Interior Hammock – Style It The Way You Want it!

When you think “hammock” it’s common to think outdoor hammocks, sipping drinks and napping in the sunshine. However, hammocks are just as good hung indoors, especially when you don’t have the luxury of an outdoor space! And in our opinion, having a hammock added to your living room, bedroom or “inside space” is sometimes even better than outside.

Interior hammocks are the perfect hybrid between a bed and couch, whether it’s chilling with a good book, procrastinating on a laptop / tablet or sneaking in a quick kip to recharge the batteries. Here are some of our top picks:

A colourful, vibrant hammock such as our Single or Double Size Hammock, provides a lovely lounging spot and will brighten up the room.

Interior Hammock – Indoor

Colourful hammocks can brighten up the room

Interior Hammock – Alternative as a couch

Some people even opt for hammocks in lieu of a couch. Bright colours are perfect for a kids’ playroom for them to literally “hang out” in their own space, or even for a living room to just kick back with a magazine or good book. Our vibrant Nicaraguan Hammocks are a great choice!

Enjoy some quiet time indoors

Substitute as a bed

Or if you want a classy white look, a macramé hammock, such as our Double Nicaraguan Hammock, to bring out the elegance in your room.

Macrame hammock

Another option if you prefer a modern, classy look, go for a simple white hammock such as our Double Queen Resort Hammock

interior hammock - Modern day classy look

If you’re after something a bit smaller, but equally comfy and stylish, a Canvas Hammock Chair with Tassels might be more your taste.


Jump online to Siesta Hammocks today and check out our range of hammocks – we’ve got you covered!