Hammocks – the Holiday Extenders

Hammocks – the Holiday Extenders

Hammocks – the Holiday Extenders

For all those bemoaning the end of their Easter holiday break, it’s time to get a little imaginative. Chances are that you went away somewhere to relax and unwind. Perhaps you travelled for many hours just to find your accommodation, then went outside to take in the view, found a hammock to jump into, and sighed as you relaxed in suspended hammock bliss, turning to page 1, chapter 1 of the very-long-novel-you-normally-don’t-have-time-to-read.

And so the first day of your holiday was bliss, as was the second. But then you entered the time warp and all too quickly found it was the end of your trip, and you’re packing up again. Worse still, the holiday was too short to finish the very-long-novel.

So what to do?

When you return home, buy yourself that symbol of holidays, relaxation and feeling good – a fantastic hammock or hammock chair of your own. Better still, get a hammock or hammock chair in big bold colours that take you out of and beyond the everyday. Hammocks are really easy to put up and you can suspend them even in open areas around your home if you use a hammock stand with them. And hammocks or hammock chairs can be hung either outside or in, depending on the weather and your whim. Or more likely, by determining where the quietest spot is at any given moment for your hanging chair or Mexican hammock.

Being suspended in the Brazilian hammock will recreate the holiday feeling if only for short bursts of time. So you can continue on reading the next chapter of the very-long-novel bit by bit and maybe linger a little longer in that carefree hang-in-the-air way as you imagine yourself on your perma-holiday.

You can find Brazilian and Mexican inspired hammocks among other varieties of hanging chairs at Siesta Hammocks. Call our customer support team 02 8091 1204 if you have any questions.


Hammocks – the Holiday Extenders


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