Create a Cozy Valentine’s Day Celebration

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Create a Cozy Valentine’s Day Celebration

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the pressure is starting to mount to impress your Valentine with a special night out with something different, something romantic, and something that does not break the bank.  With restaurants and florists hiking up prices, it’s good to know that with a bit of creativity, you can celebrate with an evening out that is not only inexpensive, but with just a little effort will impress more than a night out at a restaurant and a bunch of over-priced roses, not to mention bringing you closer to your sweetheart.

So firstly the setting: pack a special picnic with either your own culinary creations, or alternatively some delicious ‘bits and pieces’ from a gourmet deli and fresh bread from the bakery.  In a picturesque park or beach, lay out a blanket and set out the food, paying attention to the presentation.  For the Valentine gift, set up a big bright, beautiful hammock for two, on an easy-to-assemble, go-anywhere, lightweight hammock stand from Siesta Hammocks.  Then ask your Valentine to meet you at the picnic spot, and have her or him marvel at your initiative.

You can use the Double Hammock as a love seat to sit on sideways, or cozy up lengthways and whisper sweet nothings to each other as you sway gently in the air.  You can find Double Hammocks in a variety of styles and a myriad of colour schemes.  Don’t forget to also order a hammock stand to give yourself the flexibility to set up your hammock anywhere you choose.  There is still time to order a hammock or hammock chair and have it delivered ahead of your special Valentine’s picnic, and for use thereafter for anything from an afternoon snooze in the backyard to a guest bed.  Call our friendly customer service team on 02 8091 1204. And if you’re celebrating, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Create a Cozy Valentine’s Day Celebration


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