Best Brazilian Hammock Chair in Australia

A Brazilian hammock chair in Australia can bring lots of color to your home. It can brighten up your living room, bedroom, patio, and any blank space. Brazilian hammocks are made of cotton cloth from Brazil and are more durable than string hammocks. While Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks have their distinct features, nothing beats natural Brazilian cotton for relaxation. Because the comfort of a Brazilian hammock is less dependent on its construction, it is less likely to differ significantly from one manufacturer to the next.

Siesta Hammocks offer one of the best and quality-made hammock chairs in Australia. Here are the top Brazilian Hammock Chair designs in Australia that we can provide you with!


Brazilian Hammock Chairs from Siesta Hammocks are high-quality, colorfast, gently-weaved cotton thread. Now available in eight (8) carefully chosen color combinations, each with hand-crocheted fringe appeals for people of all ages. It can hold one adult or two children.


  • Length: 30″
  • Height: 72″
  • Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Material: Hardwood



brazilian hammock chair




serenity hammock chair

Desert Moon

brazilian hammock chair


oasis hammock chair



Blue Lagoon

How To Take Care Of Your Brazilian Hammock Chair

Brazilian hammock chairs are composed of natural, non-processed cotton. You can leave these hammocks outside during the warm months. But if they become wet, they must be dried immediately to avoid mildew.

To accomplish this, hang the hammock as usual, but insert a broom or stick crosswise in the hammock’s bed to keep it spread out and allow the threads to dry fast and thoroughly. When your hammock is wet, never fold it or pack it away, and never keep it in a moist location. Because the hammocks’ primary body is composed of cotton, they will weaken/mold over time if left damp. The natural dyes used to add color to the hammock may fade if exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Wash a Brazilian Hammock Chair

Brazilian hammock chairs are easy to wash. You can wash them using a washing machine, but we recommend cleaning them with your hands for full control. Follow these washing instructions:

  • Tie the hammock’s two ‘end’ loops together with cotton string.
  • To prevent the hammock strings from becoming entangled, use rubber bands or cables to tie them at similar intervals (approximately 20-25cm apart).
  • To ‘set’ the color, rinse the hammock in cold water with a handful of salt the first time you wash it.
  • HANDWASH: Wash the hammock in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo or hand-washing solution. After washing, rinse gently in lukewarm water.
  • MACHINE: Stuff the end strings into the cotton bag that came with your hammock, pull the bag’s drawstring tight, and tighten it so that only the hammock’s main body is visible. DO NOT use the spin cycle and use the cool/gentle program (wool/silk/delicate), max 40 C.
  • Squeeze out any extra water, untangle the strings, and hang the hammock as usual.
  • Spread a stick across the hammock’s ‘bed’ to spread it out and enable it to dry completely.

How to Properly Store Your Brazilian Hammock Chair

To avoid tangling the strings on a traditional Mexican or Brazilian hammock, always hold it by the end loops. When not in use, put both loops on a coat hook/nail in the shed door to keep them from tangling and getting damp. This way is more convenient than putting it in its bag.

When your hammock is wet or damp, never fold or store it away. Ensure it’s completely dry before packing it into its bag, and don’t keep it in a moist location. If stored in sheds, be sure to keep it free from rodents.

modern indoor hammock chair


Brazilian hammock chairs are a brilliant addition to your home or any relaxing space! It brings a special combination of comfort, relaxation, and style. Please choose the best Brazilian hanging chair for you from our list!

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