Sensory Swings: 5 Benefits Of Using It For Children

Sensory swing are commonly know as therapy swings. The majority of the people know about it and affect all five senses, the sense of movement is the most unusual topic among parents.

Blue Waterproof Outdoor Sensory Swing Pod Chair

Now, imagine this, close your eyes and imagine yourself swinging, feeling the breeze of freedom in your stomach while reaching the highest point.

This feeling of satisfaction is the sole reason why sensory swings are popular in your backyards among us parents.

In this blog, we’ll provide you how sensory swings are amongst the most popular tool of relaxation, and provide a wide range of benefits among people that have autism.

Base on research, a child with disorders processing sensory information has difficulty know what their body function is.

This includes the following:

Feeding difficulties

Poor posture

body weakness

having many tasks that is difficult to do on a daily basis

Recommended by a most occupational therapist

Occupation Therapist teaches and helps kids with special needs on various activities.

This is quite a challenge for a child, so having an occupational therapist is very helpful for people like them to become more confident, and will be able to meet the challenge of completing tasks in daily life.

Sensory swings are suitable for all ages

therapy swing in blue
Sensory Swing in Blue

They’re not just for children, but most people of all ages enjoy it. That sensation of swinging is almost calming to anyone. I myself, looking forward for that nap for a quick relaxation.

Sensory Swings provides a soothing feeling and relaxation

Most children with autism feel overwhelmed in their environment. They have this feeling to overreact to even simple noises, sensations, touch, and a lot of things that overwhelmed them. Study shows that children who use a sensory swing every day are much calmer, relax, and soothed. It enhanced focus during movement activities.

Boost movement and position senses

Parents don’t usually talk about one of the five senses that matters most for people with autism and this is the vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive (position). This senses if controlled provide a feel more in control of their body.

Most popular types of therapy swing for autism

Soft Sensory Swing

The therapist practices sensory integration therapy and gauges it if it’s child-drive. Hence, the child can choose freely the type of swing that’s best for him.

The recommended way on how to get a therapy swing is to consult your occupational therapist to provide a sensory profile for kids since it varies and depending on the time, and even from other senses as well.

Final thoughts

Always take note that all sensory needs and the end goal for kids is to have fun while doing activities that satisfy their sensory and motor needs.

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