Camping Hammock Tips: How To Stay Warm During Winter

Winter is here! Just don’t keep your hammock in a box and forget about it until the summer comes. Instead, keep it useful and learn to face the elements of chilling weather hammock camping.

Hammock camping is basically a trend in 2019 in the outdoor industry. Instead of using a tent, many people simply set up a hammock up and enjoy a night between trees. However, when winter approaches and the temperature plunge under 45 degrees, a tent is a number one solution to escape the coldness of winter.

You can enjoy your winter season camping in a much warm pleasure using your hammock. In this blog, we will provide helpful ideas on how to stay warm on your trail:

1) Choose Your Spot Wisely

The wind is your enemy when winter hammocking. Similarly, you can find a great spot that is forest dense to deal with any harsh weather condition.

2.) Choosing A Hammock

parachute camping hammock
Parachute Camping Hammock

Make sure that the hammock is wind, water-resistant material. It basically envelops the entire hammock to keep the wind off of you. It should also keep rain and moisture off of you as well.

3.) Using A Tarp

hammock tarp

Using a tarp on top of the hammock ensures that you get the protection from the rain and shelter from the cold. Some best tarps are used to create a windshield which helps protect your kitchen setup or it can serve as a lightweight tent. By using a tree branch, poles, and anchors will ensure its durability.

4.) Pillow Protector

Your pillow should be designed to provide a bit more firm support while remaining as comfortable as possible and leaving you refresh in the morning when you wake up.

5.) Sleeping Bag Pod

sleeping ba camping hammock

Using a sleeping bag should be very warm. It’s a little bit of work to zip yourself out. When you’re laying without a sleeping bag in a hammock you do not have any protection from the cold air, it gets moist, in short, you have air flowing underneath you. Having a sleeping bag in a hammock will protect you from cold, moisture which are very helpful for you to relax and have a nice sleep over the course of the night.

The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience

Getting your insulation right is crucial in staying warm in a hammock. The sooner you figure it out, the sooner you’re going to enjoy it out on your hammock trips and have fun, experiment and see what works for you.