Hanging Sofa Chair Fascination At Its Peak

Spending the afternoon in a hanging sofa chair is pretty blissful. With all the lockdowns all over the place. It’s best to have a totally solo place to get away from it all.

You can place one in any outdoor, or an indoor space where there’s a durable support system: a stud, beam, your porch, or your very own stand, or on a thick tree branch if you’ve got one available.

We do not exempt any apartment people since they can be creative here; a perfect accent in your living room, bedroom, or your mini terrace.

Entertain your eyes on a chair of all styles – from cotton to practical canvas, and from sculptural rattan.

We’ll recommend at least 5 chairs that’ll help you get acquainted with all things hanging sofa chair:

  1. Brazilian Hammock Chair

hammock chair - Siesta Hammocks


 Brazilian Hammock Chair

The convenience, comfort, and portability of the Brazilian Hammock chair make it one of our best selling hammock chairs. At less than 2 kgs, this is remarkably durable and can hold up to 120 kgs. 
You can hang it conveniently from a tree or use it with our hammock chair stands. As soon as you get one, you’ll discover your desire for more!
They’re an excellent replacement for a patio chair. 
2.Cream Hammock Swing Chair
Deluxe Hanging Hammock Chair - Siesta Hammocks
An incredible hanging chair that’s super lightweight and portable. Keep it in your yard or in your living room. 
Suitable for reading books, while lying down and hugging in a comfortable cocoon.
3. Patio Hammock Chair
Camping Hammock Chair Patio Swing Hammocks Portable Cotton Rope Grey - Siesta Hammocks
Lazy days and chill out moments. Somehow, they seemed to go better in our beautifully-crafted handmade Patio Hammock Chair. Designed to cup you comfortably, our hammock chair is extremely relaxing to sit on with ample support for your back and arms.
4. Hammock Chair with Wooden Stand
Hammock Chair with Wooden Hammock Stand - Siesta Hammocks

Built to exacting standards of durability and workmanship, the Hammock Chair with Wooden Stand is a joy to use and so cool to chill out in. Have it indoors or outdoors, for a perfect resting spot or as a peaceful reading zone, the Hammock Chair is designed to give ample support for your body.

5. Thick Cotton Mexican Chair

Thick Cotton Mexican Chair (Cream) - Siesta Hammocks

One of our premium quality Mexican hammock chairs with the bonus of an ergonomic comfy back support, difficult to find elsewhere. Because they’re extra-large you can relax vertically or horizontally, anywhere you want, you choose.

They are handwoven in Mexico with our 100% outdoor cotton which is four times thicker than our regular cotton string making them longer lasting and more suitable for outdoor use and families.

There are numerous styles Siesta Hammocks offers.In the end, it’s simply a matter offinding the one that completely fits your style.