Make Your Double Hammocks Comfortable

Double Hammocks Comfortable
Double Cotton Hammock with Stand (Blue Lagoon)

Nowadays, especially during this covid 19 pandemic, the surge for buying hammocks online has dramatically increased.

Now you have your double hammock but today, we’re going to help you on how to make sure you get the most out of it with our 3 tips making your double hammocks comfortable:

1. Have your hammock feel that good sag

Mesh Hammock Combo in Blue and Orange

The majority of the people after getting their double hammock, will just hang it with their 2 spacely endpoints and just lay down. There are more ways you can use it like try hanging it with a good sag. You can try to lay down at a good angle which is 30 degrees from horizontal.

This cocoon effect can lower the center of gravity hence, making it much more stable.

Getting in this position, you’ll be amazed how it’s much more comfortable from all over your body since it reclines ergonomically.

Now you get to know how to use your hammock perfectly and that’s how hammocks design to work.

2. Elevating your foot end much higher

When using a hammock, you will notice that there’s a point that you’ll slide in the middle making it very uncomfortable, and mimicking that you actually falling in the ground.

We have a solution for that, try to elevate your good side of the hammock about 10 inches higher. This will be very helpful to keep your body from sliding into the middle.

3. Using a pillow or underquilt

Our spreader bar hammock has a built-in under quilt pillow but that’s not the case for all hammocks.

Also, the common misconception of people, once you get to sleep in a hammock, is you’re good but it’s really not, especially if you or you and your partner plan to hang out in your backyard, the cold might start to kick in. That’s why having a sleeping pad, pillow, or any underquilt will make you feel warm. That insulation is needed by your body you’ll feel uncompressed insulation at all times.

Final thoughts

Double hammocks really make you comfortable and a great way to experience the outdoors. Hopefully, we’re able to help you make that experience more pleasing and always make sure to follow safety guidelines, suggested by the Australian government to prevent covid 19 cases. Stay safe!