How to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors

how to hang a hammock chair indoors
Hammock Chair indoors

Some say hanging a hammock chair indoors is difficult. We say, Nah! You just need the right tools, accessories, and knowledge to know how to hang a hammock chair indoors like a pro!

More and more people are loving the idea of hanging a hammock chair inside their homes and even their bedrooms. These relaxing and calming hanging chairs can be the best addition to any interior design. You can go contemporary, vintage, boho, or any theme you’d like, and you can find the right hammock chair for you.

But how do you hang a hammock chair indoors?

Although it may seem tough initially, it’s fairly simple with the right materials and a little know-how. You’ll be lounging in an indoor hammock chair in no time if you follow our step-by-step instructions. There’s nothing like unwinding on a hammock in your bedroom or living room!


hanging kit

Hanging a hammock chair is not as difficult as you thought it would be, especially if you have the right hanging equipment and tools.


  • Power Drill
  • Stud Finder
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape


  • Screws
  • Ceiling Mount/Base Plate
  • Spring Extension
  • Swivel Bracket
  • Ladder
  • Spread Bar
  • Chains
  • Chain Connectors (S-Hooks, Carabiners)

Most hammock chairs include hanging accessories. You can easily buy at a local hardware store or order hanging hardware supplies online if you lack some.


There are two options to hang your hammock chair:

Ceiling (Using suspension system)

hammock chair hanging from the ceiling

Indoor hammock chairs that use suspension systems are great for smaller spaces and if you have a fixed area for your hammock. You can hang your hammock chair from the ceiling or exposed roof beams. Safely attach the hanging chair to a top using these systems. Use it to hang it outside from a strong branch of a tree in your garden, so you can enjoy your hanging chair in your backyard during the summer and bring it inside during the winter. It has a distinct design and is well worth considering if you want a floating chair as a focal point in your area.

There are two ways to hang your hammock chair from the ceiling.

  • Swing Style

If you hang your hammock chair in the “Swing Style,” you may use it as a comfortable swing that allows you to sway back and forth. You’ll need two anchor points in your ceiling or a single solid tree branch in your backyard in this situation. There are two ways to hang it here: with or without a spreading bar.

If you have a small space, we propose hanging your hammock chair swing style with a spreading bar. The ideal span between two anchor points is smaller in this situation than it would be without the spreading bar.

  • Pivot Style

Using the “Pivot Style” to hang your hammock chair allows you to relax while rotating 360 degrees and drifting effortlessly. You will just need one anchor point if you like this hanging approach. Almost all hanging basket chairs use this hanging technique, which involves a chain or rope strung from a single anchor point.

Hanging Chair Stand

hammock chair with stand

Hanging chair stands are a great option if you plan to move the hammock around the house occasionally. A stand is not only movable, but it also eliminates the need to drill into your walls or ceilings. It enables you to transfer your hammock from room to room (or even outside) whenever you like.


hammock swing indoors

Before finally doing the “hanging” of your hammock chair, there are just a few things to keep in mind.

  • Check the Structure. As much as possible, we don’t recommend hanging a hammock chair on drywall alone. You must find, check, and double-check stable studs, exposed beams, or joists.
  • Use High-Quality Hanging Supplies. Using less quality hardware is taking a step closer to falling. Make sure you don’t compromise the durability of your hardware to make sure that every effort you made upon installation will not go to waste.
  • Keep A Reasonable Height From The Ground. Hang the hammock at a comfortable height for climbing into. It will be tough to go in and out if the ceiling is too high. You’ll be uncomfortably near to the floor if you sit too low. Although obtaining the proper height is easier by starting with the attachment points at the appropriate size, you can adjust the suspension straps to get the proper height.
  • Purchase a High-Quality Hammock. A high-quality hammock is just as crucial as high-quality hardware and suspension materials. Lightweight and resilient hammocks are the finest for hammock hanging. Always purchase from a reputable manufacturer to ensure the hammock’s integrity while in use.


Here’s a step by step process on how to hang a hammock chair from your ceiling:

  1. Find the stable joists or beams using a stud finder. Grab your pencil and mark the exact area.
  2. Read installation manual and familiarize.
  3. Using your power drill, drill a hill into the joist. Use a small drill bit. You can notice some small wood shavings if you’ve reached solid wood.
  4. It’s time to install your suspension plates. The hook is screwed directly into the ceiling. Drill holes and accompanying screws are common on suspension plates. It’s only a matter of putting the screws in place and drilling them in. The hooks are frequently fastened to the ceiling by drilling directly into it.
  5. Tie the ropes or chains together. It’s time to suspend the hammock chair using the chains or ropes once the hanger hook is affixed to the ceiling.
  6. Try out the swing and see if it needs any adjustments. Make sure the swing is genuinely secure before you sit on it. You can test this by applying downward pressure with both arms and seeing if it gives way. Then you can sit down and begin enjoying your new pleasure if the roof doesn’t collapse.


Indoor hammock chairs are the perfect addition to your home. You can hang it from the ceiling or use hammock chair stands if you have more space. It’s the ideal way to relax and add a classic touch to your interior design.

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