Sleeping in Hammocks – 3 Crucial Health Benefits

I would guess that the average person doesn’t think of a hammock as a serious sleeping alternative to a bed. In fact, I would even guess that 99% of people sleep on your run-of-the-mill mattress with springs and “the latest” in posturepedic technology.

The truth is, sleeping in hammocks aren’t just for an afternoon snooze or place to read a good book, they can and currently are used as a place to get your 8 hours in each and every night by some people.

Young Lady Sleeping in a Hammock
Beds are the norm. But are they the best?

This is not because these people are hippies or lead alternative lifestyles, there are some great reasons as to why someone would sleep in a hammock every single night at home.

Here’s why:

Sleeping in Hammocks – Hammocks Provide Optimal Blood Circulation and Breathing

Do you know why hospital beds are designed the way they are? With a slight elevation of the head and encouraging the patient to lay flat on their back, this provides the best chance of optimal blood circulation, less congestion and a position for non-obstructed breathing. This is the exact same position you take on when sleeping in a hammock. Any stiffness in your body, joint pain or a bad back soon feels better when your blood is flowing the way it should and you can breathe as much oxygen as possible.

Sleeping in Hammocks – Absolutely No Pressure Points When Sleeping in a Hammock

If you were to try to sleep on a slab of concrete how do you think your body would react? Every time a joint, limb or muscle was subjected to pressure against concrete your brain would immediately signal to move that point to a more comfortable spot. That results in a lot of tossing and turning around. Similarly, if you slept on a hard or springy mattress you may have the same outcome. With a hammock you are suspended in the air, and the only contact your body has with anything is the soft-to-the-touch cotton that lies between you and thin air. This is called zero-pressure-point sleeping, and results in no complaints from your brain, and no tossing and turning as you try to get some shuteye.

Pleasing your brain is the key to a tranquil sleep.

Sleeping in Hammocks -Hammocks Provide A Faster and Deeper Sleep

Research has found that gentle swaying and rocking assists in synchronizing brain activity and results in a more tranquil sleep even in noisy environments. Tests by Swiss scientists revealed that a sleeping spot which rocks provides for a much quicker journey to full sleep and rest. This results in full regeneration of your brain and body and hammock sleepers are waking up completely refreshed and ready to take on the new day. Hammocks provide for a fast, deep sleep the moment you lay down.

One last benefit not related to health is that you no longer have to make your bed any more. There are hammocks that range in all sizes from single size hammocks to family sized hammocks, so if you have a partner you can still fit along side them, and you can both enjoy the benefits of a nightly sleep in a comfortable hammock.

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