Buying Mexican Hammocks: What Aussies Need To Know

buying mexican hammocks

Mexican hammocks are hammocks that are being recognised as one of the most traditional sleeping tools in central America.

Buying Mexican hammocks can be quite challenging. Especially, with a lot of varieties that are currently in the market, this can be quite bewildering.

This page will cover a must know for every Australian about Mexican Hammocks:

Buying Mexican Hammocks:

Mexican Cloth, Fabric, and Canvas Hammock

buying mexican hammocks
Mexican Hammock in Cream

Closed weave cloth types are the most common alternatives to open weave Mexican Net Hammocks. The authentic version of this is mostly available in Brazil, Mexico, and other parts of Central America.

Talented Mexican artisans are experts in constructing this hammock thru a thousand years of practice, they’ve managed to perfect the hand-weaving way to make the most comfortable hammock that we can offer in Australia.

Siesta Hammocks affiliates with suppliers that support weavers in Central America to support the high unemployment and poverty. Supporting them maintains the economy without disrupting the traditional cultural base of each village.

Buying Mexican Hammocks:

Difference between Cotton and Nylon Hammock

Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks
Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks

This has been an ongoing debate for ages. Both of this type of Mexican Hammocks is very identical in terms of relaxation. durability, and especially, comfortability.

But if we’re going to differentiate both of them, Cotton type Double Mexican Hammocks are the most comfortable hammocks you’ll find.

 Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks in the Caribbean Blue
Cotton threads of Mexican Hammocks in the Caribbean Blue

As long as you’re providing effort giving a reasonable amount of care for Cotton Mexican Hammocks, it’ll surely last for many years.

We really do not recommend cotton type when you’re planning to camp. A nylon version would be a better choice.

The Nylon Mexican Hammocks are more durable and more resistant to wet weather, and less prone to thread breakage.

Overall, if you experience lying down on both of these types, there’s a noticeable difference. Overall, when it comes to the general feel of the hammock and overall comfort.

Mexican Hammock Single, Double, and Family Sizes.

resort style hammocks
Resort Style Mexican Hammocks

Made in Mexico and these hammocks are handwoven in perfection. Moreover, it’s available in Single Size Mexican Hammocks suitable for small spaces, apartment, or condo type living.

Queen Size hammocks for those lovely couples out there who just wanted to have a laugh while laying down in these lovely hammocks.

Family Size Hammocks can fit 4 individuals at the same time. In addition, a weight capacity of as much as 250 kgs. Hence, ideal for a family with children who loves to play in the backyard or outdoors.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, comparing hammocks people mostly agree that Mexican Hammocks are far more beneficial, hands down.

With the overall type of fabric, sizes, regardless of what you’ll pick, its design is tested and still use as of this day for almost 3000 years.

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