Why Hammock On A Stand is Like A Paperclip

When you think of a hammock on a stand, you might think of a big garden. With two well-positioned trees that support the ropes of a gently swaying hammock in between.

When you then look at your own yard or veranda, you might be pressed for such good, sturdy attachments and may think that a hammock is not for you.

Girl relaxing in a hammock without a stand
Luckily, some have just the right distance between trees.. For others, read on…

Enter the perfect innovation. The Hammock Stand is to hammocks what the paperclip is to papers.  Quite simply, it holds the whole thing together just how you need it.

You Can Take a Hammock On A Stand Anywhere

It is lightweight and very easy to assemble and disassemble and easily fit into the boot of most cars.

This means that you can take your brazilian hammock experience with you just about anywhere you want – an all-day picnic, the beach, holiday house, etc. without ever being let down by a lack of things to attach it to when you get there.

Most importantly, they are lightweight and strong, so you won’t feel you’re lugging about a tree!

Man reading a book in a hammock with stand
Take a hammock stand wherever you want, when you want (don’t forget a book!)

Steel or Wooden – The Choice is Yours

adjustable hammock frame
Adjustable Steel Hammock Frame

At Siesta Hammocks, we have three hammock stands to choose from. There is the Steel Hammock Stand, which supports a total weight of up to 200kg, the Steel Apex Hammock Frame which supports up to 190kg, and the Wooden Stand, which supports up to 250kg.

Wooden Hammock Stand

All stand options are universal and can support either single or multi-person hammocks. You can be safely suspended in it wherever you choose to place it.

Just bear in mind that our hammock stands are designed for hammocks without spreader bars.

If a more upright hammock chair is what tickles your fancy, we do have a premium quality Steel Stand with a Mexican Chair bundle that you may like.

Please call our awesome customer support team on(02) 8091 1204 if you have any questions about any of our products.

Enjoy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!