Free Standing Hammock Frame: Wood vs. Metal

Free Standing Hammock Frame

Having a hammock is a wonderful luxury, and you want it to be perfect. But sometimes, it’s just hard to imagine where to hang it from. A free-standing hammock frame will come to the rescue.

The most obvious and compelling reason to purchase a hammock stand is because you want to be able to lay in your hammock wherever you like, independent of trees, poles, or other existing supports. You may have two trees in your garden with a perfect space in between. However, you may want to relax in your hammock amid the lawn with no shade. Free-standing hammocks allow you to move your favorite relaxation buddy anywhere you like!

The frames on free-standing hammocks are usually made from either wood or metal. The common question that we get is what stand material is better? In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages of wooden and metal-made free-standing frames.


  • Hammock stands are lightweight and easy to pack, so you can take them with you wherever you go. If you prefer camping and resting in a hammock, this is a great option.
  • With a stand, you can install your hammock almost anywhere. You won’t have to seek two precisely spaced trees any longer.
  • Hammock stands are simple to adjust, allowing you to tighten or relax them to suit your needs. You’d have to alter ropes and knots if you didn’t have a hammock stand, which can be a pain.
  • With a hammock stand, setting up is also a breeze. You won’t have to worry about calculating the distance between the trees. Instead, clip your hammock to the tree, set everything up, and you’re ready to go.
  • Most hammock stands are adaptable, allowing you to use them with a wide range of hammocks.
  • Hammock stands can be attractive and add to the overall appearance of your backyard or patio.


wooden free standing hammock
  • Aesthetic appeal. A curved wooden hammock stand is, without a doubt, attractive. It’s a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to improve your garden. If you’re selling or renting your home on Airbnb, this will undoubtedly enhance your offering.
  • If you like, you may easily stain it a different color.
  • Wood holds up well over time. It will develop a natural patina and meld with nature over time, depending on how you maintain it. After a few years, the wood from slow-growing pines or larch looks particularly nice.
  • The fragrance of wood is pleasant.
  • You can readily screw things onto it. Add wheels to make it easier to maneuver. You can add hooks to the hammock to allow you to hang anything you might require while relaxing. Or a holder for an umbrella. Remember that any holes you make may enable water to enter, causing difficulties later.


  • Typically less expensive, though some curved aluminum stands might be more costly than timber stands.
  • They take up less space than wooden stands. Although they are equal in weight, they take up less storage space when folded.
  • You can use magnets to attach items to them. Stick neodymium magnets all around the frame and glue them to everything you want to utilize while relaxing.
  • They have a more modest appearance. Metal frames won’t take up as much space as a bulky wooden stand in a smaller yard, balcony, or inside the location.


Typically, every type of stand is each to its own. Frames have their characteristics. The perfect hammock stand for you depends on your needs and budget. If you feel like you have a bigger space, budget and want something grander, you can opt for wooden frames. If you have a tighter budget and want something foldable, metal stands are perfect for you.

indoor hammock chair with stand


a) Do you intend to upgrade to a larger hammock in the future?

You can always hang a smaller hammock in a larger stand, but you won’t fit a larger hammock in a smaller frame. The best-looking hammock and stand are those that fit together properly, although it makes little difference in terms of comfort if you have a single hammock in a family hammock stand.

b) Examine the area where you would mostly install the hammock stand. Many people want them for their balconies or conservatories. The frames always seemed to me to be larger in person than they appear in photographs. It’s worth double-checking if it will fit.


There is no better type of a free-standing hammock. It all depends on your preference. Certainly, hammocks will give you a relaxing time and forget all your troubles for a little while. Investing in quality hammocks and frames will be worth it.

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