How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees

hanging hammock without trees

Can you imagine a hammock without trees? Of course, you can! There are many ways and resources we can hang our hammocks even without strong branches to hold them. In this article, we’ll help you out how to hang a hammock without trees indoor and outdoor.


Traditionally, we imagine hanging our hammocks outdoor with two trees perfectly standing in the forest. But sometimes, that’s just not the case. Prepare for any “hammock emergency” in your next adventure by knowing these options to hang your hammock instead of trees.

Use Hammock Stands

If you’re staying at a roadside campground, a hammock stand is one of the most comfortable ways to set up camp for the night. Make sure to buy a portable and foldable hammock stand. There are many benefits of owning a hammock stand.

To use one of these camping hammock stands, follow the directions and place it where you want to doze off within nature. After you’ve set up the stand, use the provided chains or straps to tie your hammock to it.

Hang a Hammock with stand

Use Your Car

If you’re car camping and just have access to one tree, a strong point in the car chassis can be hanged from the hammock’s other end. Remember to choose a position that will not cause the chassis to bend or tear. Since it can be parked anywhere, the car is an excellent second anchor point.

Be sure to secure the hammock in a suitable location in your vehicle. You can hang the hammock from your pickup’s bed, too. It’s best not to hang your hammock from your rearview mirror.


Set up a relaxing space indoors or in your backyard with hammocks. Hang a hammock without trees at the comfort of your home.

Use Hammock Stands

Hammock stands aren’t only perfect for camping and other outdoor locations. It’s also an ideal option indoors or in your backyard. These stands, typically made of metal or wood, are built to keep your hammock in place, anywhere you want it to be. Make sure to buy portable hammock stands so you can use them anywhere.

Hammock frames usually have two long, supporting rails that run parallel to the ground. Both ends of the frame rails are bent upward and come to a point where you can hang your hammock. There may be hooks, rings, bolts, pulleys, or other devices for securing it at either end of the hammock.

Use Poles or Posts

Don’t have strong trees in your backyard? You can use fence/porch posts and poles! One of the important considerations in using this option is to make sure that the hammock posts you select are large and solid enough to carry your weight.

To create the illusion of trees, embed 5 inches by 5-inch fence posts in concrete. The fence posts’ height should not be an issue. You can use any height you like just make sure they’re tall enough not to touch the ground. A few feet longer than the length of your hammock should be the gap between your fence posts.

Hammock Hung in Two Posts

Use Building Structures

When installing a hammock at home, you can make use of sturdy building structures within your house! Use the columns, railings, joists, and other frames as pitching locations.

Be careful when securing the hammock to the structure. Strong J-hooks or eye screws are needed to tie the cords, and the hardware must be attached to a vital part of the structure.

The hardware must move through the siding and into a wall stud because the siding cannot withstand an individual’s weight in a hammock.

Build a Hammock Structure

If you have a fixed location for your hammock, you can build a hammock structure. It’s an effective alternative option if you don’t have trees. It can be a basic homemade stand, or you can go as far as building a full sleeping area.

Hammock structures are a fun way to personalize a relaxing area in your house. You can have it built according to your budget, available space, and the type of hammock you’re using.

Final Thoughts

Don’t limit hanging your hammock in between two trees. Nowadays, there are many ways to relax and feel comfortable in your hammock. Find your perfect spot and choose from the options mentioned as the best way to hang a hammock without trees!

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How To Choose The Perfect Wooden Hammock Stand

wooden hammock stand
Wooden Hammock Stand

Need help choosing a wooden hammock stand, they all look the same?!

Nowadays there’s a lot of hammock stand anywhere in the retail online business from cheap wooden material to the highest quality that’s very expensive enough for our wallets. We’re here to guide you on how you can select the suitable wooden hammock stand for you and your family:

1.) Check Materials

All of our Wooden Hammock Stands are made using the finest wood and German engineering. They are built to last and can withstand being left out all year around. They really do make a great addition to your garden and look amazing.

The difference between our stands comes down to two things – size and material. On each stand it shows the range of hammocks in can accept, in cm, so if it says 270-320 it means it can take hammocks between 270cm to 320cm. Most of our stands are made from Spurce Wood (same wood used for Wright Brothers plane) but our most expensive stands are made from Larch Wood, which is slower growing, stronger and looks more beautiful. You’ll often find this wood being used for the decks on multi-million pound yachts or visit our detailed blog about hammock stand and frame 101 for more in depth guide in choosing a stand.

2.)Check if the seller is legit

This is especially true if you are buying your items online. There are tons of online sellers to choose from, so it is important to choose wisely. You can ask the seller questions like: where they source their items, or perhaps check if they’re registered. Get their ABN to get details about the seller online.

3.) Check for reviews

Since most of us are buying online, there is no chance for us to hold or look at it personally right? So the next thing that you can count on are customer’s reviews. Product reviews are great! Aside from the reviews from the product itself, you can see if the seller ships the parcel on time or if you have to wait a few days more than what is the guaranteed delivery time frame.

4.) Check if the hammock stand is compatible with your hammock

Although it is recommended to buy your hammock stand ahead of time, always keep in mind that selecting the right stand should be suitable to your hammock. Our Wooden hammock stand regardless of the size are compatible with it from Single to Deluxe hammock! Even resort style hammocks are also a perfect fit for it too!

There you have it! Hopefully all our bullet points can guide you on selecting your first wooden stand hammock! Still not convince? We’re here to help from 9am to 3pm AEST and visit our live chat or call us on our number nominated on the website!

Happy Hammocking from Siesta Hammocks!