Chill your Dad out on a Hammock

Chill your Dad out on a Hammock

fathers day hammock

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if you celebrate this day with your dad, then really all you want to say is ‘hey, thank you for everything ’. But we all know that a thoughtful accompanying gift never goes astray. Especially if that gift is also a subtle reminder for dad to relax, unwind and retreat, whether from the responsibilities of work or fatherhood. Or both.  Dad is everything to all and this is the day to take him out after a nice present has been given.

Gifting him with a hammock of his own stays true to that primal need to create a special space of his own. Dad’s space. A hammock gift says ‘take it easy dad.’ and is an especially suitable present for the father who is a workaholic. Or the father who loves being out in nature. A hammock or hammock chair is often overlooked as comfortable bedding in the great outdoors, so if your dad likes a spot of camping and sleeping under the stars, he can bundle up a hammock and some mosquito netting and set off for adventures in the wilderness. Even if that wilderness is in the outer reaches of the backyard.

Perhaps you can join him while he reclines on his hammock or hammock chair and lets his thoughts drift. It’s a good, relaxing context for reflection and interesting conversation. Because we all find insights into our dad’s world fascinating.

At Siesta Hammocks, you can find hammocks or hammock chairs of all sizes, shapes, colours and styles. If you’re unsure which hanging chair or swing chair to choose, call us on 028006 8152 and speak to our friendly team, who are happy to ‘talk hammock’ with you.

Chill your Dad out on a Hammock


The Indoor Hammock Idea

The Indoor Hammock Idea

As we get further into winter, our minds and bodies are drawn to the warm comforts of the indoors. And for those with a passion for home furnishings and innovative use of space, perhaps it’s time to put up a hammock. In the lounge. Yes we know – hammocks and the outdoors are virtually synonymous. But actually, a well placed hammock in your home is superbly inviting, especially if the weather outside is anything but.

Hammocks hung inside are nothing short of spectacular if you happen to have high ceilings and beams from which to suspend them. But using a hammock stand can be a more flexible option, meaning you can place your hammock in any room where there is sufficient space. The big variety of colours, designs and flourishes make placing hammocks indoors not only a noteworthy styling centrepiece, but a supremely comfortable place to snuggle into and while away some time on the iPad or read a magazine, unwinding holiday-style.

Indoor hammock idea
And there’s also the practical aspect of being able to use your hammock as a day bed for a quick snooze or as a comfy guest bed with a surprise element – without the hoo-haa of lugging about mattresses and a mass of bedding. Any which way you do it, it’s good to know that there is no need to retire the use of your favourite hammockjust because it’s cold. Keep yours rocking indoors this winter.

For beautiful, long-wearing hammocks with many colour schemes, sizes and designs, check out Siesta Hammocks’s range online, or call us on 02 8006 8152

The Indoor Hammock Idea


Hammock with a view

Hammock with a view

It’s a fundamental human pleasure to find a beautiful lookout spot, and spend some time gazing out upon it. It has a way of relaxing our nervous system and is a simple technique for combating the stress we all tend to gather from everyday living. The longer we linger, the more our mind relaxes and drifts away from the worries of life. That is why it’s good to create the perfect atmosphere at the lookout spot to make it appealing to prolong your time there. And it’s why setting up a hammock or hammock chair in that spot is a great idea.

If you are lucky enough to have a home with a great view – either on the front yard or out the back – then you have a great guideline as to where to place your hammock or hammock chair. It doesn’t matter if the lookout spot doesn’t appear to have anywhere to hang it from, because you can also get a light-to-carry premium quality hammock stand. These hammock stands enable you to hang your hammock anywhere you fancy.


If you’re lucky enough to have a view like this from your front verandah, you’ve found the perfect spot for your hammock or hammock chair.

Even if you don’t have gorgeous views at your home, remember that hammocks are very portable, and can be taken with you on a day out in nature or camping adventure. And this means that you can take your hammock to the lookout of your choice and set it up in a matter of minutes. If you’re feeling adventurous, your hammock can even double as a camping bed under the stars for the night. And then you know the rest. Jump onto it and let the sweeping views carry you away in your hammock.

At Siesta Hammocks, you can find hammocks of every size, shape and colour combination. To view and discuss the best hammock for your needs, visit our website to chat live to one of our friendly team members or simply call our customer service team on (02) 02 8091 1204.

Hammock with a view


Hammocks – the Holiday Extenders

Hammocks – the Holiday Extenders

Hammock & Bugs

For all those bemoaning the end of their Easter holiday break, it’s time to get a little imaginative. Chances are that you went away somewhere to relax and unwind. Perhaps you travelled for many hours just to find your accommodation, then went outside to take in the view, found a hammock to jump into, and sighed as you relaxed in suspended hammock bliss, turning to page 1, chapter 1 of the very-long-novel-you-normally-don’t-have-time-to-read.

And so the first day of your holiday was bliss, as was the second. But then you entered the time warp and all too quickly found it was the end of your trip, and you’re packing up again. Worse still, the holiday was too short to finish the very-long-novel.

So what to do?

When you return home, buy yourself that symbol of holidays, relaxation and feeling good – a fantastic hammock or hammock chair of your own. Better still, get a hammock or hammock chair in big bold colours that take you out of and beyond the everyday. Hammocks are really easy to put up and you can suspend them even in open areas around your home if you use a hammock stand with them. And hammocks or hammock chairs can be hung either outside or in, depending on the weather and your whim. Or more likely, by determining where the quietest spot is at any given moment for your hanging chair or Mexican hammock.

Being suspended in the Braxilian hammock will recreate the holiday feeling if only for short bursts of time. So you can continue on reading the next chapter of the very-long-novel bit by bit and maybe linger a little longer in that carefree hang-in-the-air way as you imagine yourself on your perma-holiday.

You can find Brazilian and Mexican inspired hammocks among other varieties of hanging chairs here at
Siesta Hammocks. Call our customer support team 02 8091 1204 if you have any questions.

Hammocks – the Holiday Extenders


Why the Hammock Stand is Like a Paperclip

Why the Hammock Stand is Like a Paperclip

When you think of a hammock, you might think of a big garden with two well-positioned trees which support the ropes of a gently swaying hammock in between.  And when you then look at your own yard or veranda, you might be pressed for such good, sturdy attachments and may think that a hammock is not for you.

Girl relaxing in a hammock without a stand
Luckily, some have just the right distance between trees.. For others, read on…

Enter the perfect innovation. The Hammock Stand is to hammocks what the paperclip is to papers.  Quite simply, it holds the whole thing together just how you need it.

 You Can Take a Hammock Stand Anywhere

Our hammock stands are lightweight and very easy to assemble and disassemble, and easily fit into the boot of most cars. This means that you can take your brazilian hammock experience with you just about anywhere you want – an all-day picnic, the beach, holiday house, etc. without ever being let down by a lack of things to attach it to when you get there. And importantly, hammock stands are created to be lightweight and strong, so you won’t feel you’re lugging about a tree!

Man reading a book in a hammock with stand
Take a hammock stand wherever you want, when you want (don’t forget a book!)

 Steel or Wooden Hammock Stands – The Choice is Yours

At Siesta Hammocks, we have three hammock stands to choose from.  There is the Steel Hammock Stand, which supports a total weight of up to 200kg, the Steel Apex Hammock Frame which supports up to 190kg and the Wooden Hammock Stand, which supports up to 250kg.

Three different types of hammock stands
We have multiple hammock stand options to suit our customers…

All hammock stand options are universal and can support either single or multi-person hammocks, so you can be safely suspended in your hammock wherever you choose to place your hammock stand.  Just bear in mind that our hammock stands are designed for hammocks without spreader bars.  And if a more upright hammock chair is what tickles your fancy, we do have a premium quality Steel Stand with Mexican Chair bundle that you may like.

Please call our awesome customer support team on(02) 8091 1204 if you have any questions about any of our products.

Why the Hammock Stand is Like a Paperclip

Enjoy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!


Drawing Inspiration from Mexican Hammocks

We have looked to the Mexicans to inspire us in creating the ideal Mexican Hammocks. Think of the iconic colourful image of the Mexican taking a siesta under his or her hat.  That means that it is important that an item is not only utilitarian but is a part of the aesthetics of life, so it needs to look good too.

Mexican Man Snoozing Wishing he Had a Hammock
Probably wishing he had a mexican hammock…

That is why we use a wide selection of beautiful, vivid, ethnic prints that really liven up the look of these great hammocks.  After all, a hammock is not only for hanging back, but an item that can really accent your environment – whether a garden, pergola, verandah or anywhere that you choose to put it. Our customers often tell us that the lovely bright colours really create a centrepiece to their environment that can be admired even when not in use.

Yes, they’re comfy too.

When you think of Mexican fabrics, you know you’re getting thick, hard-wearing material that will hold you securely and won’t fray. And the comfort factor is definitely there too.  You feel properly supported by the sturdy, hardwearing fibres that can lull you off into a relaxed zone, or even a deep sleep every night.

Sizes, shapes, colours galore!

Our Mexican hammocks come in a variety of sizes, depending on the amount of space you need for either yourself or several people.  They start with the loose but strong weave of the Mexican Cotton Hammock Chair (which also comes as a bundle – the Steel Stand with Mexican Chair) if you like reclining in a semi-upright position.  

Our Mexican Cotton Hammock Chairs and Stands

Then there is the luxurious Double Mexican Queen size hammock which has enough space for two people and takes a weight up to 200kg.  And finally, for a whole lot of fun with the entire gang, there is the ultimate Family King size hammock, which can comfortably fit four people with a total weight of up to 250kg.  That’s the one that tends to get the pets in on the act, and results in a bunch of happy snaps frequently appearing on our Facebook page.

Our Double Mexican Queen Hammock and Family Mexican King Hammock

For any questions about any of our products, please call our customer support team on (02) 8006 8152.

Happy Shopping at Siesta Hammocks!

3 Health Benefits of Sleeping in Hammocks

I would guess that the average person doesn’t think of a hammock as a serious sleeping alternative to a bed. In fact, I would even guess that 99% of people sleep on your run-of-the-mill mattress with springs and “the latest” in posturepedic technology.

The truth is, hammocks aren’t just for an afternoon snooze or place to read a good book, they can and currently are used as a place to get your 8 hours in each and every night by some people.

Young Lady Sleeping in a Hammock
Beds are the norm. But are they the best?

This is not because these people are hippies or lead alternative lifestyles, there are some great reasons as to why someone would sleep in a hammock every single night at home.

Here’s why:

1. Hammocks Provide Optimal Blood Circulation and Breathing

Do you know why hospital beds are designed the way they are? With a slight elevation of the head and encouraging the patient to lay flat on their back, this provides the best chance of optimal blood circulation, less congestion and a position for non-obstructed breathing. This is the exact same position you take on when sleeping in a hammock. Any stiffness in your body, joint pain or a bad back soon feels better when your blood is flowing the way it should and you can breathe as much oxygen as possible.

2. Absolutely No Pressure Points When Sleeping in a Hammock

If you were to try to sleep on a slab of concrete how do you think your body would react? Every time a joint, limb or muscle was subjected to pressure against concrete your brain would immediately signal to move that point to a more comfortable spot. That results in a lot of tossing and turning around. Similarly, if you slept on a hard or springy mattress you may have the same outcome. With a hammock you are suspended in the air, and the only contact your body has with anything is the soft-to-the-touch cotton that lies between you and thin air. This is called zero-pressure-point sleeping, and results in no complaints from your brain, and no tossing and turning as you try to get some shuteye.

Pleasing your brain is the key to a tranquil sleep.

3. Hammocks Provide A Faster and Deeper Sleep

Research has found that gentle swaying and rocking assists in synchronizing brain activity and results in a more tranquil sleep even in noisy environments. Tests by Swiss scientists revealed that a sleeping spot which rocks provides for a much quicker journey to full sleep and rest. This results in full regeneration of your brain and body and hammock sleepers are waking up completely refreshed and ready to take on the new day. Hammocks provide for a fast, deep sleep the moment you lay down.

One last benefit not related to health is that you no longer have to make your bed any more. There are hammocks that range in all sizes from single size hammocks to family sized hammocks, so if you have a partner you can still fit along side them, and you can both enjoy the benefits of a nightly sleep in a comfortable hammock.

At Siesta Hammocks, we even take you through the pros of what makes a great brazilian hammock, and we also stock mexican and premium hammocks for delivery Australia wide.

For any questions on any of our products please call our customer support team on (02) 8006 8152.

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What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

Some may think that a hammock is simply that; a hammock. But really, the truth is we have over 75 products in our store that are all unique and special in their own way. Yes, there are obvious differences between a standard hammock and a hammock chair, and a bundle versus just a stand or frame, but what about your everyday hammock that is strung between a few trees by two points?

Many of our hammocks come from Rio in Brazil.

We often have customers ask us – what’s the difference between the Single Brazilian Hammock and the Single Siesta Hammock, or the Single Zen Hammock? The answer is always the same and it is “not a whole lot”.

This is because we only stock the highest quality brazilian inspired hammocks. Each of them have exactly what makes a great brazilian hammock and that is practicality, attention to detail, vibrance, durability and comfort. The real differences in price across these products come down to just a few key elements. I’ve listed these below:

The Size of the Hammock

We typically have three different sizes for our Brazilian hammocks. These are:

  • Single Size
  • Double Size
  • Family Size

The single size hammock is simple; it is suited to be used by one person only. The double size brazilian hammocks are suited to one or more people and a family sized hammock is most appropriate for a couple of adults and one to two children (and maybe a pet too!).

3 Different Sizes of Brazilian Hammocks
The 3 typical sizes of brazilian hammocks that we stock.

The Patterns of the Hammock

Each of our brazilian hammocks have varying pattern types. These could be the tropical inspired bold stripes or they could even be solid colours – for example the Deluxe Double Brazilian Hammock that’s available in 5 different solid colours. Solid colours are typically easier to weave than striped patterns too.

The Versatility of a Brazilian Hammock

Not all of our hammocks work in the way some select people want them to. In example, wooden spreader bar models are not compatible with our hammock frames. The versatility and compatibility of our Brazilian products set them apart as they are all compatible with pretty much and hammock stand on the market. We even offer a pre-packaged Brazilian hammock bundle because they’re popularly used this way!

Brazilian Double Size Hammock with Steel Stand
Our most popular seller: the Brazilian Double Hammock with Steel Frame

So really, all of our Brazilian hammocks have been crafted in a way that makes them great. They each have the key elements needed to ensure they are the best you’ll find in the Australian market, and the differences in cost across them are based on the 3 different elements above.

For any questions on our Brazilian inspired hammock products please call our customer support team on (02) 8091 1204 or go to

What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

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