Best Way to Hang A Hammock Chair From A Tree

Hang a Hammock Chair from a tree

Hammock chairs are one-of-a-kind sources of comfort and style, with a vast range of patterns, designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. The next step is to figure out where you’ll hang your hammock chair once you’ve found it. If you’ve decided to install it outdoors, you can find the best way to hang a hammock chair from a tree!

Every day is always the best time to begin renovating your outdoor living space to be a pleasant and soothing sanctuary where you can spend your days. For ultimate relaxation, a hammock chair is a must-have piece of furniture. Hammocks are better enjoyed with nature, so a strong tree in your backyard or a camping site is perfect.

Different Styles for Hanging a Hammock Chair

hammock chair from a tree

Let’s first get to know the different hanging styles you can choose from hanging your hammock chair. These styles are applicable for trees, ceilings, or posts.


If you’re thinking of swinging back and forth in your hanging chair, this style is perfect. You’ll use two anchor points or a single solid tree branch to hang your hammock this way.


You may rock back and forth by installing your hammock in a swing style with a spreading bar. It also allows you to hang your hammock in a more compact space due to the great distance between your anchor points is reduced without a spreading bar.


You may rotate 360 degrees and drift away while hanging your hammock using the Pivot Style with a Spread Bar. You’ll only need one anchor point if you hang your hammock this way.

Things to Check Before Hanging a Hammock Chair From A Tree

If you’re planning to hang your hammock chair from a tree, you’ll need to consider distance and height. Make sure the trees you’re attaching your hammock from can handle your weight. After all, you don’t want to hang from two thin young trees. Look for robust, sturdy, and robust trees!


Depending on the length and design of your hammock and how much tension you want, you’ll need at least 10 to 15 feet between trees.

If you’re using a spreader-bar hammock, the length of the hammock will define the distance between trees you’ll require. A 13-foot hammock, for example, will require at least 13 feet of space between trees. If you want greater tension, you’ll need another foot or two of the area.

Use extra straps or lengths of chain to suspend your hammock chair in spaces that are several feet longer than your hammock chair.


Between the ground and your hammock, the recommended seat height is 18 inches, the usual chair height, so you can easily sit in your hammock and become comfy.

When hanging hammocks between trees, strive for a 30-degree angle in the suspension. The proper amount of force will be provided by this angle.

Best Ways To Hang A Hammock Chair From A Tree

Hanging a hammock chair or any other type of hammock doesn’t require any degree, and you should be able to make it in no time if you have some handy tools nearby.

Knot Tying Technique

  1. The first step to hammock relaxation is determining the sweet spot! Take a look around your backyard or your camping site and find a tree with sturdy branches. Trees like oak, ash, or beech tree will work well. Make sure to use a thicker part of the tree, at least 6-8 inches thick.
  2. To equally distribute the weight, loop the rope around the tree at least twice to establish two hanging points.
  3. Thread the rope through the loop or hanging mechanism of the hammock chair, move the coil up while tightening the rope, and tie two half-inch knots just below the branch.

Using Tree Straps

You have the perfect arrangement for hanging a hammock with tree straps if you have two solid trees in your yard that are about 10 to 15 feet apart. Tree straps are the best alternative because they’re simple to adjust to the right length, won’t harm your trees, and are portable enough to take camping.

Extra Tips and Tricks

brazilian hammock chair with tree straps
  • Make sure your hammock has a loose curve when hanging it without spreader bars. Hanging loosely in your hammock will allow you to recline at an angle and flatten out for a nice, back-friendly sleep.
  • Think about the type of hanging method that will work best for where you want to hang your hammock outside. Consider purchasing suspension hardware if you’re going to ensure a permanent suspension.
  • On the other hand, tree straps and ropes are the easiest to pack, the lightest to carry, and the gentlest on trees if you wish to swing from a tree in your backyard or camping.


Hanging a hammock chair from a tree can offer you a lot of benefits. Being close to nature in a relaxing hammock chair is two of the best things in life. Pause from all the worries of life and sit back and relax in your hammock chair for some time. You deserve it.