Stands For Hammocks: How Does It Benefit YOU?

stands for hammocks
wooden hammock with stand

Stands for your hammocks, if you’re looking to purchase you are thinking that it really can improve your health over time.

There’s a lot of studies that hammock stand not only provides an alternative replacement in the absence of two endpoints but rather the convenience, portability, and durability allow a person or individuals for a better overall experience hence, providing a holistic approach.

What are more health benefits of using a stand for your hammock:


Stands For Hammocks
Freestanding Hammocks Siesta Bed

Having a stand can pitch your hammock wherever you want it. You no longer need that two perfectly spaced trees.

Stands for hammocks -Easy to setup

Assembling it will only require 5 minutes of your time on how easy it is to set it up. It’s actually a no-brainer at all. One great thing about having it is you don’t need any equipment to measure the distance on both spaces, just hang your hammock in a hook and you’re good to go!

Can easily fit any sizes

The majority of the hammock stands that we sell in Siesta is perfectly suitable for a single-size-up family-size hammock! I don’t know but that’s the value of money for me. With its 200 – 250 kgs weight range.

Stands for hammocks – Design

Siesta Double Size Hammock with Stand

I’m not going to mention how stands for hammocks have a wide range of designs ranging from single to universal style, to a much more natural approach of a wooden stand. You name it, we got it!

A great tool to encourage bond with your family.

Double Cotton Hammock with Stand (Tropical)

you can definitely have a hangout place for the whole family! Especially during these challenging times, Spending time with your family is a great way for maintaining your mental health overall.

We can also help you provide some tips on how you can choose a stand for your hammock.

Weight capacity

This would be your utmost priority. If you’re the only one using it, a 200 kgs hammock stand will be perfect for you.

If you have kids, or couples, we recommend at least a maximum of 250 kgs in weight which Siesta hammock have!


If you’re going to use a hammock with a stand combo indoors, height is vital. Some stand comes with an adjustable height of the hammock stand accordingly. This is especially helpful if you got children who like hanging out in a hammock. This is useful to help with preventing that nasty fall!


I think this is one of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing a stand for your hammock. If you’re planning to use it indoors, a universal hammock stand will do.

For outdoors, we recommend, a powder-coated steel stand/frame is a contributing factor especially if you’re going to leave it outdoors most of the time.

A wooden stand is great for indoors as well. It adds that aesthetics in your interior design as well!

Stands for hammocks – Pricing

Finally, the cost! Siesta Hammocks offers affordable stands for your hammocks. The only difference in the pricing is the more maximum weight capacity it can offer, it’s quite pricier but the value for money is totally worth it!